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The day before the big statewide election here in Wisconsin, a news story broke about another lie from the mouth of Scott Walker. This one involved his ongoing tale to the residents of our great state, the one he loves to say with that sad, puppy dog face that his mama should have warned him was going to get stuck looking like that, the one he uses like a broken record:

"WI is broke!"

The state of Wisconsin is sooo broke, in fact, that Scott can barely afford to appoint his campaign contributors kids to the jobs to which they are unqualified to do. :) Nah, I'm just kidding! Of course, the state is not broke! There's plenty of money, which Scott knows, and he has shown it over and over...he just tries to hide it, and then gets all upset when he gets caught.

Now, when Brian Deschane's job (see the linked story that I yanked after all the First Amendment haters cried "wah, wah, you can't print his personal info! People need to look up his address and phone themselves!") became public knowledge, Scotty Walker became incensed. How DARE the media expose another of his "appointed" workers

  • unqualified for the job
  • making lots more money than any union job
  • placed in the position because of the "contributions" to the Walker campaign (in this case by Daddy)
  • and all despite a less than glowing personal record

to sunlight?

The issue that came up that I wanted to point out was this; when one of these people is exposed, and I am using just Brian Deschane in my example, not even the much more abhorrent Kathy Nickolaus of Waukesha County, that Fairy Godmother of David Prosser's...well, if you don't know who I mean, you must read the linked article!...when one of these people is exposed, why as a blogger can I not share with YOU MY READERS any information I find publicly?

In this case, I refer to their current home addresses and phone numbers. I found this information for Brian Deschane, and posted it into my blog on Tuesday, April 5th. I did this both on my personally hosted website of and also on the mirror site at dailykos. Readership numbers are much higher over at DailyKos and immediately I was reported for violating the ethics code of their website. Two people called me out for my stupidity, and I wanted to share their comments, since I took the page down as soon as I saw that it was do that or lose my privilege to post over there:


  • "It's bad, bad business to post people's addresses and emails, especially when feelings run high."--mfinley98 (this is the comment I agreed with, and thus took the post down immediately and without making further comment)
  • "HR'd. DO NOT post private information. When you remove the guys home address and phone, I will remove HR. Until then,I can only hope Meteor Blades sees this."--tardis10

Now, as I said, I took the post down because I respected the comment left by mfinley98, who made a sane, valid point. But tardis10...I had NO IDEA what that dude was talking about, and frankly it made me think, a couple of things:

  • Did 9 other DailyKos bloggers try to get the name "tardis" first? Are we really all that big a group of Doctor Who fans, and really, can people just not come up with other references?
  • I can deal with being told it is uncool to post personal info. Or to be told, hey, we don't do that here. (Who reads all the stuff before signing up anywhere?) But the whole "OH! I am so telling on you! And I just hope METEOR BLADE SEES THIS!" made me laugh. Who the hell is MeteorBlades, and was I supposed to be trembling in my socks while I awaited his/her judgment?

I looked up who MeteorBlades is/was and learned that he is Timothy Lange, a very respected political blogger, and a prolific poster at DailyKos, but hardly someone who will come hunt me down and torture me for my blunder. In fact, I think he would be someone that would be quite interesting to engage in a dialogue about the very question of what we, as bloggers, CAN share in terms of personal information while we are at war with people who are using tools such as

just to name a few of the cheap ones. Because while I can remember, once upon a not-very-long-time-ago, being able to simply find anyone's address and phone number by simply visiting my local public library, the truth is that with the internet, things are much more complicated. People are now operating under the mistaken notion that they can access everyone's information with equal access, when in fact, the premise of the rich getting richer is also translating to the rich getting special protections, online and offline.

So, if I, as a blogger AND a citizen, happen to have access to public records that I know my fellow enraged and engaged citizens are going to be very interested in AND that I have strong reason to suspect will very soon be purged from the "public record" (and I was right--as soon as Brian Deschane became a person of high interest, the pages I obtained all his personal info from "disappeared" the very next day!) do I not have a duty to report these facts to the public?

