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Living the rural life in Oklahoma and being a liberal has it's hardships.  It has just gone from a little crazy, to full blown insane.  I have for a few years worked on a animal use and ownership fight here.  The insanity has just topped out.  The list I was on just took a new twist. The owner of this list just went from ownership and use to taking it to the Tea Party as the only way along with opinions from a Oklahoma Tea Party member with great ties to the John Birch Society.  When I voiced opposition, they threw in the Oath Keepers.  Anyone who voices opposition to the homophobic, racist, violent rants are now traitors and liars. This has went so far as the list owner threatening me. What next the ladies knitting club online?  I sit here and ask how violent are these people?  
Here is a little e-mail they sent me;

Your "progressive" agenda is to push socialism onto America and if Americans citizen's stand up and start pushing back because they refuse to accept your socialist "progressive" agenda then you accuse them of being racist, bigots, violent war lovers, anarchist and starting the fight you were pushing onto them.

You need to smarten up and realize, you can quit pushing your socialistic "progressive" agenda anytime you want, before YOU start the war that will surely come  if you don't stop.

I will admit I told them I thought violence was not called for as well as racist comments.  When one goes to war with their own country, just what is it called? I would figure the call to pick up arms, just that.  I disagree and it is my fault, I started a war?

These people are telling me verbal disagreement is grounds for a war in this country?   They have been picking out Republican as well as Democrat Representatives to replace. They want Tea Party, John Birch Society and Oath Keepers as Oklahoma's Representatives. They let you know right away who they are going for and it amounts to anyone who does not think exactly like they do.
 Here is another little diddy from an e-mail;

Of course there is one person (my name) on my e-mail list that is far left and I guess she is for gay marriage and bringing more homosexuals from CA and into OK as the State Chamber of Commerce is advocating for state policies to do. And she's also for promoting the idea that my government can take my money from me and redistribute it other people "that don't have as much or want to work as hard as I do" you know the "less fortunate" of course that's the "Progressive" agenda = a socialist America.
Now I have read what Charlie Meadows has written and spoken with him several times and he is not a violent person and does not advocate violence but just tells the honest truth, that if our elected government leaders do not stop this "progressive socialist" agenda from both parties then there will be a civil war created and started by these socialist progressives as they continue to assault and attack liberty and strip Americans of our freedoms. He is  not nor is anyone else in the TEA Party advocating for violence we are just telling our legislators of the truth and relaying the sentiments and the fear held by the majority of Americans of what will happen if our elected officials don't stand up and stop this "progressive socialist" agenda of people like (my name).

The fear?  Yes they are the ones who spin the fear. I just had to get this off my chest and here is where I come to do it. I ask myself is this a new strategical movement on behalf of the Tea Party?  Infiltrate other causes to make them their own?  One thing is very apparent, the Tea Party, John Birch Society and the Oath Keepers are working Oklahoma to the max and they are doing it together.

I have more concern as I have seen this on other lists for those who live in rural Oklahoma. It appears to be an all out campaign to take over Oklahoma State government by these nuts.

I am not afraid to continue opposition to this garbage and just wish I had the brains of some of those who write on here. I monitor this crazy list now, not saying much because I am just shell shocked at all of this.  I have sent some articles to this list when he sends me one of his e-mails. He then says I hijacked his list. I have told him don't send them to me then. Yes, I am guilty of hitting respond to all.

I guess I have attained the title of left wing radical, lol.  He refers to me as that in his posts. This all just makes me want to cry, can there be so many violent nuts like this in Oklahoma?  I am just a Great Grandma trying to insure a better life for her grandchildren.  


Originally posted to grandma blue on Sun Jul 03, 2011 at 11:43 AM PDT.

Also republished by ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement.

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