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Here's to a show with a little less Weiner - I HOPE!

Only 1 "this day in history" item interested me at all; actor Michael Cera is 23 today! He was in Arrested Development & in a movie easily in my top 10 favorites.

Tonight's SPARK will be on steroids since there's just 1 "this day in history" item! :D The world's most famous neutral country will soon have hooker booths - how convenient! If y'all think a bull goes bat$hit in a china shop, just see what a bull does in a butcher shop. Those silly Spaniards...oh well, at least they're concerned about safe sex for all! It's snack time; better get a bib or hanky in case of drool. :D Finally, the owners of this hot tub are hoping bears don't do the same thing in hot tubs as they do in the woods!

On with The Rachel Maddow Show!

"IOKIYAR" There's Mark Sanford!! Yea, he's in the SPARK HOF, but he gave me "spark!" :D It's been 2 years?! HA! The fact that Rep. Eric Cantor is reacting differently to Rep. Weiner's situation than he did to Governor Don't Cry for Me, Argentina or Senator John Loverboy should be filed under "No $hit, Sherlock!" There's Senator Diaper Boy Vitter, too! OK, I'm about over all this sex stuff already. Politicians can be $hits all around, and the GOBP will always attack Dems for behavior that they themselves partake in. Again "No $hit, Sherlock." The RNC new Mr. Steele thinks Rep. Weiner should resign, too. Whatever... He couldn't decide if Senator John Loverboy was a "creep," either. ;D Rachel, you're thinking the GOBP has shame?! Oh honey, the GOBP has been shameless for a long long LONG damn time.

"IOKIYAR Part Deux" - Rachel, you're going to ask Mr. Leather Lesbian Bondage Club Michael Steele about this $hit?! Ugh... *&^%$#@! At least he had the cojones to call out Mr. Priebus about his selective morals from earlier today. Michael Steele doesn't know if Senators Diaper Boy or Loverboy ran on "family values"??!! What a $hit! Ask Bill Clinton if they ran on "family values." Honey, Mr. Steele, it was YOUR PARTY that began the "family values" shtick; you claiming you don't know which party began making morality part of the political picture makes you look like...well...LIKE THIS!


"So, What Are You Waiting For?" - Oh crap! OK, if I have to have a choice of segments about Weiners or guns, I'll take Weiners! *&^%$#@! I'll admit to a blind spot when it comes to this issue. AQ's got a new video about how readily & easily you can get guns in this country. THANK Y0U, NRA! Ugh...I don't know if I'll make it through this whole segment. 247 people on the watch list were able to buy guns last year. WHAT DOES THE FUCKIN' NRA HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THAT??!!


Rep. Carolyn McCarthy is trying to put some actual common sense into our gun laws - not NRA common sense. You can't board a plan if you're on the watch list, but you can buy a gun. You also won't get a background check if you want to buy a gun at a gun show. Oh, Rep. McCarthy, I'm sure the NRA knows about that AQ tape, but they'll say that if we don't let crazy people get guns, then it'll be a slippery slope to not letting ANYONE get guns - seriously. I know the NRA mind set; I grew up with it.

"Class Dismissed" - Y'all remember Catherine Ferguson Academy, yes? They were put on the chopping block - literally - for Detroit public schools for closure. The new financial marshal law going on in MI these days made the situation for Ferguson Academy even worse. A student sit - in didn't end well. A private company did show an interest in keeping it open, but, now, as of yesterday, that school is scheduled to close in a few days. Principal Asenath Andrews is the principal of Ferguson Academy. She thinks most girls who attend her school will now quit school. Detroit had made the effort in the past to make sure this school stayed open. Now? They have no say; that power is in the hands of 1 person.

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Tue Jun 07, 2011 at 07:05 PM PDT.

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