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Co-authored by citisven and Meteor Blades

Rally in San Francisco supporting Wisconsin unions. Feb 26,2011Photo by Kim O'ConnorBack in February, we announced the start of an exciting new project: the Daily Kos Photo Cooperative. We said we'd be up and running within a couple of weeks. Ah, optimism. A few glitches arose long the way. Many other issues had to be worked out than we initially thought. Consequently, the original deadline and a couple of others were missed.

But thanks to volunteers kimoconnor, it really is that important, takenote and Land of Enchantment, all working under the wise guiding hand of citisven, the co-op is now up and running. All it needs is your participation.

Before getting into the mechanics, we'd like to repeat the reasons for initiating this project in the first place.

Thousands of you take photos everywhere you go. You may have fancy SLR equipment with zooms and filters or just a simple 4-megapixel cell-phone camera. But whatever the case, whether you're at a public meeting with your Congressperson, a fund-raiser, a protest demonstration in front of the state capitol, touring the newest wind-turbine manufacturing plant, or helping volunteers dig out of the rubble from a natural disaster, you're capturing images that usually only your family or Facebook friends get to see. As noted three months ago, we want to change that:

Here’s the deal. With the knowledge that there will be only recognition, not remuneration, individuals will upload photos to our host site when they think these would be of interest and value at Daily Kos and other progressive blog sites. In other words, your sister surfing off Malibu is only likely to be of interest if she's planning to run for Dianne Feinstein's seat or has some other claim to fame. The photos will be loaded into the appropriately labeled folders for quick and easy access. Into each photo, using their own or the host site's software, individuals will provide a brief caption or information for one. And they will embed a standard credit line reading © 2011, Photographer's Name, Daily Kos Photo Cooperative …

As noted in the terms of use appended below, diarists and Front Pagers at Daily Kos, as well as selected bloggers at sites we approve in advance, may use any of the original photos in the Daily Kos Photo Cooperative to illustrate their diaries and essays posted here or at those approved sites. There is no fee.

About 150 photographs in 21 categories are already available for your use. We've posted two of them with this announcement. When you go to the site you'll see that there are ready-made captions or information that can be used to create a caption.

Obama and Reagan

Using photos from the DK Photo Cooperative:

Browse for images you'd like to use in your diary and select a photo in a gallery. Above the big version of the photo on the right you will see a “Share” button. Select “Get a Link.” You now have two options:

    1) Select “Embeddable Links” at the top of the box. Copy either Blog-Small, Blog-Medium or Blog-Large option and paste directly into the body of your diary. You can further customize image size by adding width="XYZ" to the code.

    2) Copy the Photo Link in the desired size (hovering over the orange ? next to the size will give you pixel size) and paste it into your diary with the “add” function on Daily Kos.

We recommend Option 1 because it will automatically include a link back to your image and info on Smugmug and provide the extra exposure for you. We'll post a "Complete Guide to Using Photos from DK Photo Co-op" diary in the near future.

Contributing to DK Photo Co-op:

Contributing photographers retain all rights to their original photos not expressly transferred to the Daily Kos Photo Cooperative, as described in the terms of use. In other words, if somebody at The New York Times sees your photo here or at a DKPC-approved blog and wants to buy it for a use you approve, you are free to do so.

If you'd like to contribute, email dkphotocoop at gmail dot com and include your DK user name as well as the name you'd like to have on your watermark. Your watermark name could be your DK user name, your real name, or your relevant photo web site. We will then create your watermark and email you the manual containing login info and everything you need to know about posting your photos.

Terms of Use:

The Daily Kos Photo Cooperative ("DKPC") is an archive featuring original images submitted by participating Contributing Photographers ("CPs"). These images are, under the specific conditions identified below in the Terms of Use, available on a fee-free and royalty-free basis. Images may be used by Daily Kos Users on Daily Kos without advance permission, subject to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license.  Images may be posted by users at other websites only with advance written permission of the DKPC's administrators.

By posting photos in the DKPC, CPs agree to the limited grant of rights to others specified by these Terms of Use. CPs further agree to any terms of use specified by the site(s) selected by DKPC administrators for hosting DKPC images. (The DKPC presently uses SmugMug, whose Terms and Conditions of Use are available at

Copyright for all images in the DKPC is held by their respective CPs. CPs reserve all rights to all images contributed to the DKPC which are not otherwise transferred to the DKPC or to licensees under these Terms of Use. Entities seeking to use these images under any circumstances other than those described above must directly contact the appropriate Contributing Photographer for advance permission. Neither Daily Kos nor the DKPC is responsible for any unauthorized use of images contributed to the DKPC.

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Originally posted to Daily Kos on Sat May 28, 2011 at 09:00 AM PDT.

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