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Everytime I put out a diary that expressess the opinion of "a free black man" I'm beset by people who look for legalistic ways to hr me and my tip jar.

This diary where I express the not outlying position of the Black community regarding Cornel West is no different.

One of the commenters made a crack at me yet again confusing me for TIMT about the controversial nature of the work I do here and I responded with a poem about my controversial nature.

I state my cases
If the roof catches on fire
Burn motherfucker

I updated the diary, with the link to the poem, and the fact it was about me and not any Kossack.

I left a comment that stated that it was about me and not any kossacks.

At least 5 Kossacks who had ever gone to a Black club or have one inkling of Black culture chimed in.

However, was it my plain english words and completley culturally appropriate explanation that was defended by management,  did I get a note saying sorry the opinion you and 80% of Black people feel get any support?  No I get a letter saying watch your mouth Black man you're diary was tense enough.

Well you win Slinkerwink, and Uberbah, you wont be troubled by my political thought ever again.

See you in my UFO diaries.

Updated by Adept2u at Fri May 20, 2011 at 09:09 AM PDT

Please join me in the UFO group

I might even talk Exo-politics

Updated by Adept2u at Fri May 20, 2011 at 10:55 AM PDT

Meteor Blades has asked that I show our correspondence so I will and also I do want to make it crystal clear it was not the nightrider racist who infest my diaries like flies on shit who disturbed me.  It was this.
I don't know if you were making a reference to personal violence or not with your "Burn motherfucker" comment, but it certainly COULD be taken that way.

Please don't repeat that kind of talk. The Cornel West diaries were tense enough without that

My reply

Why don't you know.  I said so repeatedly and even in the diary, so what I'm hearing now is I'm a liar.

I'm not going to GBCW, But I'll not participate in this place politically again.

ne COULD take anything anyway especially if it's ones goal to HR a person out of here, however when it's explained what one DOES is accept the person as honest, unless ONE WANTS to cast doubt on the veracity of the person.  And when you say don't repeat that kind of talk?  what kind of talk refering to fire?  refering to roofs, telling people who HR my tip jar I dont care what they think, talking about the controversial nature of my diaries, what is it  I'm not to say again?  What's that don't refer to hip hop speak in a way that people who intend on misrepresenting your words will clearly understand, like I did when I placed 5 comments explaining it?  It's too fucking hard, for real.

Updated by Adept2u at Fri May 20, 2011 at 12:32 PM PDT

12:30 Pacific time and I'm done.  To all those who have supported and understand where I'm coming from thank you very much.  To the rest of you swarming around in my diary VTBlue etc please know that I hold you in the greatest form of contempt possible, and the only truly positive thing about my actions here is that I will never have to be troubled by your track or spore ever again.

Updated by Adept2u at Sat May 21, 2011 at 08:47 AM PDT

I'm going to assume the permission to share correspondence that was given to me yesterday by MB still holds.  He did offer an apology and I did make a response to the apology.

It was titled enough people I respect.

have persuaded me that I misinterpreted the intent of your remarks.
I still do not believe that my comment to you — not a warning, but simple, mild comment — warranted the vituperative response it received. This could have easily been resolved with a  conversation between us.

Nonetheless, because I DID misinterpret your remarks, I apologize for that.


My reply

Hi MB,
I appreciate that you acknowledge you have misinterpreted my remarks and thank you for your apology.

I'd like to explain just a bit why I had the reaction I did.

Some time ago an annoncement was made that you would no longer be the net nanny of this place and human moderation was going to be something of the past.

For you to step in on an issue so full of bullshit was beyond belief to me.  I understand you misinterpreted what was said, but if I may say without fear of causing insult, you do that a great deal with Black people.  As I recall from when TIMT was banned here, people of color at this website have an extremely high bar to clear over what will cause White people to go screaming to moderation.  That moderation accepts completely bogus and race based attacks on us seems to appear that you don't have the requisite sensitivity to be an honest broker of such disputes.

Now if it is the case that when Black people can have the most innocuous statements misinterpreted and given sinister meanings by the management, how are we supposed to be able to interact with the mass of racist that this site allows to flourish?

If you say no moderation, fine I can handle the rabble and within the rules, however in America the rules have been shown as something to be applied to Black people while white people seem to get the benefit of the doubt.

Do you recall back in August when you and I had the same basic conversation over the same people I asked our conversations be used as a jump off to a more productive discussion on race.  I'd like to now ask that you write it.

I'd like to ask that you perhaps examine or at least explain why people like TIMT get banned, and I get warning letters while the band I've taken to calling the nightriders, and MB that band of people is as pernicious and as evil as the night riders and they cause the same level of revulsion as if Kos were a social club that allowed the klan in their doors.

Perhaps they got some private correspondence about hr'ing my tip jar for disagreement, perhaps the many times that commenters questioned my sanity (something i've seen criticized by  management before) was also noted, but because we only see one side of discipline that which we recieve we don't know.

MB I've seen you weigh in many times in Black themed diaries, but never in my opinion on the side of Black people.  I can pull diaries of my own, for example the one where I pointed out the MLK was a christian preacher and you have put a marker down on a side.  I know you don't believe linking the article you did to why black still like our President gave you an editorial position, but because you have done nothing but basically defend the position by not speaking against it you have placed yourself as an advocate of the 5% of Black America and not the 95%

I'm never sure how much you remember from interactions with individual people here, but I think we've had enough for you to know that I don't hold personal animosity towards you, don't think you're a racist and all the other petting that folks need when they feel they've been criticized, but at this point I think it's time for some people to do some petting in the other direction.

This incident was more than unfair, it was just on another scale the injustice that is visited on Black Americans on a daily basis where white man runs to authority and it's the Black man that has the sheriff visiting them, even when the sheriffs stated they changed the rules and the sheriff was gone.   Even when the offense.

The roof is on fire MB, seriously?

Is completely bullshit as that really was.  If any tissue of bullshit is going to be thrown by management how can a person who knows he holds views certain white people call them racist they are will have a strong reaction to will find any stupid means to shut me up, and then have management back the play.

I know I've been rambling however if you're wondering what I hope you'll write about, I'm hoping you'll write about how I or anyone who would step out like the nail I discussed in the diary can participate.  Non "progressive"  ( I can't tell you how much I loathe that term, and by extension even politicians that have no affiliation with this place who are calling themselves "progressive" are getting a mass load of shit from me) Black people if you'd like them to participate here are going to require such a public statement from you.  I think I'm considered one of the most hardcore and if I can be beaten down (not by the nightrider racist, but by management) no one feels safe to contribute.

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