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This is almost entirely a shameless self-promotion diary. With that caveat, the reader is invited to move along or stick around for a few grafs to see what constitutes "almost entirely."

Sunday night, I posted the latest video, "The Legend of the Tea Party Patriots" on YouTube. Couple hundred hits thus far. Not bad.

In making the thing, I googled "tea party patriots" to look for images and video. Though I ended up using almost all still images in the piece, the google search for video of "tea party patriots" was still on my hotlist.

Out of curiosity, I clicked it this morning.

The video is now second from the top on page 2 of the search.

Out of all the videos made by and about the members of the group calling itself the TPP (3500 chapters, they claim), all the reposted news stories and Ron Paul speeches, my little rant is quickly approaching the first page of searches for videos of "tea party patriots."

I ask your pardon for the shill and the indulgence of a few seconds of your time.

If you would, please google the phrase "tea party patriots." At the main search page, click "Videos" on the top menu bar. ("Web Images Videos Maps News" etc.). When you get to the "Videos" search page, go to the bottom and hit "Next" arrow to the right of the "Gooooooooooogle."

On page 2 of the video search, you should see this thumbnail of the video:

Right now it's #2 on page 2, right above Ron Paul and below the video of the Tea Party Patriots harassing the MoveOn people out of the park in Oregon (reported here by CitizenJoe).

The final step: just click on my video.

Hopefully, with a few more clicks, this, um, less than flattering view of the tea types will climb up to the first page of searches for "tea party patriots" videos.

Thank you for humoring me, for your clicks and for suffering my occasional boorish lapses into shameless self-promotion.

From the comments: #1 video search for "tea party patriots" about 3 pm. Amazing. Thanks to all.

Update: Reported by several commenters, the thumbnail now appears on page 1 of the Video search page, in the #8 slot.

I'm still seeing it on p.2, but google's weird. Thanks to all for your help.

5:00 pm Sorry to run off without warning, but some work called--loudly. Thanks for all your help. Back to reading comments.

Originally posted to Crashing Vor on Wed Jul 27, 2011 at 06:38 AM PDT.

Also republished by Cranky Users, J Town, Hydrant, DKOMA, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Pink Clubhouse, and Street Prophets .

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