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This is just being reported by the Cap Times via

Antionette Jackson was tentatively charged with two counts of making a bomb scare, according to a press release issued Friday morning by the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs on behalf of the Capitol Police.

According to the release, Jackson was working for a cleaning company contracted to do work for the state.

The written threats were found Tuesday (by the cleaning crew, no less) in two Wisconsin state office buildings referred to as GEF-2 and GEF-3. The buildings are located not far from the state capitol building in downtown Madison.

Interestingly, the building known as GEF-2 is also the location of a state emergency response team whose existence was just uncovered by Dane101, a local progressive blog.  

Accordiing to, the team was formed

...specifically to monitor protest related activity on social media sites and elsewhere.

The team is allegedly coordinating with law enforcement to identify and shut down any major direct actions planned by protesters at the capitol, by watching things like the #wiunion hashtag on Twitter and related Facebook groups, etc.

The team is apparently preparing for more major actions next week, which they believe will be big as the state budget goes to the floors of the Senate and Assembly for final votes.

I'm sure that's a total coincidence. Even though they are spying on us, perhaps illegally, they would never, ever consider planting fake bomb threats to make the protesters look bad or justify the massive police presence being planned for next week.

Likewise, I would never, ever imply that Walker's super-secret spy team was involved in any way, either.


I just thought it was interesting that the alleged criminal was a private-sector contractor. I hope for everyone's sake that she has other issues that explain her alleged behavior and that she is, in fact, no threat to state workers.

This is a peaceful protest.

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