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Pull up a chair Glenn, and have a seat. Make yourself comfortable. I would like to show you something...




Do those comments look familiar to you? They should, because they were from YOUR fans, on YOUR blog, The Blaze. And there are many, many more just like them. Take a good long look Glenn, at the monster you have created.

You see, the other day I was browsing around and I happened to stumble across a veeeery interesting post on "The Blaze". Now, I have to admit that before this weekend, I had no clue what "The Blaze" was. And as I started reading I thought WOW, who on earth would post the manifesto of the madman, mass murdering killer of unarmed children Anders Breivik? The Mainstream Press has avoided doing so, and YouTube has been fighting to keep it off of their site for obvious reasons- why would anyone want to glorify the work of a killer? Well, apparently "the Blaze" does! And apparently, you must be really intent on having people watch the video, because you keep updating the link every time the video gets pulled down and a new one uploaded. That is remarkably persistant. It is obviously very important to you that no reader miss the opportunity to watch this virulently racist, anti-muslim propaganda film-a film that ends with a call to arms and a picture of Breivik himself, holding an automatic weapon and wearing a wetsuit-a image that did not escape the notice of what appears to be Breivik's latest fangirl (as an aside, pictures of child killers don't really do it for me, LADYLIBERTEA, but different strokes, eh?) You were also helpful enough to include a link to his 1,500 page manifesto that reads like, well, every peice of right-winger horsecrap screed I have ever had the misfortune to come across, complete with detailed bomb-making instructions. Who on earth would want to publicize such a thing?

And then I figured out I was on a Glenn Beck blog. And then it all made sense. Because, of course, this stuff is like catnip for your followers, because despite all of your hand flapping and ridiculous contortions to pretend that it isn't the truth, you and I both know that what Breivig believes in, as he lays out in very intricate detail in his manifesto, is the very same soup you swim in. This apocalyptic, muslim caliphate marxist multi culti conspiracy porn is exactly what made you a very rich man, and no amount of pretzel logic is going to convince anyone of sound mind that he was a lefty. You may not be a murderer, and you may disagree with the actions he took, but you cannot deny that he is one of your own.  

And that is what brings me to my main point: I am here to give you a very dire warning.

Someone is going to die.

Someone is going to get their fucking head blown off by one of your mouth breathing, black helicopter spotting true believers who, as these comments show, you have completely and utterly convinced that liberals are evil, bloodthirsty monsters who are out to destroy America, devalue their currency, confiscate their gold coins and put their firstborn children in ovens. You have completely and utterly convinced them that people like myself, and people here at Kos, and people like those 67 teenagers on Utoya island, and even that little old lady who lives next door with the Obama sign in her yard, are no different than NAZIS. And you did a really great job of threading that needle for them on Monday when you said that THESE PEOPLE, the most innocent of victims, reminded you of the Hitler Youth:


 Take a good look at these young ones. Most of them have not even been buried yet. And many, many more of the dead have not even been identified by their distraught families. You couldn't even wait until all of their bodies were lowered into the ground before you spat on their grave?

Oh, and going to a political camp is "disturbing"? Has it ever occured to you that one might go to a political camp for the same reason they might go to space camp, or soccer camp, or creative writing camp, or any one of the number of camps that exist for young people who are figuring out what they would like to be when they grow up? Some of us believe in the idea of democracy, statesmanship, and diplomacy. Some of us actually DO believe in government. Some of us have been been called to public service from a very young age. That is what these types of camps are for Glenn. They are for people who want to make the world a better place, instead of tearing it down.

But that is all beside the point, because here is the thing; I don't know if you actually believe the garbage that comes out of your mouth, or if you are only doing this for the money. And I don't know if you are aware of the extent or the depth of the damage that you inflict on the very people who make you a rich man. I don't know if you have ever met one of your true believers- but I have. Working in the mental health field, I've met a few of them. These are not your normal listeners who take everything you say with a grain of salt. These people truly believe that Barack Obama is a muslim who is turning our government into an Islamic caliphate, and that FEMA is building concentration camps for whites and Christians and that they will be enslaved by the secret underground communist network that George Soros has organized and will join up with the Muslims and seize power so that they can rape their women and kill their children. They really, truly, do believe this. They are scared, angry, tortured people. They harbor enourmous suspicion and hatred of their neighbors, and anyone who is not like them. They are ticking time bombs waiting to explode and it's only a matter of when and where they detonate.

Just like Anders Breivik.

 Glenn Beck, if you have an ounce of humanity left, or an ounce of sanity, you will do the right thing. You will go on the air tommorow and tell your followers IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that their liberal neighbors are NOT Adolph Hitler, and there is a big, huge, night and day difference between top down, violent, autocratic communist movements and the democratic party. You will, for once, tell them the truth-that we are normal, everyday people who happen to have a different view of the world than they do, and we are not dangerous. And if you are really brave, you will tell them the full truth-that it is in fact YOUR side who are trying to seize power and destroy democracy, and that we are the only ones still fighting like hell to save it. But at the very least, you have a responsibility to tell them that no matter what they may think of us, our children are off limits.

If you do not, I guarantee you that one of them is going to kill one of us. At the very least. And as I'm sure you know, one already tried.

When it happens, you might be able to say that you didn't know that person, and had no idea they were planning such a thing. You may be able to say how truly sorry you are, and you may even mean it. But there is one thing that you absolutely, unequivicolly cannot say anymore...

You cannot say that no one warned you.

Wed Jul 27, 2011 at  7:46 AM PT: Updated: Wow guys, top of the rec list? Thank you so much, I'm very humbled. This was actually my first diary. Given the tragic nature of the topic, I am not exactly celebrating but I do hope that somehow it does get through to him, because I meant every word of it. At the end of the day, we can yell this at the top of our lungs, but we have no credibility with the true believers. It has to come from him.

Contact Glenn and tell him to do the right thing:

Glenn himself:

Executive producer:

Radio call in: 888-727-BECK

Also, someone suggested contacting Rachel or Keith so that they could call him out on their show:

Keiths Twitter: @KeithOlbermann is the correct handle, thanks Word Alchamy!

Rachel: (We read our mail.)

@Maddow is Rachel's personal account

@MaddowBlog tweets links and other blog content.

Wed Jul 27, 2011 at  5:20 PM PT: Holy cow, this is going viral and is being discussed on mainstream sites! The overwhelming consensus is that he really crossed the point of no return here, and I think that seeing those comments and realizing that they posted (and reposted) that horrible video is shocking to a lot of people who had no idea how bad the discourse had gotten.

Thanks to everyone who kept this on the rec list and shared it with your friends!

Originally posted to The Girl Who Climbed Trees on Tue Jul 26, 2011 at 07:36 PM PDT.

Also republished by July 22nd and Community Spotlight.

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