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Well hell, miss a day with TRMS, miss a lot; the past day or so in the political world & news world has been a boil - over of activity! So, let's dive right on in; the water's fine. :)

On May 25, 1925, John T. Scopes was indicted in Tennessee for teaching Darwin's theory of evolution. Those who indicted Mr. Scopes were the ancestors of today's birthers, deathers, climate change deniers, etc. Ain't it gratifying to see how much we've evolved?!


On this date in 1895, Oscar Wilde was convicted of a morals charge in London and sentenced to prison. Those who charged & convicted him are the ancestors of today's "family values" crowd who have oodles of extra - marital affairs (either hetero or homosexual), AND, if we're really fortunate, ask their parents to help pay off the other woman/man/beast. ;D Again, ain't it gratifying to see how much we've evolved?!


Happy birthday to actor Ian McKellen; he is 72 years old years old today! Another UBER - COOL GEMINI!!! :D

In the SPARK world, what the spark's wrong with this mode of transportation when you're dyin' for a Big Mac?! Watch the birdie, boys & girls! To continue in the animal kingdom, I just lurve kitties, but I think I'd be a little panicked if I saw this little darling on my property. Finally, a whole mess of someone or something has gotten on Mother Nature's bad side between tornadoes, down pours, and this familiar story from Iceland!

On with The Rachel Maddow Show!

"A Very Very Very Very Special Election" - In case y'all haven't heard, a Dem won a deep red Congressional district in upstate NY in a special election yesterday to fill the seat previously occupied by Rep. Shirtless CraigsList. Did he ever occupy that seat shirtless while the House was in session?! ;D Rachel is in DC again, but she's got the weiner of that election, Rep - elect Kathy Kochul in the interview loft! I guess some elder GOBPers don't want the government sparking with their Medicare. ;D I think I even read either here or on teh Twitter that the GOBP candidate in this race spent more money per vote than WhatsHerName did running for CA Governor!


Poor Rep. Paul Ryan's feeling misunderstood today? I'm crying a river - NOT. And, FAUX News didn't spend a whole lot of its air time chatting up that election from last night. hee...hee...hee...


As far as "establishment" Dems learning a lesson from last night & sticking with it, I ain't holding my breath on that; their heads are still up a dark stinky place as far as union - busting & voter disenfranchisement activities at the state level. The Senate voted on Rep. Ryan's little kill Medicare shtick today that went over a well as a lead balloon last night, so we've got Senators on the record now; people will be able to look that vote up & everything!


Of course, Senate terms are 6 years, and the American electorate is notorious for their short attention spans - to be charitable about it. 5 of the GOBP in the Senate (Senators Nude Cosmo, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Lisa Murkowski, and Rand Paul [are you $hitting me????!!!]) just said nope.

"All Politics are Kochul" - There are 6 GOBP Senators up for re - election in 2012 who voted to kill Medicare today. And, there's Senator Lugar {sigh}. Well, he won't have to answer for that here. OK, THAT'S why Rachel's in DC; she interviewed Majority "Leader" Harry Reid today! O...M...G...did President Clinton really say what he said to Rep. Ryan today?! SERIOUSLY????????!!!!!!!!!!


Well, there's the President Clinton that tended to insert foot in mouth during the Dem 2008 primaries. Oye... *&^%$#@!

"There Are 97 Members of Congress Who Lost Sleep Last Night Because of Their Medicare Vote" - OK, who came up with this segment title the length of War & Peace?! Rep. Steve Israel is the Dem dude in the House in charge of making sure that Dems are elected to Congress and to make sure Dems that are there keep their jobs; he's across the desk from Rachel tonight. :D He insists he'll be able to keep that GOBP/Kill Medicare memo going until the 2012 elections. Again,

{OK, me thinks I missed more of Rachel's interview with Harry Reid; she perhaps may have covered Elizabeth Warren, Gordon Chiu, & Senator Loverboy. Can y'all fill in blanks?}

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Wed May 25, 2011 at 07:17 PM PDT.

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