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Nope, nothing violent about a "wanted" poster
comparing a doctor to Hitler

File this under "you've got to be fucking kidding me":

Human Life International has revamped its website, According to the group, the site “provides extensive research on the surprising amount of violence perpetrated by abortionists and the proponents of ‘choice,’ compared to the relatively few violent crimes committed by ‘pro-life’ advocates.”

The site includes a 35-page introduction that explains things such as “the difference between ‘pro-life’ violence and ‘pro-choice’ violence” and how “the pro-life movement [is] the most peaceful social movement of all time.” The site says that “homosexual activists… environmental and animal rights activists… anti-apartheid activists… communists… and unions” are far more violent than “pro-lifers” have been.

See? The "pro-life" movement is way less violent than all those commies, tree huggers, union thugs, and of course the homosexual activists, who are always blowing up health clinics and threatening doctors—when they're not busy trying to indoctrinate your children, that is. It says so right on their website!

And that's why they've launched this counter-campaign to prove that "pro-life" terrorists are really the victims here, unfairly blamed for the violence they encourage and carry out in the name of "life." Just ask Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, who says he's "tired of abortion rights groups blaming Operation Rescue for violence against abortion providers."

Gosh. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact that Operation Rescue's senior policy advisor, Cheryl Sullenger, also happens to be a convicted felon. Guess what her crime was? Conspiring to blow up an abortion clinic.

And guess where Scott Roeder, the "pro-lifer" who assassinated Dr. George Tiller, got his information about Dr. Tiller's whereabouts? First name starts with a "C" and ends with "heryl."

Oh, but that's all just random coincidence. As are the thousands of other examples of "pro-life" violence against doctors and their patients.

Not like the evil, violent pro-choice movement, always engaging in evil, violent pro-choice stuff. That's why the "pro-lifers" have launched a counter-campaign to show that actually, it's those pro-choicers who are the violent ones. They have a website and everything! What more proof do you need?

Except for one little problem. Their "proof" is pretty much bullshit:

The site’s state-by-state reports of “pro-choice violence” are scattered accounts of criminal activity that includes unlicensed doctors performing botched abortions, violent men forcing their girlfriends to have an abortion, etc. Most of the accounts, however, have little to do with a “pro-choice movement.” Most of the accounts are random acts of crime that involve abortions.

The site makes some considerable stretches in this attempt — and there are many examples of this scattered throughout the site.

In this case, "considerable stretches" means randomly naming convicted criminals and labeling them "pro-choice." And then there's the video being circulated by Operation Rescue:

The video is allegedly of a women who was “post-abortive” assaulting an anti-abortion rights activist outside of a clinic. Operation Rescue says the videotaping began “after the attack began, but images he captured show an angry and violent flurry of punches and kicks as the pro-lifers threw up their arms in a defensive posture.”

Do you really need to watch the video to know that it doesn't exactly show the poor, defenseless, practically-bleeding-to-death "pro-lifers" being viciously attacked by the oh-so-violent health clinic patient? Nah.

Here's a little unsolicited tip to the "pro-life" movement. You want people to stop accusing you of being the terrorizing, murderous scumbags you are? Stop being terrorist, murderous scumbags. That just might be a good start.

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Fri Jul 08, 2011 at 02:50 PM PDT.

Also republished by Abortion.

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