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  As the situation becomes more clear the need for accountability becomes equally clear.

  Congressman Anthony Weiner was stalked, set up, smeared, and this was coordinated to protect Clarence Thomas from scrutiny.

   This is another ACORN, another Shirley Sherrod, another NPR ‘sting’. They pick a target, they lie and deceive until they have something a credulous corporate media will swallow, and then another career is ruined or another community resource is destroyed.

   Only this time Breitbart’s continuing criminal enterprise has encountered something they did not expect …

(UPDATE: You want to take action? Go read Punishing Breitbart's Enablers.

   Unlike ACORN, which happened at specific locations, Weinergate was ginned up in cyberspace. Unlike the ACORN employees, used to doing service work for their communities, this event happened where everyone could see it.

   Many people have taken an interest in this situation. One of them sent me a screen shot to the yfrog belonging to @goatsred, who was involved in guiding @patriotusa76 in his work smearing Congressman Weiner.

    How did this come to be in this guy’s yfrog? I can think of three reasons: 1.) Utter dumbassery – not smart enough to cover his tracks. 2.) Purposeful disinformation placed by the user, planning to punk anyone credulous who finds this. 3.) Someone exercised the yfrog vulnerability they used against Congressman Weiner to set them up for an investigation.

   I went through all 196 photos in the yfrog. This guy does a lot of screenshots, this is the only one taken from Tweetdeck. I am inclined to think he just got worked, but … there MUST be an investigation.

   This person who likes goats, he never expected to be under scrutiny. The investigation got a lot easier, because the person who sent the link to the suspicious yfrog also sent this.

  Among his 196 images was this letter to the DoJ, apparently about some election fraud fantasy. I clipped to make it legible – the original showed the exact date and time he mailed the DoJ … and other things.

   Those other things, this string of individually small mistakes led to this …

 So it was a short process from getting contacted by this anonymous person with a hushmail account until I had this guy’s full name, his home address, his date of birth, and a collection of phone numbers. I wrapped it nice and neat and forwarded it to the FBI.

   Here I will cross from facts which I collected myself and share some of the speculation coming from this anonymous source. They’ve looked at this very closely and they suspect that Mike Stack, the person who was guiding @patriotusa76 in his smear of Congressman Weiner, well, he might just be contributor Haystack from Big Government. The face on this profile is clearly not the person who appears in the yfrog images, but this could just be a legitimate bit of disinformation originating with Haystack himself.

    These are the particulars of the latest event, but look at the big picture. We see a steady flow of similar crimes – illegal taping, attempts to tap a Senator’s phone, now intrusion into a Congressman’s social media profiles, and the one thing in common? Andrew Breitbart, who is operating a continuing criminal enterprise as defined by the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act aka RICO.

  And now this gang, this conservative media mafia, has done a hit on a U.S. Congressman, and it’s one carefully timed to protect corrupt Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas from scrutiny, and the timing of the delivery was flawless. Congressman Wiener would be all over accountability for Thomas, except that @DanaBashCNN and @RandiKayeCNN are all over … dare I say it? They’re On. His. Dick.

    This conservative crime wave isn’t going to just go away. As we’ve seen with Anthony Weiner, any individual who troubles them, even if that person by a United States Congressman, is going to get whacked.

   We really need a way inside this thing. The oldest, clearest case is the one detailed on Indict Breitbart – they illegally taped in Maryland, which has some very strict laws. Instead of some muddled infosec investigation this is simple – they already provided the evidence needed, and California has established that they are not protected by the First Amendment .

   Clarence Thomas and his wife Ginny are equally criminal in their tax evasion and the case is clearly laid out along with a take action link right here. This man is a Supreme Court Justice and he has basically sold his seat to corporate interests. We, The People, can not tolerate such corruption. If this can not be stopped the United States that we knew is gone, and some weak, sickly thing has taken its place.

  This isn’t rocket science. Wire tapping is a slam dunk case when the perp publishes what he illegally recorded. Tax evasion is a slam dunk case once the filings are made.

   Where the hell is Eric Holder? Off bothering whistle blowers like Thomas Drake, no doubt. If Barack Obama can’t get Holder to focus on the crimes that truly endanger our democracy maybe it’s time to consider a new Attorney General, say …Patrick Fitzgerald?

  And one final thing ... the person or persons behind the hushmail account that knew so much about Mike Stack? They've asked me to include a few words and an image in this diary.

We are Anonymous.

We are Legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.

  I said 'tax evasion' and some folks seem to think that's not quite correct. Here's what the actual action page says:

   Looks like the associates of the ones behind this are starting to get a little jumpy ...

   If you're going to go hunting, start by using FollowerWonk to identify associates of the ringleaders.

  Hope this isn't putting to fine a point on it, but they asked me to say ...

   Lots of dumbshits on the right carrying on about "There's no investigation!!@!@!@" Apparently they expect @FBIPressOffice to be out there talking smack to @AndrewBreitbart or it's not happening. Profoundly stupid view.

   Plain and simple, people, I write things up in an orderly fashion, I address them to someone with an address, and I hit send. Here's what I sent last night at 10:29 PM. Computer intrusion will always get the bureau's attention - I had one six weeks ago and they offered to come look at my stuff. You think they won't do the same for a U.S. Congressman? Get real ...

Originally posted to Stranded Wind on Thu Jun 02, 2011 at 09:12 AM PDT.

Also republished by Anonymous Dkos.

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