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 I’ve been helping Anonymiss with their efforts to understand Weinergate. I shared my favorite social graph exploration tool, FollowerWonk, and I introduced them to the vast archives of Vile Tweets.

  They knew something was up with woman beating, drunk driving, porno site operating, underage girl pursuing Mike Stack, and they’d picked out his associates, but they didn’t know exactly what it was.

  I did … because I’d faced exactly what is being done to Congressman Weiner myself during the 2010 midterm election.

   Last fall I worked on 44 elections, 15 of which were known publicly. There was this piece of white trash named Joe Ballard who was bothering me during this time and it escalated into direct threats via Facebook.

   He only lasted about a day after this, then he disappeared for a bit after he realized he’d really screwed up, but he was an associate of @GregWHoward, and Greg was directing a lot of the Wrecking Crew activities back then. Oh, this guy is a really winner – for example, he recently won the World’s Worst Person prize from Keith.


   So these geniuses spent some time doing what they could in the realm of thinking, and they determined there was a massive conspiracy, funded by George Soros, or maybe the Clintons, and I was some anti-Tea Party mastermind sent to attack them, then record them acting stupid and crazy.

    The dubbed the faux scandal Twittergate – follow that link and you’ll find a Gawker article that pretty much debunks the whole thing. This is a good read – maybe 500 words, very funny – check it out.

  And in the middle of all of this, I met the beandog militia …

   And they proceeded to kick the Wrecking Crew’s ass all over the internet, riffing on the failed Twittergate smear with their own video effort – WreckingCrewgate.

   So this was all good fun, and if there’s ever a combined Olympic bobsled/troll event I pick these guys to win with room to spare – they’re smart, funny, and relentless.

    But let’s talk about the actual smear. They failed completely with Twittergate, so they stepped up their plan to paint me as a pedophile because one of the beandogs said some off color stuff about Howard’s kids. Look at this crap that turns up for Google results five through seven when searching for my name:

   I have a whole directory full of blog posts I kept in case I might want to sue someone. These are the root documents, original authors, and they were spread by dozens of cross postings.

    Why do I call them a Christian Infowar Militia? Well, they definitely had a command and control structure, run by @jeanniemcbride. And they definitely have dominionist views. They were extraordinarily sloppy, so much so that a beandog had slipped into their inner circle. He brought a bunch of their internal stuff out to me –command and control and motivational writing by McBride.

   This one is representative of the type of thing in the larger documents – some anti-Muslim bigotry.

    So … the methods are common, but you know what the big media common factor is? Both smear manufacturers went running to DLoesch –  Dana Loesch of @AndrewBreitbart’s Big Government.

   Dana puts a pretty face on this crap, turning the ravings of off balance Tea Party members into news. You don’t believe they’re off balance? Go on Twitter and strike up a conversation with Patrick Read aka @SwiftRead. It should only take a few tweets before you understand that he’s just not right in the head.

    She and Breitbart and their little circle of associates are the bridge between teabagistan’s locked ward and what appears on your TV screen. Shut this down and you stop the tea party crazies cold before we have another Weinergate. Indict Breitbart. It's just that simple.

(CODA:  I still view @GregWHoward and @SwiftRead as dangerous agents attempting to stir up stochastic terrorism. I mention @jeanniemcbride in this article, but I would suggest if you're in the mood to go trolling that you leave her out of the mix. Both Howard and Read have behaved in a truly heinous fashion towards her for the last several months, stalking her and violating her privacy just as they did me.

   There are some things that are simply unconscionable, and Patrick Read went there with Jeannie and her daughter ...

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