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It was originally labeled @ Chamberpots

Chamber Pots- A chamber pot (also a chamberpot, a jerry, a Jordan, a po, a gazunder (possibly from French "pot de chambre" or more likely a contraction of 'goes under'), a piss pot, a potty, or a thunder pot) is a bowl-shaped container with a handle, and often a lid, kept in the bedroom under a bed or in the cabinet of a nightstand and generally used as a urinal at night.

Robert James Kobus ‎@ Chambertopians. Republicans run up the national deficit without doing anything to save jobs. A four letter word. . . (BUSH). Obama comes into office forced to create jobs, something the previous administration lacked the imagination to do or DID not choose to do in order to make filling the military ranks that much more appealing then working in the private sector slum BOX STORES. With the Republican Machine, still entrusted to the same Leadership that caused this mess Obama takes the steps Republicans forced him to make just so they could have a talking point and still appeal to the American people (that is not entirely nonsense the president is a Gay, Fascist, Muslim, Nazi, Racist... and really I am sure I did not have to spell that out for you.), go into debt in order to create Jobs. The Bailouts; Auto (actually seeing a return on investment) and Banking (National Banks figuring out how to scam both ends of the deal). Did you know at least 12-14,000$ for every American car goes to paying the lets use your correct terminology, "Union Thugs" Auto Workers Healthcare Benefits? No, we should not have Romney Care as a National System? 12-14,000 Sounds like entry level pay at a box store, what are people supposed to do work 168 hour weeks @ 7.25 in order to get their needs met? "Oh well they are just lazy, or should have studied harder in school." Yeah allot of real learning went on in the public school when they were forced to bump class sizes up to 30 children to a classroom, when someone wanted to "experiment" with a "voucher" system. It's totally the Teachers fault, teaching Six classes a day with 30 kids, that only 180 students that will work...

Instead Republican launch off into Job Creation, With the Astro-Turf TEA-Party Campaign, which created jobs and cut Vested Interested Bureaucracy within the PRIVATE sector. Why should healthcare firms be forced to Compete they are already operating like a TRUST. If you look at the historical significance of the TEA-PARTY, it is to make an utter mockery of something that is inherit to be an orderly and structured event. Something resemblant of the Town Hall meetings that election cycle.

With the sweeping success of electing regressive forces into the House we have our present situation Republicans scared to step out of line within their own party Autocrats towing the party line, fearful of inside challenges.

Hey, chamber what is the American Business MODEL? Does it Destroy Main Street? Does it force it's employees to utilize the welfare System to get by, while at the same time indirectly attacking welfare recipients for being lazy? Does this company have an interest in never having a enough people on staff so that the entire work shift of one employee can never be completed within one day of HONEST HARD WORK? Does this company seek to break Unions Collective Bargaining Rights because having access to Healthcare, Sick days, Holiday, Vacation and Overtime pay are "elitist?" Does this company continuously sell you the idea of a product but never actually sell you a Quality product that will not break under acceptable wear and tear? Does this company have an interest in keeping people underemployed to keep them looking or working continuously? Does this Company under cut American Manufacturing and seek or has already sought out the destruction of protective tariffs?

Where does your funding come from anyway, A Call Center in India? A child sweat shop in the Phillipines?

It's good thing we are so focused on jobs just not any kind of real job that enables an American to have... a family life, ever.

So go ahead label me a radical, it's only resemblant of the fact that you do not want to have a serious conversation about what is really wrong.

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