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GOP 2012 Debate
This is thread #2.

Update: TV schedule says this debate will go on for another half-hour.

Update: Paul says the federal government shouldn't have the right to impose views about same-sex marriage, but he's open to it at the state level.

Update: Cain defends calling it treasonous to not defend DOMA.

Update: Gary Johnson says he supports reproductive freedom up to viability.

Update: Santorum with the most passionate line of the night: Says anyone who believes conservatives should call a truce on social issues doesn't understand what America is all about...proving, of course, that he doesn't understand what America is all about.

Update: Ron Paul says federal power should be used to empower businesses to avoid needing to deal with unions.

Update Juan Williams asks Pawlenty if he thinks creationism should be taught alongside evolution. Pawlenty says he believes schools should be allowed to teach intelligent design, but quickly moves away from the topic. Williams presses Pawlenty to says what his personal views are on evolution versus creationism, but Pawlenty wouldn't say, instead saying it should up to local schools.

Update: Well, this got interesting. Chris Wallace played a video of Tim Pawlenty endorsing cap-and-trade to limit greenhouse gases. There was an audible gasp from the crowd. Pawlenty's basic response was that he was wrong to support cap and trade and that he's opposed it ever since supporting it.

Update: Every question they ask to Ron Paul seems designed to make sure that he doesn't gain a following with conservatives, because he is far and away the most articulate and interesting candidate on the stage.

Update: Gary Johnson calls bullshit on the war on drugs. Can't argue with him.

Update: Chris Wallace asks Herman Cain: "Why do you have any belief you stand a chance?" Cain: "The people of the United States are going to elect the person that I believe has the greatest amount of leadership strength." Uh, that "I believe"?

Update: John Boehner isn't watching this joke of a debate.

Update: If I could ask a question, I'd ask Tim Pawlenty why the hell he showed up for this debate. There's another commercial break. I'll give Fox this much: they sure do like making money.

Update: Fox News Sunday promo wonders what political fallout for Obama will be of bin Laden death. Dick Cheney will explain. Wheeee!

Update: Pawlenty is asked if Huckabee would put his campaign out of his business. Pawlenty said no. Ron Paul asked if Michele Bachmann has eclipsed him as a tea party leader. Paul says, "Well, she's not here tonight, so she hasn't quite done that." Santorum looks like he just saw some Santorum when Williams asked him if Gingrich's personal failing make him a hypocrite.

Update: Mercifully, the debate is now ending. Ron Paul says the budget is the defining issue of 2012 and returning to the gold standard is key. Herman Cain says we need economic growth and independence, and real proven Godfather's Pizza leadership is the way to do that. Pawlenty says it sucks that people think America is in decline. Of course, it's Republicans that are saying America is in decline. He gets in the URL: Rick Santorum says he's the most conservative badass mofo on the stage. He's got all the legs of the conservative stool! Gary Johnson says we're on the verge of collapse unless we immediately balance budget. He plugs

Update: Final thought: I want a rebate on this debate. And I still have no idea what Tim Pawlenty was doing there. And now Sean Hannity has the job of spinning it. Yawn. I'm going to see if the Mariners are on television.

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