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Antonin Scalia
You're a bigot and need help, who you gonna call?
Our pet anti-semitic hate mailer has had enough! After weeks of us torturing him with pictures of Jew pornography like pictures of synagogues, he's decided to ask Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia to help him out.

What does it say about Scalia that he's the guy bigots turn to when they need help? The whole gory saga below the fold.

We were first acquainted with back on August of 2010.

fuck you jew asshole!!!!!!!!!

you fucking jews think your so fucking smart huh?! do you really think the closet jew "imam" rauf could pass for a muslim?!? the whole gzm is nothing but a jew plot to make the american government and pres. obama support israel even more, now that iran is going to have nukes. your really fucking scared that you fucking kikes wont be the only ones in the mideast with nukes arent you?? the "mosque" thing is a pretty pathetic distraction from the real goals of the jews who are secretly funding the project.

Yup. The Ground Zero Mosque was all one big Jewish plot. This wasn't the first time this guy had emailed me, but it was the first time his work ended up being featured in Hate Mail Saturday. From that day, he became a bit of a staple, showing up about 20 times over the following year. Random sampling here, here, here and here. But on June 18, I got tired of his bullshit and published his email. The hounds had been released. Here's the resulting exchanges:

June 25:

markos, apparently you have given my email address to some of your "friends", since my mailbox has been filled with pornography (including animal pornography, which i believe is illegal), pictures of synagogues, "amusingly" edited pictures of adolf hitler (some of them pornographic as well), pdf copies of mein kampf, lewd suggestions, a variety of threats and dozens of ridiculous emails from juvenile pranksters. this is not something i approve of, nor is it legal. it took me hours to clean up my mailbox. also, many of the people who contacted my identified themselves as jews. did you decide to abandon truth and sell me out to your jew handlers? [...]

i am disappointed in you, markos, for i expected better. but, since jesus christ also told the truth and for that he was betrayed to the jews, i guess i should have known that it would my fate as well. shame, markos, shame!

July 9:

why the attacks?

again over the weekend my email account was filled with pornography and highly anatagonistic emails from jews. why does this keep happening? i have done nothing to offend you. i have merely tried to free your mind from jew control, and this is how you repay me? some would call that "ungrateful". it is clear that you have chosen to remain under jew domination, most likely for the money, but that is no reason to adopt jew strategies like continued harassment. please markos, call off the jews. i would remind you that unlicensed use of my email address is a copyright violation, and as such, illegal. i have a friend who is a lawyer but i would rather not involve him in this. let's just act like reasonable adults.

He went to his lawyer friend. It didn't go well, as he reported on July 16:

jew attacks continue, lawsuit being prepared

ok markos. i checked with my lawyer and it appears that my email address is not considered copyrighted property, so i can't use those laws to block you from agitating jews to attack me. however, i am no slouch in the legal department so i did some research of my own. it turns out that whenever state lines are crossed in the commission of a crime, it becomes a federal crime. now, i have been sent hundreds of unsolicited pornographic emails by jews over the past weeks, which is a crime called sexual harassment. and since many of the jews who sent me these emails are not located in my home state (one of them was in fact from london, england), these become federal crimes. also, since i was explicitly targeted because of my non-violent resistance to the jew hegemony, these crimes become hate crimes (targeting someone for political reasons is a hate crime, many of the jews told me that they hated me, and i have all of their emails saved for evidence). federal hate crimes also allow me to sue anyone involved in civil court. i decided that the formula we will use to determine damages will be the following: every minute of my time that i have had to spend deleting obscene emails is worth $500, which you will have to pay. you will also be required to pay for all of my legal fees (please note that if i act as my own lawyer, i will be able to freely determine the fees, up to and including a billion dollars). or you could simply order the jews to cease their attacks. millions of dollars in damages, or one simple memo sent through the official jew channels. you choose.

