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Yet another tornado outbreak is underway today over the southern US, marking an unprecedented ninth day of damaging twisters that threaten millions of people in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. Several tornadoes have already been confirmed today in Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama, with a whole day of nasty weather to come.

Keep trolling, meta, political cheap shots and dickish comments out of here, the folks getting slammed by these storms appreciate it.

Update 34 1006PM

The Weather Channel says that the AP reports 64 dead across the South in today's storms.

Update 33 939PM

Another 13 dead in Argo AL, bringing the total up to 58 in Alabama alone. This is unreal.

Update 32 926PM

CBS in Atlanta reporting that a 3 story hotel has collapsed in Ringold, GA with an unknown number of guests trapped inside. 2 dead in Trenton GA.

Update 31 858PM

ABC 33/40 reporting 15 dead in Tuscaloosa. Adding that to the 25 dead in Birmingham and the 5 dead in the pre-sunrise storms, that's at least 45 dead. Jesus...

Update 30 832PM

Meta: My apologies for that errant dash for showing up in the title. Not sure why that's happening.

I-65 northbound and southbound is closed at mile marker 266 in Birmingham at the Fultondale exit due to debris on the roadway.

There's also a significant tornado moving into Tallapoosa County north of Montgomery AL:

Update 29 822PM

Strong rotation near Rome, GA moving east towards Canton and Ball Ground. This is the same storm that caused the Tuscaloosa-Birmingham-Gadsden tornado(es).

Extraordinarily strong rotation north of Montgomery AL right now:

Update 28 803PM

Debris from Tuscaloosa is still falling from the sky, with check stubs, receipts and mail from Tuscaloosa being found 150 miles away in Gadsden AL. Never underestimate the power of nature.

Update 27 754PM

NWS Mobile has taken over for NWS Birmingham while those employees take shelter from a tornado.

Update 26 728PM

Tornado EMERGENCY for Bibb and Shelby Counties in central Alabama. Large, violent tornado on the ground with a tornado emergency for Six Mile, Marvel and Montevallo in Alabama.

Update 25 705PM

Here are the storm reports today. Red dots are tornado reports. Blue dots are wind damage reports. Green dots are large hail (quarter size or larger) reports. There were 101 reports of tornadoes, but that doesn't mean there were 101 actual tornadoes. Many of these large tornadoes were long track (the one in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham and beyond is one tornado, with maybe 20-30 reports on it), so the same tornado can have many reports on it.

Update 24 656PM

I'm getting a little overwhelmed and falling behind in posting updates, so I apologize if I miss almost everything a few things. I encourage you to look through the comments below, there's a wealth of information and pictures down there.

Update 23 642PM

My mom is okay, I'm on the phone with her right now. I'm so far behind in this stuff I have no idea what's going on in the tornado world now. Thanks for the concern and keeping us updated in the comments! You guys rock.

Update 22 605PM

I'm speechless. Look at the box on the top right, that's the tornado from an ALDOT traffic cam.

Update 21 602PM

Here's the over one mile wide tornado moving into Birmingham from the ABC 33 sky cam. Dear lord. Homes are reported "leveled" in Hueytown with this tornado.

Update 20 557PM

That tornado going into Birmingham is well over a mile wide. Holy shit. This is going to be one of those storms they talk about for decades, if not centuries.

In sorta related news, I can't get a hold of my mom in North Carolina right now and I'm starting to freak out. They've had a few tornadic storms go through, so I'm getting concerned. I'll keep updating, though.

Update 19 546PM

Tornado EMERGENCY for the City of Birmingham. Wedge tornado that went through Tuscaloosa is on a collision path with downtown Birmingham. ABC 33 reporting that debris from Tuscaloosa is raining down on Birmingham.

Update 18 531PM

ABC 33 just interviewed an employee at the DCH Medical Center, and the building is not destroyed. Windows broken, trees down, fire alarms going off, but no major damage that they know of.

Update 17 526PM

ABC 33 reporting that DCH Medical Center and University Mall in Tuscaloosa are "completely destroyed."

Update 16 514PM

Both National Weather Service offices in Jackson MS and Huntsville AL are taking shelter due to tornadoes moving directly towards those offices.

Update 15 510PM CDT

This is a very large tornado moving through downtown Tuscaloosa. I'm absolutely speechless. Good lord.

Update 14 503PM CDT

This is the large wedge tornado moving directly into Downtown Tuscaloosa. If you or someone you know lives there, tell them to TAKE COVER NOW. I'm speechless looking at this. For those wondering, THIS is what a wedge tornado is. It looks like a freakin' wall on the ground.

Update 13 453PM CDT

Tornado EMEREGNCY for Tuscaloosa AL and surrounding areas. Confirmed large, wedge tornado on the ground moving directly towards Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama campus. Large debris ball on radar associated with this violent tornado, with a tornado at least half a mile wide, maybe larger. Please watch ABC 33/40 for coverage on this and other tornadoes. They're doing a bang up job on covering this.

