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The Republicans are winning. Their only goal, as recently described by Boehner, is to stop Obama. Any competant politician would be highlighting this statement. It shows that what the GOP really wants, in negotiations, is to harm the president.

And it's working. The Democratic party is not supporting the president. Instead, it appears to have adopted a doctine of pre-emptive surrender. Some are placing the blame on Obama, from Tom Tomorrow to bloggers here on kos (Our Nation Has No Leader, a Nation Adrift in Chaos Without Trust or Confidence). But Reid is as quick to surrender as any other party leader.

While Obama and the Democrats play the keep our powder dry game, the GOP is busy ensuring that no black man will ever be elected president. Some Hillary supporters are now saying that the Democratic party got what it voted for. However, the majority did not like her tactics in the primary. We should remember that we don't know how well she'd have done under the current circumstances, even though she was willing to say the words vast right wing conspiracy.

The fact is that the tea party outworked us in the debt fight. We must all share the blame.

Obama's election was and still is one of the greatest moments in our history.

But the GOP is determined to see him fail and to ensure that no black man is ever elected again. Obama cannot fight this fight alone. Frankly, I don't think he's doing very well. I like to joke that Bush invented the doctrine of pre-emptive attack and Obama has invented the doctrine of pre-emptive surrender.

But I think that the GOP is being even more stupid. They've admitted that social security and even medicaire will be cut. Basically, they've just ensured the creation of death panels, and there's not a whisper about it from anyone in the Democratic party (unless you count calling (tweeting) the deal a satan sandwich).

When this presidency is long gone, the GOP hopes that it will be remembered much like Carter's. So far, they're winning this one. Remember that the GOP may have done a deal with the Ayatollah to ensure Carter's final failure and Reagan's first success. Whether or not the Reagan adminstration did a deal then, Reagan later dealt with Iran in order to fund the Contras in Nicaragua.

The progessives need God

I've been reading the writings of a Wall Street banker, Henry Clews, who was a Wall Street banker in the late nineteenth century. He spends a large number of his pages arguing against the clergy, who see Wall Street as a casino and a den of iniquity. I am not a historian, but it seems to me that the progressive movement may have been supported by the clergy, the same clergy who now support the GOP and its class warfare.

We need God back on our side, and so does Obama.

The progressives need to fight

It's okay to say the words "class warfare." Just read the comments when Krugman says the words.

I'm not suggesting that the Democrats tell the lies that the right tells. Just that the party should feel free to tell the truth.


Expect more racist slurs as the GOP scents a win.

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