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Truly final update Go read a much better diary on the topic that oddly isn't getting much traffic.

Second Update (For those too lazy to read to the bottom before they comment)  I am only speaking of the public reactions, presented to the country live on TV.
(end update)

He isn't 'celebrating', he isn't 'cheering', he isn't even 'smiling'.  He knows that this was a necessary outcome, that if Osama resisted capture, he might have to be killed.  That the world would be a safer place once Osama was caught or killed.  

A lot of people could learn a thing or two from the President.

I've seen the 'rabid dog' line a couple of times now.  Yes, you kill a rabid dog.  But you don't stand around cheering, waving flags, and chanting 'USA, USA' after you do it.  You acknowledge having completed a necessary, but ugly task, and maybe take satisfaction if it was done cleanly, and that everyone else will now be safe from it.

If you're 'cheering', if you're 'celebrating', if you're 'jubilant', you might want to sit down and ask yourself whose ideas inform such feelings.  Which side of the political spectrum celebrates death?

Is the world a better place without him?  I certainly say yes.  And I'm glad he's finally been killed.  But I'm not going to cheer death, and neither will President Obama.

Update for the picky:

Of course I am only speaking about the President's public reaction, because those are the reactions he presents to the country, and I'm not psychic, nor a White House insider.

I'm also only speaking about the public reaction of everyone else.  I don't know how anyone anywhere is reacting in private, and neither does anyone else.  Nobody here is psychic or clairvoyant.

Hopefully last update:

A) ok, I've been made aware that several of our clairvoyant members onsite are logged in, so I have to retract the last sentence of the update above.

B) I strongly recommend folks read fearisthemindkillers' comment below, and RenaRF's comment as well for nuanced and well-written opinions in opposition with my personal stance.

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