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First there's the humor-ironic take on the Topic ...

Will Durst: The GOP death wish
by Will Durst,, --  June 15 2011

WILL DURST: Hey guys, Will Durst here with a few word about the Republican plan to reform Medicare, which is a lot like saying the Tornado Plan to Reform Trailer Courts. Of course I'm talking about Paul Ryan's budget, in which he uses a chain saw to perform major surgery on Medicare without benefit of an anesthetic. His plan is to replace unlimited blanket care for elders with fixed value vouchers -- coupons! He's going to hand out healthcare coupons!

Why?  Well, because it would save lots of money that he then plans to give to rich people through increased tax cuts, and besides, old people like coupons!

If humor doesn't work, there's always the tactic of attacking 'unknown motives' of Obama ...

Michele Bachmann to Glenn Beck: Obama has secret plan to end Medicare
by Peter Grier, Staff writer, Vox News, -- June 15, 2011

Michele Bachmann was on Glenn Beck’s radio program the other day and said in effect that President Obama has a secret plan to get rid of Medicare.

Meanwhile, Mr. Obama is declining to unveil any White House program to deal with Medicare’s looming deficits, charged the latest entrant into the GOP presidential-nomination sweepstakes.

“He hasn’t told senior citizens this, but he’s going to roll senior[s] ... into Obamacare,” Bachmann said during an appearance Tuesday on the Beck show.

If your target Audience, has a bit more of a footing in 'reality' {cough}-- well there's always the Scary Mis-statement approach ...

From Muslims to Medicare, Republicans Are Selling Fear Again
Richard (RJ) Eskow, -- 06/15/2011

Romney's comment that "people of all faiths are welcome in this country" was admirable, but his aura was tarnished by the lying he did about Medicare. "Obamacare would cut $500 billion from Medicare," he said. The president is "cutting Medicare," he repeated later.

The truth?  "Obamacare" doesn't "cut" $500 billion from Medicare. It doesn't cut anything from Medicare. The White House says the new plan will achieve $500 billion in long-term savings from eliminating waste, overpayment, and inefficiency. It's reasonable to question that number, but to suggest that the plan "cuts" Medicare isn't a distortion or a misstatement or a misunderstanding.

It's a lie.


If all else fails -- there's always the 'Blunt Truth' approach to explaining Medicare Reform, to that "older generation" ... those who should know Media Manipulation when we see it ...

Republicans Claim That We Must Destroy Medicare to Save It
by Robert Creamer, -- 06/15/11

People like me who came of political age in the 1960's will never forget the absurd statement from an American General, that we had to destroy a Vietnamese village in order to save it. That Orwellian proposition came to symbolize the essence of the progressive case against the Vietnam War.

In 2011 the Republican proposal to end Medicare in order to "save it" may have the same iconic power to lay bare the true goals of the GOP's political and economic philosophy.

The Republicans argue that if Medicare costs continue to rise at their current rate, the program will "go bankrupt" in a little over a decade. Their solution is to end Medicare and replace it with a plan where the taxpayers give insurance companies vouchers to cover an ever-shrinking share of insurance premiums for retirees and the disabled.

Their proposal does nothing -- zero -- to address the escalating costs of health care that are driving the increased Medicare costs -- and all health care spending. In fact it actually increases those costs. Instead, it simply shifts those costs from the government onto each individual retiree.

Such is the GOP War on American villagers ...

Hmmm?   Seems like there is No good way for the GOP Reformers to sell us their 'plan of attack' ...

SOOOO, Why in the world, are they gaining traction, with their Lose-Lose Medicare Reform arguments?   Why are they getting away with all their crying Deficit-Wolf!

The only ones who make out with the Ryan Medicare Reform Plan, are the Rich with even MORE Taxes Cuts ,

and Private Insurance Corporations, with ever LARGER Profit Paydays.

SO, Let the Buyer, beware ...  no matter how they may try to present their Deficit boogieman next.

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