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  Congressman Anthony Weiner has recently been the target of an intrusion on his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

    The parties involved appear to have spent about six weeks stalking the Congressman online, studying his followers, and when they got in they had a smear ready to go.

     Unfortunately (for him) Breitbart was either involved in the planning, or he was the first and only media source to treat the ridiculous stunt as credible, and it blew up in
  his face.

UPDATE:  CNN cough reporter cough @RandiKayeCNN apparently put Breitbart on the air. And with this a smear that a functional media would have immediately dismissed gets legs. Feel free to get on Twitter and school Ms. Kaye about the concept of 'fact checking'.

I better put Indict Breitbart here in the lede so it doesn't get missed. If Kaye & her employer won't do their job it's up to us to force that guy out of the media spotlight. He's an indecent little troll with a great big venue thanks to our rotten media.

And TBTM Julie has a detailed analysis of the faked penis image, for those who want the gritty particulars.

  Kossack stef notices Dan Wolfe's Twitter Stroke of Luck. Mmmm ... conspiracy.

  I just posted The Audacity Of Bvtt - a photo essay on @AndrewBreitbart's indecency.

     A user named @patriotusa76, either working with or directly operating @RepNeedleDick spent six weeks dicking around, needling Congressman Weiner and studying his patterns. I won’t pester you with screen shots, go look for yourself if you want to dig deeper. Others have already investigated and captured these – see Breitbart’s #TwitterHoax How It Went Down for the details.

    The perp(s) noticed that Genette Nicole Cordova, a Seattle resident, had jokingly called Congressman Weiner her ‘boyfriend’. They spent some time trying to smear him for pursuing a high school girl. Ms. Cordova is a twenty one year old college student.

    Then they received some help in the form of someone who knew how to penetrate Weiner’s accounts. An image of a man in his underwear, photoshopped to look like it originated with Weiner’s yfrog account, was sent in the clear to Ms. Cordova. @patriotusa76 promptly forwarded it to Dana Loesch, and then to @AndrewBreitbart.

     This follows a fairly typical pattern for Breitbart. Some fakery is done, either on his order, or due to some individual taking initiative, and then it promptly runs on his trash news site, Big Government.

     Only this time, unlike ACORN, instead of elected officials cowering before the media they met … us. You, me, Ministry of Truth, stef, and a bunch of other people who are just sick to death of Breitbart’s bullshit.

      We took this ‘scandal’, we ripped it to shreds, and then we rammed the jagged fragments right down Andrew Breitbart’s throat.  This is what a healthy media would have done to him long ago, but they’re as rotted as any institution in this country. Without us they’d have gone for titillation and serving the long term goals of their corporate masters over honest reporting and the public good.

     Here’s another thing the media won’t touch:  Indict Breitbart. The crimes against ACORN in Baltimore City’s jurisdiction are crystal clear and the only reason there wasn’t a grand jury investigation long ago is the city’s battered financial condition.

    We won’t get financial recovery until we get good policy, we won’t get good policy if we’ve got assclowns like Breitbart trying to bump off a ferocious advocate for the people like Anthony Weiner, and something has got to give.

   We need to turn all our will to Baltimore, and to its newly elected City Attorney, a nice Jewish boy who ran on the Democratic ticket, until the threat to our democracy that Andrew Breitbart represents is removed.

    The evidence is clear. Breitbart, and his accomplices O’Keefe and Giles, will plead out rather than face a jury of Baltimore citizens. They’ll get some small amount of jail time, then probation that will keep them offline until well after the next election. The voter disenfranchisement that was the destruction of ACORN isn’t going to matter – we’re going to carry 2012 in a tidal wave.

   Breitbart will get back online eventually, but he’ll be an irrelevant has-been like G. Gordon Liddy, catering to a small fringe audience. And America will be better for it.

   Come on guys, rec this up - I want to see Dana Loesch, she of the pretty, pouty lips, saying my name on PJTV again. No photoshop, this, I'll happily share the whole video :-)

   Here's the straight news on the matter - Congress says hacker sent lewd photos from his account - courtesy of the Gray Lady ...

   Ut oh. Kossack fromer takes the Gray Lady behind the woodshed for their inability to recall Andrew Breitbart's sleazy history. False equivalence at its finest.

  Never fear, the entire @RepNeedleDick set of messages is safe on Scribd - you know, for evidence :-)

   Who will rid us of this meddlesome troll? The most likely person appears to be Maryland Attorney General Douglas Gansler. He aspires to higher office, and Breitbart's hide tacked to his office wall would be a powerful talisman among the netroots ...

  Aww, isn't young love sweet? Total fake, I will have Breitbart's pants down around his ankles in two seconds flat if he uses this, and let this be a lesson to you image editing experts out there ...

  Ut oh. Image editing expert @jsigwart has inspected the situation - the resolution is wrong on the photos that allegedly show Congressman Weiner's prodigious tool, and the prodigious tool who made these fakes made many obvious mistakes in file sizes and naming conventions.

   The image couldn't have come from a Blackberry 9650 such as Congressman Weiner uses, it doesn't make images that size, and the fraudster forgot to even add the metadata to make it look plausible.

   Here is her write up Breitbart's Weiner Hoax: New Photos Surface! Analysis, and Surprise!

   The FBI is going to just have to collate the work people have done in order to make a case against @patriotusa76.


   OK, kids, in addition to being a mouthy blogger I'm also an Infragard member and my day job gets me occasional meetings with the FBI. I just called the agent for my district who covers cybercrime and we need to get this muddle distilled down for him. I would very much like stef & jsigwart to contact me to help get this story straight.

Originally posted to Stranded Wind on Mon May 30, 2011 at 07:36 AM PDT.

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