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I'm not joking. Mark Halperin just called President Obama "a dick" on Morning Joe this morning. They all laughed (I was wrong about Mika). Later he offers a non-apology apology

The clip isn't up yet on You Tube but will be in few minutes.

Mark Halperin said President Obama was a "dick" for using his press conference to call out Republicans.

MSNBC suspended David Shuster and Keith Olberman for stupid reasons. MSNBC suspended Ed (rightly so) for calling Laura Ingraham a "slut". So will MSNBC and TIME take actions against Mark Halperin and suspend him if not fire his ass?

I will be updated this diary soon with a YT clip.

4:45 AM PT: Here some contacts for those who want to voice their protests

Time –

Time Inc.

1271 Avenue of the Americas

New York, NY 10020


And here MSNBC comments line

Call 212-664-4444

Thanks to RhodaA :)

4:51 AM PT: Mark Halperin achieved something his pathetic life..... he is trending on Twitter

4:59 AM PT: Here another way to send your feedbacks to MSNBC

Thanks to  MartyM

Now all we need is the YT Clip

5:05 AM PT: Mark Halperin again just offered the Part II of his pathetic apology. Joe Scarborough apologized for laughing.


5:08 AM PT: Here the YT clip

Thanks to tvanel
Here the Transcript

Joe Scarborough: Mark Halperin, What was the president’s strategy? We are coming up on a deadline and the president decided to please his base, push back against the Republicans.I guess the question is, we know a deal has to be done. Is this showmanship? A lot of times you go up there and both sides and they act tough so their base will be appeased, then they quietly work the deal behind the scenes.

Mark Halperin: Are we on the seven second delay?

Mika Brzezinski: Lordy.

Halperin: I wanted to characterize how the president behaved.

Scarborough: We have it. We can use it. Go for it. Let’s see what happens.

Brzezinski: We’re behind you, you fall down and we catch you.

Halperin: I thought he was a dick yesterday.

Scarborough: Delay that. delay that. what are you doing? i can’t believe — Iwas joking. Don’t do that. Did we delay that?

Halperin: I said it. I hope it worked.

Scarborough: My mom is watching! We’ll know whether it worked or not.

5:19 AM PT: Politico just put the story up in their website

5:47 AM PT: WashingtonPost's Melissa Bell just put the story up on WaPo's website

5:57 AM PT: HuffingtonPost just posted an article about it

6:21 AM PT: CNN's Rolands Martin made a great point:

rolandsmartin rolandsmartin
Even with an apology, I don't see how @MSNBC brass doesn't suspend @timepolitic's Mark Halperin as a contributor.
6 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

Remember that like Rolands Martin, Mark Halperin is also an employee of Time Warner

6:28 AM PT: Here Mark Halperin's joke of apology

7:11 AM PT: David Corn tweeted this :

DavidCornDC David Corn
I wonder if Mark Halperin ever called Bush a "dick" for pushing a phony case for war in Iraq. #justasking #ofallthethingstogripeabout
9 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

7:20 AM PT: Mark Halperin made history...sort of...even Gawker has the story on:

7:37 AM PT: MSNBC Issued a statement:

cbellantoni Christina Bellantoni
MSNBC stmt: Halperin's comments ... were completely inappropriate & unacceptable. We apologize to the President/WH/our viewers
2 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

Not enough

7:43 AM PT: MSNBC announced that Mark Halperin is suspended indefinitely
Thanks Lapis

Time to cancel Morning joe as well

10:42 AM PT: WH Spokesperson Jay Carney talked with MSNBC executives according to HuffPo :

HuffPostMedia HuffPost Media
WH Press Secretary calls Halperin's comments 'inappropriate,' reveals he talked to MSNBC execs about them.
15 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

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