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In previous diaries I've written about my theory that there is an impending economic collapse that will take place before the 2012 election.  I'm also predicting that the conditions for a persecution campaign by armed thugs (religious right, gun nuts) against liberals and progressives by extremists on the right have been put in place via a manipulation campaign that has taken decades in preparation for a final takeover by a criminal neo fascist small plutocratic ruling elite.

Even if that all sounds depressing, believe it or not, this diary is meant to cheer you up and remind you that you still have a lot of power, and that there are a lot of things you can do in order to prepare.  If nothing else, I think is time for people to start thinking about how much power the people have, when they unite behind a common cause.

I won't ask you to completely agree with my conclusions as a precondition for you take some sort of action to be more prepared.  Just look around to what's happening right now in the country, with the curtailment of women's and workers' rights, a 25% child poverty rate (the highest since the Great Depression), and a huge acceleration of wealth being stolen from 90% of the populace.

Following I'm going to list some suggestions on how to be more prepared; suggestions which I think should be easy to implement.  

Before I do, I would like to encourage people to share their own suggestions.  I've set up a "Group" on my Website in order to help connect people that share these concerns from across the country, and to elicit ideas we can share.


For an official definition of "communes" click here.... Don't wait until you are affected directly in order to consider this option.  I know people are afraid, trying to hold on to their jobs, and hoping that they won't be hit next.  But when you get the notice that your job has been cut, or get an eviction notice, at that point is hard to think straight; you will feel isolated and ashamed.  Just like this enslavement system is meant to make you feel.

This massive "Great Recession" is the direct result of actions taken by a criminal cartel.  It's not the people's fault.

The main challenge when it comes to communes is to engage with people that share your values (education level, work habits, etc.).  Fine... There is a way to deal with that.  There could be a process put in place where people with similar values and background could connect and agree to help each other, and join forces.  But no matter what you do, if you fall out of the oppressive system, make sure you join a resistance movement.  It will give meaning to your life.  I would love to hear your ideas about this.  Visit the group that I set up on my website, or contact me at

Self Defense

Don't be a sitting duck and get caught unprepared if (and when) things get violent.  I'm hoping that that's not the case, but there are many indications that right wing nuts are being manipulated to serve as some sort of first line of defense for the sociopathic neo fascist thieves that are consolidating power right now in the United States.  Please do some research on "Army of God", "Dominionism", "Right Wing Militias".  I will add some more information on this on my Website.

Get in contact with others who share these concerns.  

An unfortunate pattern that repeats in history is that when there is a sudden rise of a fascistic order, there tends to be persecution against liberals, progressives, journalists, and intellectuals.  I don't agree that that has to always be the case.

You have the right to defend yourself.  Nobody has the right to harass you, intimidate you, or threaten you.  Period.  And that goes especially to defending against right wing religious (Taliban-like) nuts.

Resistance Movement

Please consider joining a nationwide, disciplined, and focus resistance movement.  I'm evaluating the "Rebuild the Dream" campaign led by Van Jones.  I watched his presentation and I like what I heard.  I'm willing to give them a try.

Regardless, what needs to happen in the not too distant future is a very well-organized resistance campaign that that's multi-pronged, that includes a very sophisticated and relentless media campaign, think tanks, freedom of information act requests, investigative journalism, and massive protests and work stoppages(rolling, relentless, with staying power).  Nothing short of this will be effective.

Oh, and before I forget, yes, go ahead and vote for Obama and the Democrats.  Every little bit helps.

Finally, please read about past resistance movements.  I currently dusted up my copy of "The Autobiography of Malcom X."  Read about the labor movement, emancipation, women's rights, etc.  Folks, it's the same struggle.  The corrupt power elites want to keep you ignorant, manipulate you (with the most powerful propaganda machine the world has ever seen, which is the U.S. corporatist-owned mainstream media), and exploit you.  They want to enslave you.  Let's show them the FIST of a United FRONT.



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