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Congratulations, Republicans! In the midst of all those important, job-generating measures you're working on (you know, killing Medicare, erasing taxes for millionaires, defunding Planned Parenthood, demagoguing on the debt ceiling), you little Veruca Salt-wannabes dicked around for 5-1/2 months on passing a federal budget for the current fiscal year. Apparently you took your Dear House Leader's words to heart about people losing jobs ("So be it!"), because your posturing and procrastination just cost the jobs of  6 of my friends.

Government agencies were told to spend money at the 2010 level while you and the Tea Party goats had your publicity-stunt fun, so now the agencies are in a world of hurt because the money's gone for the rest of the year. And don't give me any of that crap about "greater good," because if agencies had known their budgets would be slashed, they could have planned accordingly. To paraphrase the old saw, this ain't no way to run a government.

And Democrats, don't think you're off the hook for this either. Not only did you NOT do your job last year (you know, pass a budget BEFORE the fiscal year starts, or at least when you had frickin' MAJORITIES for chrissakes), you let the drown-the-government, Tea Party Taliban frame this year's budget terms and drank the "gotta cut spending" Kool-aid, blithely ignoring the reality that an improved economy would automatically improve the budget outlook (it's magic!).

Six of my friends lost their jobs today because of the final budget bill cuts. What with the current economy and all, new jobs aren't growing on trees. So that's 6 more people in the unemployment lines, 6 more people with families who may now qualify for the WIC program (oh wait, you killed its budget altogether, so never mind), 6 more people who will have to use hospital emergency rooms for primary health care, 6 more people who might get to experience the joys of foreclosure.

We all gotta take our medicine? Easy for you to say, who have generous and benefits salaries as elected representatives, and the prospect of nice cushy lobbyist jobs when you leave office. Meanwhile, back here in the real world, your stupid games just cost 6 jobs.

So tell me again, WHERE ARE THE FRICKIN' JOBS?


A Pissed-Off Voter

P.S. to Freshman Congress Persons: If I hired the neighbor kid to mow my lawn, and instead he weed-whacked my flowers, set my shrubs on fire, and kicked my dog, I'd fire his ass. Don't think the same thing won't happen to you.

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  •  If any of the crazy teaparty congress people (0+ / 0-)

    see this diary, they'll probably be elated!    This is no doubt exactly the result that  they were hoping for, and to see us crazy professional left types hurting is just icing on the cake!  


  •  recommended for P.S. to Freshman Congress Persons (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
  •  More to come (0+ / 0-)

    Many agencies are now getting disbursements of funding and directions on spending from their HQs in Washington.  More Reductions in Force (government-speak for layoffs) will be gearing up over the next several months.  I could be one of those grim new statistics.  Personally, I'll find something productive to do, but there will be real pain caused by decreased spending levels in the coming months.

    •  More to come indeed (0+ / 0-)

      I agree with your assessment. More of my friends may well be in the "looking" category. (Hell, I may be too, come to that, but I too will find something that will put food on the table.)

      + + + That crazy neighbor, you know, the one with all those cats

      by cvannatta on Tue Apr 19, 2011 at 11:46:09 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  Have You Seen The Movie... (0+ / 0-)

    "The Long Summer Of George Adams" with James Garner?  It describes our current situation (at least in my rarely to be humble opinion).  We are in a transitional period for our economy.  Jobs that are not sustainable are being lost, just like in the movie.  We may whish they could be sustained, but they are not going to be with us.  New jobs (just like in the movie) will be created, but not the same kind of job, and not in the same location, and maybe not immediately.

    I wish the best for your 6 friends and hope they find meaningful work soon.  But, you should be prepared for many more cuts in government jobs during the next year.  All the talk from both parties indicates a desire to cut the federal budget for the next fiscal year.  Just like George Adams, we may not like the coming changes, but they will come just like tomorrows sunrise.  

    I understand better than most how gut wrenching this process is.  I worked for 26 years for major mill/timberland companies.  I was bought out 3 times and know how much uncertainty surrounds the coming changes, especially when you have a wife and small children to support. Politcal rhetoric and action is good until the changes become imminent.  And we have come to that point.  We may have the ability to affect in a small way the total number of government job losses, but we do not have the ability to stop them altogether.

    •  It's the combination of factors (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      I haven't seen the Garner movie, but your analogy sounds right.

      It's the local and global economy, the political climate, the natural bumpiness of life, the world in general. Those are to be expected by anyone not wet behind the ears.

      It's the willful ignorance and outright wrongheadedness that gets me, which I have a hard time not attributing to basic selfish malevolence, even though I know it's just as complicated as the current conditions.

      Yeah, all I've got is one vote in a red-leaning district against a Tea-hadist, and a bit of money to give to whoever opposes him. Oh yeah, and some nice folks at DKos to listen to my very occasional rants.

      + + + That crazy neighbor, you know, the one with all those cats

      by cvannatta on Tue Apr 19, 2011 at 11:53:12 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

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