His lawyer shot him down on his first crackpot theory, so he came up with a second crackpot theory and cut out the lawyer altogether. Now that week, I forgot to publish his email address, so the "attacks" stopped. He was pleased with himself on July 23:

jews relent, continue to manipulate

markos, i have good news and bad news. the good news is that the jew attacks have dried up. apparently the threat of a lawsuit scared them off. the bad news is that i tried to file my federal sexual harassment lawsuit at my local courthouse but failed. the courthouse jew (she literally said "you know, i'm jewish" with a threatening smirk) refused to accept the papers. i demanded to speak with a clerk who was not a jew, but i was refused, in a direct violation of my constitutional rights. so, since our courts serve jew interests rather than the citizens, i made a little change in my plans. initially, i asked my lawyer to write a letter directly to justice scalia, announcing my intention of filing a class action lawsuit directly with the supreme court (through a procedure known as a "bench trial", thus bypassing the jews on the supreme court), naming you, the courthouse jew and every jew who sent me unsolicited pornographic emails as defendants. unfortunately, my lawyer wouldn't write the letter himself, presumably for fear of a jew backlash (the jews have a well deserved reputation for vengefulness), so i wrote it myself (with the help of several law books). basically, i now have a notarized (giving it the full power of the law) letter, detailing my evidence against the aforementioned jews and my demand for injunctive relief and considerable damages (using the formula i detailed previously). i haven't sent the letter yet, since the jews seem to have left me alone, but i have given it to my lawyer with instructions to mail it to justice scalia if i am killed or incapacitated or if i give the order to do so.

I felt terrible at having forgotten to run his email address again, so I rectified that mistake. That brings us to this week.

to: markos
date: Fri, July 29 at 8:34 a.m.
Subject: Jew obscenity!

i will have you know that certain jews have sent me undescribably obscene pictures! i can only say that they involve human excretory functions in a "pornographic" (i hesitate you use that word here since i don't want to know what kind of pervert would such material stimulating) context. this is horrid and unacceptable, and this kind of filth is blatantly illegal. what kind of sick, twisted deviants populate your readership? is there really no depth to which jews won't sink? it seems that if one wants to avoid violence and perversion, then all one has to do is to avoid jews. i never thought that i would shocked by the depravity of jew activities, but now it has happened. i have, as i said would, mailed my letter and i hope you enjoy explaining these horrid images to justice scalia at your trial. good day to you sir.

Less than an hour later, I got another email:

to: markos
date: Fri, July 29 at 9:12 a.m.
Subject: apology

markos, i want to apologize for the foul language i used in my previous email. i have been under relentless jew attack for weeks now and my temper got the best of me. it's no excuse, however. i should not stoop to the level of the jew, no matter the provocation. i assure that i will not repeat such bad behavior. i know that you have been directed by your jew handlers to attack me, and that it is not entirely your fault. i will ask justice scalia to show you leniency as you are under jew influence. and i hope we can remain friends throughout this process. again, my apologies.

The only "foul language" in his first email was his bigoted anti-semitic crap, but I don't think that's what he is referring to. But it was sweet of him to offer me leniency. Originally, I considered having Hunter come up with his visualization of what the letter to Scalia might look like, but I decided to chance it and ask our little bigot if he would send me a copy:

From: markos
date: Fri, July 29 at 9:05 a.m.
Subject: Re: jew obscenity!

Hey, can you send me a copy of the letter you sent Scalia? I'd love to get a closer look at your legal analysis, since I hear that it's pretty good!

His previous emails to me went through the contact form. This one was a response to my email, so it included the header he uses in his email program. I googled "George Rockwell". It's the name of the (long deceased) founder of the American Nazi Party. Classy asshole. (Oh, and he totally missed the sarcasm in my request.)

