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Governor Rick Perry, a dark horse POTUS candidate for the Republican Party, that is obviously comprised of liars, nut job extremists that include Grover Norquist and other treasonous sociopaths, as well as Republican voters who reject Rick Perry, it seems that the Governor of the once great state of Texas has serious challenges in his own back yard.

Cross posted on Texas Kaos.

Meanwhile back in  Rick Perry's world that is comprised largely of mendacity, an alternate reality and an Enronesque "balanced budget" which is not balanced at all,  Bill Maher has a few comments to share about Republican voters.  

Knee jerk Republican voters in Texas are pretty much the same as the Casey/Anthony jury members in Florida. Every laid off teacher and state worker who voted a straight R ticket in 2010 is beginning to wake up to the nightmare of their vote.  They obviously had no clue in November that they were voting themselves out of a job. Nor did they know that Governor Perry would "balance" his unbalanced  smoke and mirrors budget on the backs of state workers.  The Republican Governors of Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Florida all did the same thing.  

Was it not G.W. Bush who once said "Fool me once shame on you."  Fool me twice shame on me."   There is plenty of shame going on around here among some very remorseful voters.  For Rick Perry did in Texas what the GOP wants to do in Washington, D.C.  Cut, cut, cut, put the cuts on the backs of the middle class and don't make fat cat pay an extra penny in taxes.

Indeed. I wonder how many queen ball gowns the Republican Party of Marie Antoinette has hidden in its very dark closet?

Speaking of ball gowns Slick might have a few of his own.

Poor Rick Perry. Even members of his own Party are abandoning him in Texas.  The Governor's hardcore base is now mostly comprised of right wing extremist crackpots such as John Birchers and secessionists.

A politician's ability to foment reckless and irresponsible right wing extremism?  This is precisely what Rick Perry depends upon to get elected. His cynical anti-Democracy thugs and bullies work 24/7/365 to get everyone hopping mad and screaming about a non issue so Rick Perry can quietly work behind the scenes to advance his and his fat cat sugar daddy puppet master's agenda.

But not all of the people in the once great state of Texas are stupid, as much as Rick Perry would like to believe. For even some Republican voters get it that were it not for the injection of billions of federal dollars, Texas would be a welfare state.  The second we have a devastating tornado, uncontrollable wild fire, horrendous flooding and/or hurricane such as Ike, everyone screams for FEMA because Texans understand on some level that the state is too damned broke and/or stingy and mean spirited to do anything to help we the wee ones who don't count in Rick Perry's self-indulgent and narcissistic bubble.  

For example (and there are numerous ones) Rick Perry rails against anything that involves the government and yet he depends upon taxpayers to pony up for his salary, health care benefits and government run $10K per month rental mansion. Why anti-government tea party people do not consider Rick Perry as a welfare cracker, is beyond me.    

But hey, that's OK, Rick Perry believes he is a prophet.  Maybe his base believes his rental mansion is a gift from heaven.

In addition to racists and secessionists Rick Perry's base also includes right wing militia crazies, religious zealots, neoconservatives, neo Nazi psychopaths and deep pocketed billionaires that include the Koch brothers and the Texas corporate power house, home builder and 2004 Swift Boater smear artist Bob Perry.  

Meanwhile, here in Houston a professor at Texas A&M University courageously wrote an editorial for the Houston Chronicle about global warming in Texas.  

Global warming has consequences in Texas.

No kidding.  

Houston, by the way, is the oil and gas capital of the U.S.

One has to read the comments to appreciate why Rick Perry's K-12 schools rank 2nd to last nationwide.

Thank you Professor. We are off to a very good start indeed.  I thank you, Sir, for mentioning the unmentionable in a state that is run by lobbyists for oil and gas.

Originally posted to Libby Shaw on Wed Jul 13, 2011 at 01:36 PM PDT.

Also republished by The Yes We Can Pragmatists and TexKos-Messing with Texas with Nothing but Love for Texans.

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