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Not that there was any. But, as many of you have noticed over the years, whenever the thugs win an election, it's a mandate. (GW Bush loses the popular vote, 70,000 votes in Florida go uncounted thanks to the Supreme Court, yet his election is valid.) "

Then when the dems win, it's voter fraud. (Franken should have withdrawn immediately when Coleman was ahead in votes, but when that turned around, it was voter fraud. ACORN and new black panthers and hypnotism (yes, one pundit said that) got Obama elected.)

So now, we have had a close election in Wisconsin. The dem has declared victory.

So how many milliseconds will pass before the first thug steps up to the plate to declare voter fraud?

Let's be upfront about one thing, and not dance around it: Conservatives hate democracy. That's why they engage in psychotic redistrciting, that's why they want to impose ID requirements, that's why they are trying to make it more difficult for college students to vote. It has nothing to do with fraud -- it has to do with the fact that they have absolutely no respect for the judgment of other voters.

Clinton was invalid (that's what they said in 1992), then they hounded him for eight years and finally impeached him for the stupidest reasons ever. Obama is not an American, and besides -- lie lie lie lie lie.

So, they lost. They cannot accept that this is a result of a rejection of their policies. (Walker has already come out and dissed the two largest cities in Wisconsin as being full of evil libruls and that was why Prosser lost (of course, this doesn't hold up to the facts, but it sounds good.))

Think of that point, if it was true: "If people who disagree with me didn't vote, we would have won.'' Yah, no kidding. Unfortunately, try as they might, thugs don't get to pick and choose who votes.

So, we get back to the main point: What's the bet? When will the first thug declare this the result of voter fraud?

And btw...I will stop calling them the rethuglican party when they stop this "democrat party" childishness.


When will the thugs declare Wisconsin the result of fraud?

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