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Hey FOKRs, I had a very long craptacular day, and I'm very tired, so I offer advanced apologies if I come off overly - sensitive or catty & for the fact that I may bail earlier than I would normally prefer.


Let's get historical with "this day in history," and there is A LOT from which to choose! On April 7, 1915, Billie Holiday, who is considered to have been one of the great American jazz singers, was born.

Francis Ford Coppola & David Frost are both 72 today; they made their mark in our culture with fictional drama & non - fiction drama! And, my little Governator, Mitch Daniels, is 62 today. He doesn't quite deserve THE cake, but he does get this.


I'm running a bit late, so I'll put SPARK items between segments & in comments; on with The Rachel Maddow Show!

"Unknown Assailant" - I remember those 1994 midterms - great gosh almighty. How 'bout that Time cover?! Then, we had a little government shutdown, and we got introduced to Newtie Gingrich. Lucky us! &^%$#@! And, President Clinton got to know one of his interns "in the Biblical sense." Ugh...&^%$#@! After the shutdown, Newtie's shine was a bit tarnished. ;D So, since THAT shutdown was so popular the last time, we're heading toward another one! Oh my, Sobbin' Speaker Small Price to Pay Goldilocks can't be happy that not too many people near 30 Rock knew who the heck he is!


So, who will get the blame for THIS shutdown? The belt - way media are trying to "share" the blame. According to a WSJ poll, most Dems polled want compromise to avoid a shutdown, most "independents" want compromise (among both parties) to avoid a shutdown, but a majority of the GOBP don't even want "the c word" mentioned! What a damn shock - NOT!


The GOBP base wants a government shutdown. Rep. Chris Van Hollen thinks the "Speaker" wants a compromise, but he's too afraid of tea baggers. Senior Congressional "leadership" is meeting with President Obama tonight to try to avoid a shutdown - or at least LOOK like they're trying to avoid a shutdown. The GOBP tried another 1 - week stop - gap measure by mixing the safety of our troops with abortion & other $hit. CLASSY! OK, Rep. Van Hollen is boring the $hit outta me.

Guess what Spaniards like to drink to re - hydrate?

"Justice David Prosser Now More Than..." - Man oh man oh man oh man, did I not predict the other night that the GOBP would pull out all the stops to make sure Prosser would win?! *&^%$#@! A county clerk "found" some votes that weren't tabulated the other night. R...i...g...h...t Mordecai Lee is trying to 'splain what the spark went on in Waukasha County - good luck! Whoever wins this SC race will have a HUGE impact on Governor Scotty's union - busting efforts. I wonder if Governor Scotty would like this cake?

"Breaking News - Meeting w/President Obama & Congressional 'Leadership' Over" According to a spokesperson for Sobbin' Speaker Small Price to Pay Goldilocks, no deal to avoid a shutdown has been reached. Here's President Obama, now. He claims additional progress has been made, and differences have been narrowed. Those poor staffers that are working all night long may soon not get paid, but their bosses will! *&^%$#@!


After what's going on in Sweden, I think we should put Mel Brooks & Robert De Niro on our money; phooey on dead white dudes! ;D

President Obama took no questions. "Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies."


Any government shutdown will put a kink on a very fragile economic recovery.

"Fuel Me Once" - President Obama announced the deepwater drilling freeze on my birthday last year! :D The moratorium is now over as we all know. Everything's going to be both hunky & dorey now!


Rachel spent a lot of time repeating information she's already given; ugh, it was bad enough the first time! Michael Bromwich is the Director of the Bureau of Ocean Energy; he thinks most of what Rachel's said is incorrect. Well, of course he does! There are new drilling safety rules, supposedly. A lot of the design & cementing process now supposedly have to be reviewed by an independent engineer - type person. It seems the 2 of them are disagreeing about the role & importance of blowout preventers; Director Bromwich claims he knew about unreliable blowout preventers all along. O...K... Any new spills could take 17 days to contain? THOSE are the new safety standards?! *&^%$#@! OK, I'm not sure I can listen to this dude for much longer. Director Bromwich claims his bureau is not responding to pressure due to rising gas prices.

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