Update 12 441PM CDT

Storms are starting to bubble up here in Mobile. It's pitch black out, so if I disappear suddenly, that's why.

Very large, violent tornado on the ground going towards Downtown Tuscaloosa, AL. This storm has a debris ball with it, and spotters report a large wedge tornado with this storm. Tornado EMERGENCY in effect for Pleasent Ridge, Morrows Grove and Mantua. If you know anyone in or near Tuscaloosa, tell them to get to shelter NOW.

Update 11 429PM CDT

Violent wedge tornado on the ground near Berry, AL on the Tuscaloosa/Fayette County line. Debris is falling from the sky in Berry according to ABC Birmingham.

Update 10 421PM CDT

Large tornado on the ground associated with this storm in northern Tuscaloosa County. This is about as strong of rotation as you'll ever see on a wind velocity radar image.

Update 9 409PM CDT

Large and violent tornado moving northwest of Tuscaloosa AL right now:

Another large tornado on the ground northeast of Cullman, going towards Arab and the intersection of Alabama State Routes 67 and 69.

Update 8 405PM CDT

1/2 mile wide tornado on the ground in Lawrence County, AL.

Another very large tornado going through Marion County AL just northwest of Hamilton, which just got hit by a tornado 30 minutes ago. Very large debris ball on radar in Bexar AL.

Update 7 352PM CDT

Large tornado on the ground in Reform AL, moving to the northeast. Amazing wind velocities on this storm:

Another large wedge tornado on the ground in Kemper County, MS crossing into Alabama. Tornado emergency for Pickens, Greene, Sumter and Hale Counties in Alabama.

Update 6 338PM CDT

ABC 33 in Birmingham reports that the Cullman Hospital may have taken a direct hit from the large, wedge tornado.

Large tornado on the ground with a warning for Madison, Jackson and Marshall Counties in northeast Alabama:

Another large tornado on the ground has done damage in Hamilton and Hackleburg AL, moving northeast:

Large and violent tornado on the ground near Nettleton MS, moving towards Amory and Smithville. Tons of debris surrounding that large wedge tornado.


Update 5 314PM CDT

Tornado on the ground in northern Alabama near Cullman. Live feed from ABC in Birmingham. Weather radio is NOT OPERATIONAL in the Tuscaloosa area. This storm has a history of producing "at least an EF-3 tornado" because there are homes in Cullman AL completely demolished.  




There is also a tornado warning for Pickens and Tuscaloosa Counties right now associated with this tornado emergency. This is a dangerous, extremely large and destructive tornado

There is also another TORNADO EMERGENCY for Colbert, Franklin, Lawrence and  Marion Counties. If you know anybody Hamilton, Hackleburg or Hodges Alabama, CALL THEM NOW. These areas have NO INTERNET and NO WEATHER RADIO from storms this morning. A large tornado is on the ground in Hamilton.

Today's Weather

A very rare second "high risk" area has been issued for parts of western Alabama, eastern Mississippi and central Tennessee. Areas within this high risk zone have the possibility of seeing large, destructive tornadoes, hail the size of softballs, and destructive straight-line winds in excess of 80 MPH. A moderate risk for severe weather radiates out from the high risk zone to include areas such as Atlanta, Greenville SC, Jackson MS, Louisville KY, Birmingham and Montgomery AL. Most of the eastern United States is under a slight risk for severe weather, from New Orleans to Burlington VT.


-A tornado watch is in effect for northern Alabama and southern Tennessee until 200PM CDT.
-A tornado watch is in effect for southern Tennessee until 400PM CDT.
-A tornado watch is in effect for a large part of Virginia, North Carolina, the WV Panhandle and western MD until 800PM EDT.
-A Particularly Dangerous Situation Tornado Watch is in effect until 700PM CDT:







Update 1 1244PM CDT

A new severe thunderstorm watch is up until 700PM for parts of Arkansas and Tennessee. It's so new that they haven't drawn the map yet, but when they do, I'll add it up top.

Update 2 117PM CDT

5 deaths reported in Alabama with the storms overnight, and the worst of it hasn't even started yet.

A strong line of storms with straight-line winds moving into the Chattanooga area right now. There may be a tornado or two along the leading edge of this line, hence the tornado warnings.

Tornado warnings in northwest Mississippi right now, for storms with very strong rotation:

Update 3 139PM CDT

Very strong supercell with a well-defined hook and rotation moving east towards Tupelo, MS:

Update 4 218PM CDT

I'm a little confused by seems as if run-of-the-mill rain showers are producing tornadoes now. This tornadic "storm" has cloud tops of 32k feet, no hail, and very light rain. If there's anyone well-versed in meteorology here, please help explain this. The best I can come up with is that the rotation is so strong today that rain showers are producing tornadoes now.

There is a tornado on the ground with this storm near Caddo AL, moving northeast at 45MPH.

Originally posted to Severe Weather Liveblog on Wed Apr 27, 2011 at 10:42 AM PDT.

Also republished by oo and Three Star Kossacks.

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