I fail to see how providing this information was corrupt. I did take the information down; I see now that I could simply have provided the link to the websites where I found the information and let things take the course that they did anyway. But I contend that when someone is erasing themselves from the public eye, there needs to be some record kept of what existed of them.

Comment at will.

It makes me mad to be losing sleep with only a few hours left before a big election like this, but since I have chronic insomnia made worse by breathing problems, I might as well use the time to relax, or so I thought. Then I read a post shared by Brett Hulsey, who I ran into earlier tonight. It was this piece from the Milwaukee, WI "Journal Sentinel" written by Daniel Bice:

No degree, little experience pay off big

Bice tells the tale of Brian Deschane, (ADDRESS REMOVED, phone (608) PHONE REMOVED email, just in case readers want to get in touch!) who has a great job with the State of Wisconsin. The very same state who has a governor that keeps reminding the residents, and anyone else who listen is BROKE. As in out. of. money. (Thought you might need to be reminded of that.) So he's doing all kinds of belt tightening. Part of Governor Scott Walker's belt tightening has involved these kinds of strategies:
  • When it was revealed that a state worker received a 35% pay increase, a DRL spokesperson defended that saying it "was set based on her professional experience in communications, her degree in journalism and the expansion of job duties to include policy research and analysis," and OH also the fact that she was banging Randy Hopper, (R-Fond du Lac).
  • Trying to keep Sean Duffy (R!) from opening his mouth about how tough it is to make it on only $174,000 a year. (Crank up the violins!)
  • Making sure that once he is RECALLED AS GOVERNOR (and yes, he will be!) he has plenty of private sector jobs waiting for him, which brings me back to the story of Brian Deschane....

You see, Brian and Scott have a lot in common, which is probably why Scott hired Brian to work in the Department of Commerce. Some of the cool things Brian gets to do there are overseeing regulatory authorities and examining boards! That means making decisions that involve people's livelihoods! These include:
  • Architects, Landscape Architects, Professional Engineers, Designers & Land
  • Auctioneer
  • Barbering & Cosmetology
  • Cemetaries
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Chiropractic
  • Funeral Directors
  • Private Detectives/Private Security Persons
  • Real Estate

Brian gets to listen to complaints on the agents and representatives of the above listed and while I could go into much more (and will, but it's 2AM already and there's more to bring up and lots to do tomorrow), you get the drift. He's a big man. With little qualification. And unlike Scott Walker he was not elected. Just how DID he get the job? Resume? Qualifications?

Oh, come on, you know better! He's a college drop-out! And these guys have a club for that...also, his Daddy gave money, and gave him money to give money. Stay with me. Bice already pointed out that Brian's dad, Jerry is executive vice president and longtime lobbyist for the Madison-based Wisconsin Builders Association. They gave lots of money ($121,652) to Walker.

But Brian has wet his toes in Republican giving too! He is on the books with "Citizens for Tiffany" as in Tom Tiffany (R-35th, WI) who has stuck it to the people of WI in a big way. In 2004, when Brian was living at ADDRESS REMOVED, our boy Brian paid out $2,770.48 in payroll for the Tiffany campaign!

A couple years later, in 2005, Brian "donated" $150 to the WI Federation of College Republicans for "Reimbursement for convention costs" which translates to "Brian wanted to be able to deduct beer and overnight room costs from the coffers." That little time in college DID teach him something!

According to Bice's article, he put Brian Deschane's age at mid-20's, but I think that is could be, but we should ask B.D. to verify. According to results from the Chicago Marathon, he could be older. He entered that in 2003, claiming to be 26....

