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The Faux scandal "WeinerGate" ends not when Progressives (or even just sane people) prove what Rep Weiner sent or didn't send or when it is proven that his twitter account was hacked or not hacked. Update: The latest pictures from Breitbart prove this.  It ends when the focus of the story shifts to media and hopefully law enforcement investigation of Mike Stack, Dan Wolfe and others involved in the long term cyber-bulling, sexual harassment, intimidation and possibly other crimes against Women and girls on the Internet.

This is my contribution to that end.

The Faux scandal "WeinerGate" ends not when Progressives (or even just sane people) prove what Rep Weiner sent or didn't send or when it is proven that his twitter account was hacked or not hacked. It ends when the focus of the story shifts to media and hopefully law enforcement investigation of Mike Stack, Dan Wolfe and others involved in the long term cyber-bulling, sexual harassment, intimidation and possibly other crimes against Women and girls on the Internet.

This is my contribution to that end. To encourage anyone reading this and can help to smoke out the principals of the attack against Rep Weiner and importantly other Women and girls on the Internet.

Mike Stack:

Mike Stack is one evil man
. He is the one who was contacting young girls online and trying to get them to accuse Rep Wiener. If you know Mike Stack you would never want him to be anywhere near a daughter of yours.

His sidekick PatriotUSA76 ("Dan Wolfe") now claims that he has daughter and that his access to her has been limited due to issues involving a sex offender and implied molestation. That of course explains why his BFF online is a lover of incest pornography, right?
see the psychotic ramblings of PatriotUSA67 (Dan Wolfe) here:

Well let me tell you that Mike Stack has been for a long time associated with extreme and illegal porn (non-consensual sex/rape, incest etc..). He is also a moderator on a porn web site called xxxPornTalk. There his username is RedGoat. Specifically he moderated the subterranean "The Sh*t List" sub-forum where there are articles with titles such as these:
Whores Who Think They Are "Models"
Die of AIDS Jasmine Tame!


He and his crew have had a long running cyber-stalking / intimidation of a woman called Darrah Ford. Mike Stack has been harassing this woman for a long time, creating multiple online personas to attack her, posting alleged pictures of Darah on porn web sites, taunting Darrah with claims that she is a victim of incest, threatening her, etc... Darrah is now happy that finally people are looking into Mike Stack and his various activities against Women and girls on the Internet.
see Darrah's posts and tweets about learning of Mike Stack's involvement with Rep Weiner here
and here

"People started contacting me for stories & comments about Redgoat. They wanted me to CALL them and we all know I don’t call anyone when it comes to this industry. I also can’t get involved in this because I fear for myself & mostly my family. This is now political and not just about porn. If I only had myself to think about, I would be doing every interview I could about him......"

See this interesting thread on Darrah's old blog

where Mike Stack (as sinlinlin) rushes in to defend an extreme porn producer accused of Pedophilia (previously convicted for his rape themed obscene videos) and his admission that he is BFF with this producer as well as other admissions of having collected money in exchange for removing harassing videos that he had created on YouTube against a female porn actress. Charges of extortion are made on that thread. Google sinlinlin and look for the first twitter result. The cached excerpt should show that the sinlinlin account (which has now been deleted) was owned by one "Mike Stack". You can also the connection between Mike Stack, goatsred and sinlinlin by checking out his FOAF xml file on here
Note the matching names, username,age and email address of mscart2000[]

The sociopath right-wing is well known for projection. This is the most extreme case where those involved in extreme porn, harassment and cyber-stalking of women and girls online are supposedly offended that a crotch shot was sent between two consenting adults. Think about it.

Those are the sociopaths who are relentlessly driving the RightWing agenda online and on talk radio. These are the sociopaths who Andrew Breitbart and his cohorts at BigGovernment decided to partner with (just as they did with the other well known sex weirdo O'keefe). These are the sociopaths whose single-sourced allegations are given great deference at CNN , Huffington Post, Fox News even MSNBC! And you can't claim that these organizations did not know about the background of the accusers because a simple google search could find all this information. Have any of these organizations printed or aired one word on who Rep Weiner's accusers really are? Didn't think so!

That to me is the real story and out there is a real journalist who is going to get to the bottom of this and tell the whole world all about it.

The latest Breitbart pictures show that it has always been a pointless effort to argue the hacking angle. The organizers of this war against Weiner and by extension, democrats , are in it to win and win by any means necessary and at this stage I don't see Weiner as a clueless individual here.

The attackers are individuals affiliated with Extreme hard core porn industry who also hypocritically think of themselves as Conservative "Christians". They, Breitbart & Drudge Report created this scandal and are working hand-in-hand to move the story in the main stream media while we sit on our hands arguing about the size of Rep Weiner's Weiner.

The only way this will stop is to expose those who engineered this attack and hopefully bring law enforcement attention to their illegal activities online.

I apologize about the writing quality here. Though I'm not a good writer, I have checked and double checked the information for accuracy and I stand behind its factual accuracy. I'd rather the information be "out there" as soon as possible for others to take up the baton.

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