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Have you ever wondered ... Where are the Jobs?

Say Republicans, you Got YOUR Tax Cuts for the Rich ... SO, Where are the Jobs?

Here are what a few Small Business Owners have to say, about that "unchallenged" GOP Myth

-- that GOP promoted Fable that:  "Tax Cuts for the Wealthy WILL Create More Jobs" ...

Tax Cuts do not create Jobs. Why Do Republicans push this myth?
by Blue Creekwater, Yahoo! Answers?

I'm a small business owner here in Atlanta Ga. We have a clothing store, and have an online clothing website. Both do very well, I can tell you right now, as a business owner, as a person who comes from a family of small business owners. Tax Cuts do not create jobs. Tax cuts adds profits into business owners pockets. If I get another 10% Tax cut, as the republicans are planning to push, lets say it moves and wins. If my current staff is can handle the volume, there is no incentive for me to hire new employees. That is the way it works.  [...]

Tax cuts for rich don't trickle down
By Lew Prince, -- 12/3/10

I’ve run a small business for more than 30 years, and the claim that more tax cuts for the rich can generate jobs at small businesses is ridiculous. Expecting high-end tax cuts to trickle down as job creation is about as reasonable as pouring gasoline on your hood and expecting it to run your engine.

My company’s success or failure is tied to the economic health of our 24 employees, our customers, our community, our state and our country.   [...]

Hmmm ... seems like a robust economy, with lots of customers, is MORE important to whether a Business Owner hires or not -- it has very little to do with the Tax Cuts the GOP KEEPS giving them ...

Here are the observations of an established Journalist, who has also been a small business owner:

Extending the Bush Tax Cuts: Would They Create More Jobs? Or Just Comfort The Comfortable?
John Keefe, The Macro View, -- Jul 28, 2010

It’s about the top-line success of the business, and whether the Subway sandwich shop owner is selling more sandwiches, or the software consulting firm is adding new customers. Having been a small business owner, I know that taxes are very low on the priority list.

SOOOO ... the next time some Republican tells you:  WE MUST CUT THE SPENDING (to save America), like Paul Ryan has been doing ...

Republicans say that without spending cuts, America faces a dire, fiscally insolvent future.

[Paul] Ryan argued the plan will eliminate the national debt -- which stands at $14 trillion.

"Our goal here is to leave our children and our grandchildren with a debt-free nation," Ryan said during a news conference. "Our budget is our plan to take on this country's greatest problems."

GOP Rep. Paul Ryan roils DC with controversial Medicare-slashing budget, would repeal Obamacare by Aliyah Shahid, Daily News Staff Writer -- April 5th 2011

So, the next time you hear "Spending Cut" Scare Tactics like that, you can calmly reply ... All we need to do is Raise a Few Taxes like ...

Repealing those Oil Company Tax Subsidies.

Getting rid of Corporate Tax Loopholes.

Enacting a Micro-Transaction Tax on Wall Street speculators.

And above all -- LET the Bush Tax Cut EXPIRE, next time around!

Because if we DON'T  -- NOT only won't we Get those New Jobs ...

We will get a heck of a LOT MORE Deficits, in terms of Trillions in LOSS Revenue:

The Bush Tax Cuts and the Economy
Congressional Research Service -- CRS Report for Congress
Thomas L. Hungerford, Specialist in Public Finance -- Dec 10, 2010

[pg 8]

Revenue Loss from the Bush Tax Cut Provisions

Over five years, extending the provisions are estimated to reduce tax revenues by $869 billion. The 10-year revenue loss is estimated to be $2,023 billion. Debt service costs associated with permanently extending the Bush tax cuts are [...] estimated to be $450 billion.

SO take a Tip from those Small Business Owners:

Tax Cuts don't Create Jobs ! ... a Strong Economy Creates Jobs.

And according to the Congressional Research Service, Letting the Bush Tax Cut continue indefinitely

WILL Create Mountains of Brand NEW Debt instead.  

(Over $2 Trillion worth, over the next 10 years;  Kind of makes you wonder what the first 10 years of the Bush Tax Cuts cost us, eh?    Good thing they created all those Jobs, huh?)

Or as I like to put it:

We don't have a Deficit Problem -- We have a Revenue Problem

or put another way:

We don't have a Spending Problem -- We have a 'Welfare for the Wealthy" Problem ...

brought to us, by those shameless story-tellers of the GOP.

Originally posted to Digging up those Facts ... for over 8 years. on Wed Apr 06, 2011 at 08:22 PM PDT.

Also republished by ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement.

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