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You can tell that Im angry by looking at me.  You dont need to talk to me or know anything about me.  Everything you need to know is in my appearance.

You can tell when people are sad or lost or happy or angry by looking at them.  Take  a photo...It tells you everything.

Im one of those people who has a 'naturally crestfallen face".  Ive had a large number of total strangers get angry at me because they knew I was angry and they knew that if their life sucked and they were able to put on a happy face then I had absolutely no right to not put on a happy face.  They knew that I needed to be put in my place.

I appear to be frowning even when Im smiling.  I always look like this.  Total strangers (many) have told me to kill myself.  They just walk up to me and say "Go ahead and kill yourself buddy, it aint worth it" or "Go home, go to hell, go kill yourself. No one wants and no one ever will".

hmmmm....  I was just minding my own business and I get handed these things from total strangers.

What its taught me is that some people judge by appearances and that I should avoid doing that at all costs.

Its hard not to judge by appearances because thats the way the human mind works.  We see things and we get used to a pattern.  We use that pattern of recognition to identify and classify what things are and what they mean. We are supposed to learn from things like facial expressions what people are trying to say.  We get an awful lot from appearances.

But we shouldnt.

People cannot be seen in a moments time.  People are not how they appear at any given moment.  People are what they do.  People are what they spend all their time trying to create and build.

You will know them by their fruits.

Are people building peace?  Are they building hope?  Are they building up each other?

Or do they nitpick and tear each other down?  Do they contribute to overall fear and anxiety?

This has nothing to do with people who are depressed and have  a tendency towards negativism.  This is about those who choose to intentionally tear things apart.

Jesus said 'He who does not gather with me, scatters'.  Im not positive of the context
but to me its yet another example of Him telling us that we can be on one side or the other.  We either Love or we dont. Love is given.  Love is  a choice.  Love is patient and kind.

Jesus warned us against the appearance.  He warned against 'the outside of the cup'.

The laws and traditions of men  allow for the appearnce of Godliness.  People can follow all the 'rules' that make them appear to be 'Godly'.  But its Love that is the higher Law and it is that Love that false prophets will not have.

I dont have an ending for this right now.
We have to watch what out politicans do.  Thats all that really matters.  We have to watch what all the leaders do.

Go slow. Look twice. Look three times.  Let people identify themselves through their actions over time.  Its the only way to know whats going on.

Let us not be fooled.  Amen.  (world's second shortest prayer :)  )

BTW: There was a pretty nice roundtable discussion on yesterdays (Easter 2011) "This Week".  I was pleased to hear viewpoints I agreed with and not just the slash and burn, "Im right, youre wrong" kinda thing.  I dont know why the divisions are occurring but I would say that the winnowing fork is doing its job.

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  •  Some humans are instinct-driven (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Louisiana 1976, churchylafemme

    and their instincts are directed mostly by what they see -- superficial optics.  It's this reliance on superficial optics which renders appearances as the predominant organizer of responses which accounts for what we recognize as characteristic of conservatives.
    What they see is all they get.  It's not clear that their other senses (hearing, smelling, touching) are lacking, but may seem to be missing a sense of time, the sense of place, the sense of directions, as well as the ability to perceive temperature and humidity.
    While it's clear that visual centers predominate in the human brain, people who are blind from birth demonstrate that it's not necessarily so.  On the other hand, it's possible that the basal ganglia, where the instincts reside, and the cognitive brain are disconnected in some people.  As a result, they go through life more or less unaware of their situation.  Clueless is another word for it.  An inability to correctly relate cause and effect is a sign.

    by hannah on Mon Apr 25, 2011 at 09:09:56 AM PDT

    •  some people simply havent been forced to think. (4+ / 0-)

      Ive been Blessed with a life that tended to pull all the reliable bearings and underpinnings out from under me.

      I think some people have been cursed with a succesful life that doesnt make them stop and question what the truth might be.  they dont look for greater meaning becasue they think they have already found it.

      Trouble and pain and 'things not working as they should' tend to make one stop and try and decipher whats going on.  It makes one examine things.

      I think we have to keep examining things and not get distracted by the way things appear...because that appearance is fairly meaningless.

      Im not willing to place the burden on the way someones brain is constructed.  That would give them an excuse for bad behavior.  perhaps its more correct that striving for good behavior forms pathways in the brain and reshapes it.  people who dont try dont have the same connections as those who do try.

  •  I actually thought this was going to turn into a (3+ / 0-)

    diary on autism, or other conditions in which the ability to actually derive such information from body language is impaired.

    •  it almost did but i didnt go there. (5+ / 0-)

      this was actually inspired by a recent trip to get my bus pass renewed.

      we have to get these bus IDs and they have photos on them and they are good for a year.

      My last years ID had a terrible photo on it.  They caught me in the middle of a facial tick. (I have those). anyway...I said to the guy "I hope this years photo is better. Last year they caught me with an awful scowl".
      He took the photo and looked at it and said "this years not much better"

      I looked at it and it was much better.  I just look like Im frowning even when Im smiling. i would have to put on an elaborate fake smile in order to satisfy somepeople.
      and...No.  its bad enough that I am forced to be overly cheerful just to avoid people from cussing me out or something.

      These are things that only some of us understand.
      I see people who look angry and I wonder "Do they get the same BS as I do?"

      God Bless us everyone!  LOL.

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