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I think I've a way to nip all this "Weiner must resign" horseshit in the bud. I was watching Real Time on HBO this evening and Maher had my spiritual sister, Janeane Garofalo on his panel. Well, sweet little Janeane committed the grotesque sin of telling the truth. She said that the media loved to cover stuff like the Anthony Weiner scandal because it's easy -- much easier than doing their real jobs, covering stuff that actually makes a difference to most Americans. For an example of a real journalist doing his real job, we need look no further than Matt Taibbi, who you'll note has not written a single article about Weinergate.


UPDATE: As per a couple of alert commenters, I was wrong about Taibbi. He did in fact write a blog post about Weiner, and basically disagreed with a lot of what I've said. Read it here. That was on June 3rd. I'm interested to know what he thinks about it now (June 11th), in that Taibbi isn't afraid (like some other journalists) to change his mind about some things.


It struck me that we're approaching this all wrong. Congress has turned into nothing but a big dick contest. Anthony Weiner's crime? Showing his cards. Let me say this plainly.

Every man calling for Anthony Weiner to resign has a much smaller dick than Anthony Weiner.

You'll note, I hope, that I, Fishgrease, am not calling for Anthony Weiner to resign, nor have I, ever. Interpret that as you may. Put this way, we can expect some sudden about-faces with regard to this issue. Everyone will start saying that hell no, Anthony Weiner shouldn't resign! They will personally stand for Anthony Weiner's right, no, his DUTY to stay in Congress and serve his constituents. We need a name for it.

Dick Power!

And do you think for a minute that Republicans are going to accept defeat in the biggest dick contest of all big dick contests? No!

Even in support of Anthony Weiner, we won't hear, "I got his back!" Instead, we'll hear, "I got his dick!". Instead of, "Get off Anthony Weiner's back! we'll hear, Get off Anthony Weiner's dick!

Which is the point. Is it not?

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