Whatever the details of this young man's life so far, this college dropout's  background from a wealthy family who has made his news coverage of his drunken driving record disappear from the internet (yes, people with money and connections can make that happen!), it's clear that he's being groomed for a career in future GOP Politics from the names he's being associated with:

Tiffany Campaign Golf Outing and Pig Roast (from this past August)
Special Guests: Senators Lasee, Zien and Fitzgerald Hunters Glen Golf Club , Crivitz Cost for golf payable to Hunters Glen $100 Suggested Contribution to Citizens for Tiffany $100 Hole Sponsorships $500 For further information and RSVP contact Brian Deschane at or (715) 419-0321. 11 a.m.

Let's stop this unfortunate disaster before it goes any further. A career in politics can be bought in some places. But we in Wisconsin are learning how to stop it.

Brian Deschane was Man at Center of Controversial Promotion Resigns by Walker, who did not bother to check to see if the "old" job was still available. It was not. This means that Brian Deschane is currently unemployed. Perhaps his Daddy can get him a job with the WI Builders Association in one of those great Union jobs! No? Maybe Brian can go back and finish his college degree.
Or, better yet, now that he's been given the shaft by Walker, rather than having had his boss stand by him and defend him (ha ha!) maybe he should take a long hard look at what Walker, his Dad, and the others like him stand for politically. I know a political party that would welcome Brian Deschane, just as he is...

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  •  Meteor Blades is UID 6 here (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    and is Director of Community. He can ban you and did read your last diary. If you take a look at your last diary you will see that the second comment was recced by myself as explanation of my zero and by Meteor Blades. I'm surprised that you weren't formally warned.

    No it isn't OK to publish addresses and phone numbers.

    •  Always Peace... (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      I am just really trying to wrap my head around the rules, which I understand are different here as opposed to other places, and also trying to clarify, for myself, when to "protect" those why may not deserve those protections.
      At the time I shared that info, it was no different than the tactics that have been used here in WI of trying to get out phone numbers of our hidden-in-plain-sight Republican legislators. While they did not leave the state of WI, they HAVE chosen to cut themselves off from the people of the state. So in an effort to make sure that they are hearing from not only those who gave money to their campaigns, we do share--as much as possible, and however we can--their personal cell phone numbers.
      Why can I do this on some blogs, and not others? Why can they say they are staying and doing their jobs, when they are not, as they are only listening to the voters who voted FOR them?

  •  KindaKath - it's my view (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    coffeetalk, aoeu, erush1345

    That it is inappropriate to ever list the home address and phone number of anyone on a blog of any kind. It is an invitation to have that person harassed or potentially attacked. It's wrong, even if others could easily find the information on the internet. By posting it you encourage behavior that can lead to violence.

    "let's talk about that"

    by VClib on Sun Apr 10, 2011 at 06:44:11 AM PDT

    •  Why I disagree... (0+ / 0-)

      For the person who is going to be violent, I guarantee the idea is going to come from their own darkness, and they will seek out the information on their own. It will likely not come from reading a blog post, and them going "Hey! New idea!"
      I am stuck in bed, again, while 2 of my kids are down at the Capitol, again, as Sarah Palin appears here in Madison. Why is she here? To prop up the Americans for Prosperity. And what did many of THEM bring to the rally with them? Their GUNS. They are entitled to do so, of course--this is an Open Carry state, and as long as they don't try to conceal their weapons, they are welcome to bring them and wave them around OPENLY. Even though there are kids. Even though this has been a Peaceful Protest, with the only thuggery been that shown on FoxNews NOT in our state, and the only violence has been from the right.
      (Cases in point: Carlos F. Lam, the Indiana deputy prosecutor/Republican activist who resigned after suggesting a fake attack on Walker to discredit union protesters; another Indiana official, Jeff Cox, was fired for Tweeting his idea to use "live ammunition" against protesters at the WI Capitol.)
      So, it's not that I don't get what you are saying, I do. I can even agree, to a point. The thing is, for most of US in America, we keep our addresses and phone numbers available. But the people who are the most powerful and the most wealthy are hiding their private information because they can AFFORD TO DO SO AND I QUESTION IF THAT IS FAIR--OR EVEN ETHICAL?

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