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    Earning a Badge of Honor intangible, for public service at great risk, a Georgetown University Adjunct Law Professor (Michael S Frisch) has penned a Blog today that is historic. With sheer audacity that is sure to receive retaliations magnified, the Georgetown Ethics General Counsel Michael S. Frisch spoke out against the District of Columbia Appeals Court and the D.C. Bar disciplinary system harshly for their flagrant and blatant abuse of the public's trust.

    As seen in the photo (Mr. Frisch far left) by Ryan J Reilly during the panel discussion on the Office of Professional Responsibility issues. Professor Frisch has been an outspoken person against bad faith acts for quite some time. During the OPR hearings, along with the esteemed Scott Horton, the panel pointed out that torture was a crime and here the US is acting in bad faith arguing about whether or not 2 attorneys should be disciplined (see the worthwhile article ( here)).

   What Adjunct Professor and Georgetown Ethics General Counsel did in his bold statement today - was send a message publicly - that the mockeries of justice has grown distasteful and intolerable. Affirming the previous remark by Scott Horton (pictured center above) - the following is what we all already knew - but are hard pressed to find public servants worthy and strong enough to say.

To wit;

“Is this really about ethics, or is this about crimes? The answer is very clear, it is about crimes,” said Horton. “Self regulation is a fraud,” Horton said of OPR. “This is not just a U.S. crime, it is a universal crime,” said Horton.

    Scott Horton went on to point out that the Bush Administration and CIA wanted a "Get out of Jail Free Card". Apparently, as Michael S. Frisch points out - so does the DC Appeals Court and DC Bar for the flagrant and blatant crimes of its nefarious counsel's.

        Adjunct Professor Frisch points out, in the Legal Profession Blog Network, that what was really lost, is the public's expectation of a fair process. As Michael S. Frisch so poignantly reflects;

"All that was lost is the most important tool needed for moving cases to a prompt and fair conclusion"

      What is racing within my blood right now, is the desire to place the entire Blog article by Professor Frisch right here on my diary. It is an extreme short read and gets straight to the point of the matter by making nationally significant reflections historic.

      Alas, due to the ethics and protocols of reflecting upon another's article of writing, I am restrained to the customary 3 points. You have the one above, so now I present to you a noteworthy fact that the Adjunct Professor pointed out the case in question began about conduct in 1999 and a BAR investigation in 2002. As the Georgetown Law Center Ethics General Counsel remarks on the "No need to rush to judgment here". Mr. Frisch does lambaste the DC BAR's haughtier by this reflection;

"I know that the board cares not a whit about delay in disciplinary matters and fails to comprehend the benefits of the exercise of prosecutorial discretion. I had hoped that the court would have the merits of consent discipline in mind. At least in this case, the board won. I am confident that the board's office is popping champagne corks to celebrate their victory over common sense and efficiency"

    Those of you who have followed our campaigns against cronyism, tyranny and corruption, know we have seen mountains of bad faith acts by the "Purported" public servants that be. During my decade plus battle against hordes of Goliaths and powers unimaginable, I have witnessed several noteworthy and historic events.

     They are

  1. Former AG Ashcroft's penned remarks on federal corruption at the Hague 
  2. CA US Attorney shutting down the Public Corruption Task Force to bury cases 
  3. FBI raid of Office of Special Counsel Scott Bloch's home and Office 
  4. Washington State Sup Ct Justice Sanders shouting tyrannt thrice on Bush tortures

    To that historical list, I must add the Blog article by Adjunct Law Professor Michael S. Frisch. He is one of the few men who demonstrates pure integrity and has thus become a public servant noteworthy for all ages to come.

    Whether you think so or not, Professor Frisch will get 10 times the amount of rebuke by noteworthy Bar members and Judges nationwide, then the amount of thanks that he shall receive from insignif's like me. For Law Prof Dale Oesterle was extremely outspoken and ultimately resigned from his Law Profession Blog position. I do sincerely hope that Professor Frisch does not succumb to the pressures that are most assuredly going to begin to bare upon him.

    Wouldn't it be nice, if we were to have a Dodd Frank Act Consumer Fraud Protection Bureau with Elizabeth Warren as head, Scott Horton as the Press Agent thereof and Michael S. Frisch as the Ethics General Counsel?  For he did win my heart over - with this most glorious quietly threatening and candid remark;

"There is much more to this story and I feel a law review article coming on.

    I also am profoundly grateful that I no longer work in a broken and dysfunctional system that purports to protect the public"

      You can see the entire Law Prof Blog article entitled "A Mortal Blow" ( here).

      The Professor will most likely never realize - how awe inspiring and patriotic his standing tall against the great powers be -is. But I give him my highest possible KUDOs award and he has earned all of our thanks and acclaim.

      WTG - Michael S. Frisch - you are a true red, white and blue American!

       We can only hope and pray that the White House takes notice of who you really ARE!

Originally posted to laserttheliquidator on Fri May 20, 2011 at 09:36 AM PDT.

Also republished by WeeklyBUG.


To Adjunct Professor and Ethics Counsel Michael S Frisch

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