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For awhile now I am taking a break. But I don't want to completely abandon my efforts since people DO get something out of the info I provide. So I am doing a massively scaled down version of the newsletter. Hope to get back to the real thing eventually but finding it just too much right now.

So here is the second scaled down version.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: I want to highlight some ways you can be more involved locally in the progressive movement. There are lots of good organizations that you can connect with both for good socializing and for political action. Here are a handful. All of them have MANY local chapters. Look up what is in your area.

Living Liberally: Political action through social interaction...includes Drinking Liberally, Eating Liberally, Reading Liberally, Laughing Liberally and Screening Liberally. Something for everyone. Nonpartisan, very progressive.

Democracy for America: The grassroots progressive organization founded by Howard Dean, because Democracy is NOT a spectator sport. Democratic activism at its best.

Coffee Party: Wake Up and Stand Up. The progressive (and sane!) answer to the Teabaggers. The Coffee Party is a democracy movement that began on Facebook, powered by volunteers and small donations from every-day Americans. Nonpartisan, moderate/progressive.

Native Vote: a national non-partisan effort to mobilize the American Indian and Alaska Native vote. Nonpartisan, moderate.

AFL-CIO: America's Union movement, now fighting back thanks to right wing Republican attacks on America's working and middle classes. Nonpartisan, moderate.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People: The vision of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure a society in which all individuals have equal rights without discrimination based on race. Nonpartisan, moderate.

Some other organizations: more national and not necessarily with many local chapters, but worth getting involved with.

Asian Pacific Americans for Progress (APAP): APAP is a national network of progressive Asian Americans and friends. Our goals are to bring progressive values to the community and to organize for electoral empowerment. Nonpartisan, very progressive.

Cesar E. Chavez Foundation: Cesar's dream for a better and more just world has guided the Foundation's vision. Through our programming we strive to empower individuals so that they may fully realize their inherent and unlimited potential to make a difference in their own lives, in their communities, and in the world as a whole. Nonpartisan, moderate.

I will try to add more as I go along. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Now let me just direct people's attention to some articles that give important news, views or action alerts:


THE UNION BACKLASH: WI State Rep Up for Recall Fears Workers

AMERICANS COMING TOGETHER: Green Bay Union Members Help Build Home for Injured Vet

MORE UNION BACKLASH: Two N.H. GOP Lawmakers Resign Over House Speaker's Anti-Worker Agenda


An interview with the Ugandan Politician who introduced the bill calling for the death penalty for gays: (an ad comes first)

Current TV welcomes Keith Olbermann:

MORE REPUBLICAN STUPIDITY: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie thumped by critics for taking police chopper to son's baseball game


This has been clear for some time: Global war on drugs has 'failed'

This is very disturbing: Syrian inquiry into boy's death...and a related article from Daily Kos: They beat, whipped, burned, shot, and castrated a 13 y/o boy, then handed him back to his parents.

An example America should follow: Germany 'to set energy example'


SOME FACTS THE REPUBLICANS DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW: Ryan Budget Plan Would Double Health Care Spending Of Typical Senior

WE NEED MUCH MORE OF THIS: Whoa: This Community's Kicking Big Coal's Arse

MOVEON.ORG HIGHLIGHTING ANOTHER GREAT ORGANIZATION: A Poignant Animation Celebrating 50 Years Of Amnesty International


WHY WE ALL NEED TO GET LOCAL: Presidents, governors, and senators get all the press, but the low-profile officeholders can cause real havoc, too

ANTI-UNION REPUBLICANS RUN WILD: Over 700 anti-union bills introduced across the country


FIGHTING THE HOMOPHOBES: Public Access Host Takes Down Virulently Anti-Gay NY Sen. Ruben Diaz

FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAT MOST PEOPLE REALIZE: Brooklyn Primary Election 2011: First Round of Endorsements



Democrat Menendez vows to defend "Medicare as we know it"

Why Christie's state chopper joyride is a BFD....and another way Christie is abusing taxpayer money: Christie To Use Public Building For Political Meeting

Listen to Blue Jersey Radio Here!


UNIONS STRIKE BACK IN MICHIGAN: Signs of the Times: HUNDREDS of Protest Signs of Rick Snyder & GOP Policies in Michigan

Sustainable agriculture and the right to access to food


Ads targeting specific MN Republicans hit today

Sen. Franken has an innovative way to solve budget problems: end hand outs to big oil

Minnesota’s Choice: Natural Gas or Wind?


The California Environmental Quality Act: A Vital tool for Economic and Environmental Progress

Progressive Dems Press Senate To Shift Spending From Military To Healthcare

The Most Important Bill You've Never Heard Of


Urge Your President to Stand before Congress and Protect Your Vote

I am VERY happy to hear this: Businessman and scientist Bill Foster announced his campaign to return to Congress in the Illinois’ 11th Congressional District that contains Aurora, Joliet, Lisle, Montgomery and Naperville.

Healthy Kids, Healthy Community


CRITICAL INFO AND ACTION: The time is NOW for Renewable Energy...and more on the same topic: Solar Cell Costs Fell 21% this Year, and May be Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels and Nuclear in 3-5 Years

KEITH OLBERMANN'S RETURN: Countdown to the Return of Countdown with Keith Olbermann @ CurrentTV

CALL TO ACTION FROM HOWARD DEAN: Gov Dean: Replace 'Medicare Killers'

FIGHTING FOR WISCONSIN: Wisconsin Recalls: Offense and Defense

FIGHTING FOR MICHIGAN: Michigan recall: Our ads are running and volunteers are streaming in

AN INSPIRATION FOR PROGRESSIVES: A Woman You Should Know About: Majora Carter

GAY RIGHTS IN NEW YORK: Join The Fight For Marriage Equality In NY

GAY RIGHTS IN OREGON: Oregonians to Respond to Attack on Gay Men for Holding Hands with Massive Rally‎


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