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Directly from the election results for 2006

156,804 - Total ballots cast in Waukesha county
176,112 - Total votes for Governor/Lt Governor race
174,244 - Total votes for US Senator
174,047 - Total votes for Attorney General
170,440 - Total votes for Secretary of State
168,861 - Total votes for State Treasurer

Brought to you by Kathy Nickolaus.

Partially sourced from this great diary.

The numbers speak for themselves.

In this 2006 election, Van Hollen won the election for Attorney General with these numbers:

1,065,453 - Van Hollen (R)
1,056,594 - Falk (D)

A difference of 8,859 votes STATEWIDE.

Waukesha county, Kathy Nickolaus' playground, reports 17,243 more votes cast for the Attorney General race in Waukesha county than there were total number of ballots cast.

How many more of those "extra" 17,243 votes were for Van Hollen than were for Kathleen Falk?? I'm guessing it's somewhere right about 8,900 votes :P

Since that election, Van Hollen has become infamous for forging the WI Secretary of State's name on the appeal of the TRO against the WI anti-union bill and then getting fired as the SoS' legal representation as a result. He's Walker's man, through and through.

Apparently this diary came to the attention of Kathy Nickolaus, and she issued a statement about the discrepancy.

Asked about the blog report, she told the Journal Sentinel via email: “The answer to your question is that the number of ballots cast on the summary report will not equal the number of votes cast. It only reflects the votes reported electronically to the office. I have added an asterisk with this clarification to the webpage.”

From the WI Journal Sentinel:
Blog post prompts asterisk on Nickolaus website

So now, the Waukesha County election website listings look like this:
Waukesha County elections

Notice that they've added this to the top of the page:

*The Number of Ballots Cast do not reflect all results, only those electronically sent.
(Ballots cast will not be equal to official votes cast)

And there are 8 elections with asterisks now, all coincidentally elections that Kathy Nickolaus was in charge of (and none before she took over).

If you review the election for Waukesha county for the 2004 Presidential election, the number of ballots listed is 231,031 and the numbers of total votes recorded for President is 230,363, no discrepancy. It's not until Kathy Nickolaus lands on her feet in Waukesha county as the county clerk (after the Caucus Scandal where she sang like a bird when granted immunity) that these discrepancies started occuring.

We need the DOJ to investigate, and we need them to grant her immunity (imho). We need to uncover the full depth of this corruption. And give her Witness Protection too, we don't want her to end up Michael Connell'd.


Originally posted to Cieran on Tue Apr 12, 2011 at 01:52 AM PDT.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive.

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