From: George Rockwell
to: markos
date: Fri, July 29 at 12:05 a.m.
Subject: Re: jew obscenity!

of course, markos. it's only fair that you know the charges being levied against you and your jew friends. however, i have redacted certain passages containing confidential information and/or secret legal strategy. i also will not provide you with my attachments (most of which are not in electronic form, and there are almost seventy pages of them). however, here is the letter (in part):


Notification of class action lawsuit
Recipient: Justice Antonin Scalia
To be filed at: Supreme Court of The United States of America

For immediate consideration

Justice Scalia,

I hereby announce via this notarized letter that I solemnly file a class action lawsuit against 116 (one hundred and sixteen) people associated with the jew-controlled website, including the proprietor of said website, Markos Moulitsas (for identification purposes I have attached a photograph that I assume is of Markos Moulitsas). You will find a full list of the defendants attached, and they form a “class” (as legally defined) since they are all either jews or jew operatives. The charge is federal sexual harassment, and the culpable actions have taken place starting from June 18th, 2011. Markos Moulitsas and assorted jews allied either with him or his jew handlers have sent to me unsolicited pornography, threats and other unsolicited materials. You will find a list of full descriptions of these unsolicited materials attached. I can and will also produce these materials as evidence when the trial begins. The pornographic nature of these materials fullfills the definition of sexual harassment (under Title VII section 704, or some other appropriate law), and as these emails have originated from several different states, these crimes become a matter of federal importance (please refer to “wire fraud” statutes 18 U.S.C. § 1343, as per the relevant literature). I am also suing a jew employee at the courthouse where initially tried to file my lawsuit (all information attached) for federal obstruction of justice (she is exempt from the sexual harassment charges, even though she used extremely disrespectful language, as the attachment shows). I also intend to file all of these charges as hate crimes (for further information, please see 18 U.S.C. § 245). This is based on the fact that I am an opponent of the jew hegemony currently controlling the US economy and political system (evidence of this is attached), and the aforementioned jews have targeted me because of this political position. I have also attached several emails wherein the senders explicitly say that they hate me. This fulfils the definition of a hate crime (you will find the Merriam-Webster’s definition of “hate” attached).

As for my demands, I request that damages be afforded to me according to the following formula: every minute of my time that I have been forced to spend answering to jew emails, or deleting them, is worth $500 (five hundred dollars). As I have currently spent a total of more than ten hours in these pursuits, the damages should be $300,000 (three hundred thousand dollars). I also request punitive damages to be awarded in the amount of $3,000,000 (three million dollars) to discourage further harassment. Further, as I intend to act as my own lawyer (pro se, as per the relevant statutes) and as such I am free to determine my own fees (since there was nothing in any law book that prevents this). If I am compensated for my legal fees, I determine them to be in the amount of $2,000,000,000 (two billion dollars). These damages should be evenly distributed among the defendants, so that everyone has to pay a substantial amount. If You also see it fit to order a restraining order on one or more of the defendants, I will not oppose such a decision, though it is not my demand. Further, as per the 1973 precedent “Keyes v. Sch. Dist. No. 1” the burden of proof is on the person or persons who are engaging in discriminatory behavior, so in this case it means that I have no burden of proof but rather the defendant jews have to be able to prove that they are not engaging in harassment (which is impossible since they are), which means that the only necessary part of the trial should be the sentencing. This would also save the court’s time.

I respectfully request that you personally take charge of this trial, to proceed as a “bench trial” as per the relevant statutes. I also request that no jews will be allowed to take part in this trial, as the trial concerns illegal activities of several jews acting in concert, possibly under the direction of more powerful jews, such as the Bilderberg Group and the Council of European Jews. I also request that the jews currently on the Supreme Court are not allowed to weigh in on this trial. I also request that the defendants are forbidden from using obscene language at the trial. Further, I reserve the right to add, at any time, jews not so far mentioned to the list of defendants, as the harassment seems to be ongoing.

You will find my personal information and all relevant attachments enclosed.


i hope this helps you. i don't know how long these things take to process, but probably not more than a month. if everything goes well and the jews don't interfere, i'll see you soon in court. and once again, i apologize for my earlier outburst. i much prefer us to be on speaking terms.


The lawyers can have a field day mocking his legal chops, like his "class action" lawsuit with a class of one. Everyone else can mock his tone ("I hereby announce via this notarized letter that I solemnly file a class action lawsuit"), or his earnestness (he'll get his Supreme Court bench trial in a month!), or his complete lack of self-awareness ("secret legal strategy").  

Me, I'll keep laughing at the fact that the go-to Supreme Court justice for bigots is Antonin Scalia.

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