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Which of these "gentlemen" will be heading to the 'ol Grey Bar Hotel - Rupert Murdoch or Roger Clemens? ;D

Let's move on to SPARK! Mascots from the Animal Kingdom were apparently quite popular among soldiers in the Civil War; however, some of said mascots just might surprise you! Have y'all ever wondered what happened to those American flags on the moon? Wonder no more! This chimp might be smart enough to understand "broken English" from a computer, but what about broken English from this?!


THAT, boys & girls, would be your textbook definition of animal cruelty!! Was this guy one of the Germans that bombed Pearl Harbor?! :D Finally, we got to see cute little baby bears on last night's show; tonight, I present cute little baby duckies! AAAAaaaaWWWWwwww!!!!!

Let's Countdown.

"Let's Make a Debt Deal" AKA "Debt Duelers" AKA "Saving Social Security" - Social Security & Medicare are on the chopping block in a potential deal at this point; these cuts - NOT just a trimming of wasteful practices a la ordering similar tests to be done multiple times or stuff like that. It sounds like today was just a bit of stroking, and I guess they all enjoyed it so much they're going to do it again on Sunday!


Supposedly, everyone in the room agreed that some deal must be done; tea baggers ain't gonna enjoy that! Me thinks Keith's having a bit of fun telling "the usual suspects" to "Shut Up!" Yea, his previous employer wouldn't have looked kindly on that.


That's a hell of a tie on Jay Carney! I bet you can see that sucker from space!! "Progressive" Dems are not liking what they are hearing to this point concerning cuts in Social Security & Medicare. Is it just me, or is President Clinton losing his hair? Ryan Grim gets debt ceiling duty again. Decreases in Social Security will probably lead to increases in poverty in the elderly. Thanks for working hard your whole life! Either keep working or good luck on your own!


Ryan thinks the 14th Amendment argument is alive & well; I don't see President Obama having the chutzpah to do that. Senator Bernie Sanders gets debt ceiling duty "Capitol Hill" perspective. ;D Once seniors get to be 75 years old, they will get $500 less per month. He & Rep. Pelosi are on the same page on the Social Security issue. Senator Sanders insists that budget peeps in the Senate are working very hard on a budget scenario along the idea of truly shared sacrifice; he may be swimming upstream on that score.

"End of the News of the World" AKA "Stop the Presses" - The News of the World is folding up as of Sunday. Closing newspapers just ain't gonna cut it for some Brit politicos; they want some heads on some legal pikes in the Tower of London or something! ;D The former editor of the rag closing on Sunday is going to probably be arrested tomorrow. Michael Wolff is back again! 200 journalists will lose their jobs & become faboo sources. Now, THAT should give Pirate Rupert and Little Pirate Rupert the shakes & quakes! Will this rag closing destroy evidence in the investigation? Plea bargaining across the pond ain't like plea bargaining here - well duh! The Brits are probably entirely too civilized for the process. Andy Coulson is the guy who will probably get a visit from Scotland Yard tomorrow. It sounds like a whole lot's trying to be done to protect Little Pirate Rupert & Rebekah Brooks. The Murdoch family's sounding a whole lot like the Corleone's! I think I'll choose the Corleone's. ;D

"Time Marches On!" - AAaaaaWWWWwww!! A poor little kitten guy or girl was stuck in a pipe & got shot out by a leaf blower?! Here's more animals - way more snotty than a kitten; the bulls are running in Spain.

"Block the Vote" AKA "War on Voting" - President Bill Clinton compared current efforts to stifle the vote to Jim Crow, poll taxes, and other "lovely" events in history.


He specifically called out Governator Rick Scott in FL. Rep. Keith Ellison gets to talk voter caging. I wonder how he's feeling about his state being closed? Rep. Ellison's impressed with President Clinton's rhetoric on the issue! I remember that 93 - year - old nun story from a few years back, and I'm ever - so - proud AGAIN to live where I live. *&^%$#@! So, how many states have same - day registration?! There is absolutely no way in Hades that would ever EVER EVER happen in Indiana - no...sparking...way.

"WPITW" - The FAUX News morning peeps didn't like a poll indicating that illegal immigration's going down. Another airport peep isn't working or playing well with others. Here's that Ohio state rep that got arrested in my fair state - Lawrenceburg, IN to be specific! My fair state gets a mention again! ;D This is probably the most excitement & attention Lawrenceburg's gotten since they got river - boat gambling! HA!!

"Vow to the Right" AKA "Straight and Narrow" - OK, I think I've got this whole Iowa thing figured out; there are 2 Iowas - has to be! There's the Iowa where {insert hushed tone here} teh gayz can get married; then, there's the Iowa demanding some sort of draconian "opposite marriage" loyalty oath from people who've failed miserably (for the most part) in opposite marriages their whole lives. Am I right, or AM I RIGHT?! Can we get Larry Flynt on the case to see how well Mr. Bob Vander Plaats opposite marriage's going?! ;D MICHAEL MUSTO IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Silly Keith, drilling glory holes AIN'T an oil drilling reference. :D

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Thu Jul 07, 2011 at 06:07 PM PDT.

Also republished by ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, and Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group.

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