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I envisioned that by means of psychotropic drugs and endless direct applications of right wing propaganda I was transformed into a person who became enraged by the words of one Dustin Hoffman and I went off on him and told him clearly what I thought of his left wing drivel. It was like an old fifties SciFi movie, I saw things from the aliens perspective, for a while there I was in a liberal body with a conservative brain, it was scary and I’m glad that chapter in my life is over, it was harrowing to the max and I don’t recommend it.

Dustin Hoffman said:
I believe - though I may be wrong, because I'm no expert -
that this war is about what most wars are about:
hegemony, money, power and oil.

I decided that I couldn’t let the filth that was coming out of Dustin Hoffman’s mouth over on that other blog go unchallenged, this man is sick to say such things; he should be given a one way ticket to GITMO. Now that I’ve seen the light, I know who America’s enemies are and it all started with this guy Dustin Hoffman; he is the leaven in our national bread that has turned it sour.

Liberals are so consistently biased against these good United States they think every crime is a crime and should be punished; I could give them ten good reasons why that is a bad idea. The very idea that Americans would sacrifice so much by going to war just for money and power and oil is so ludicrous it makes my arm spasm at the thought, where has Dustin Hoffman been for the last 50 years, he is so yesterday.

If no one else is going to mention it I will, what the heck is Mr. Dustin Hoffman talking about; we don’t fight wars because of the silly reasons he mentioned I don’t even know what hegemony is (marrying a hedge can’t be it) but I know we don’t fight wars because of money and certainly not for power or oil. This guy is off his proverbial rocker to say such slanderous things about this great nation, this nation blessed by God and devoted to all the good and nice and clean things in the whole universe, he should rinse out his mouth.

We fight wars only when evil threatens us with bodily harm, when justice is threatened and our right to be free is up for grabs. Then we must strike fast and we must strike hard; no mercy to the enemies of freedom wherever they may be from shore to shining shore and then around the world.

Mr. Hoffman is obviously ignorant of the fact that we have many enemies who are out to get us if we let down our guard. There are terrorist out there that we provoked in no way at all (though they may claim that don’t listen to them) and they would like nothing better than to take down the United States lock, stock and pickle barrel.

If Mr. Hoffman just gave it a lick of thought he would understand that we need to be spending billions of dollars a month on noble causes that are undoubtedly making the lives of the people in the Middle East so much better, in fact the improvement is staggering actually. We are not at war with these people really; we are offering a helping hand in friendship, a chance at a better life under a democracy like we have; why they want to shoot at us for attempting to help them is one of life’s great mysteries.

If our people here at home think that there are better uses of billions of dollars they need to have their heads examined right away, they don’t fully recognize that threat that these demons around the world present to this country and most importantly our way of life. If we buckle under, if we cut and run, if we allow these cowards in foreign countries to force us to spend our money on the welfare of the people of the United States that would be a crying sin.

Our country is doing fine in fact I think I can say with all humbleness that we are an exceptional country even the best country of all time, people don’t need jobs to live so lets send the jobs to other countries. And this silly notion that not letting the medical industry and the banking industry and the arms industry and the oil industry and so on industry use the public as their personal piggybank, remember squeezing money out of the people is an art form; it has been refined and tested and it works.

What’s wrong with the insanely high salaries, these guys put in an honest hard days work and they deserve to be paid well, they work as hard or harder than any guy putting in a sewer or collecting the garbage and they work way harder than any waitress I know that. You’ve got to understand that some people’s time is worth $500,000 an hour they have bills to pay too, they have medical expenses and food to buy like the rest of us. If they want to live an ultra lavish lifestyle that should be their business I mean they’re not taking food out of someone else’s mouth are they, they’re not causing homeless vets to freeze dead on dark streets lonely and forlorn; some people having too much money doesn’t mean that some go without; do the math.

Our corporations are the backbone of the country, they give us jobs and services, they make us happy, they are apple pie Americans, they are people; the court said so and they need to be given respect in fact it wouldn’t be a bad idea if we worshiped them for all the good they bring us. We’ve got to realize it; our corporations are our insurance that nothing bad will ever happen to us as long as they are driving the van, they are our parents they know best (both father and mother) so we are free to lead carefree lives as the pampered children of the corporations.

The corporations know what is best for us and it is only a coincidence that it is good for the corporations as well, a happy accident that couldn’t have been foreseen but have no doubt every last thing that the corporations do is for our benefit, for our ultimate good. When we get the darned government safety agencies off the backs of the corporations then you’re going to see some growth, safety is a waste of valuable time and it is highly overrated at that and nature, don’t make me laugh. if nature was meant to survive it would have been stronger and put up more of a fight.

We don’t need nature anyway we have Styrofoam cups and ipads, I don’t see nature coming up with inventions like that; if nature can’t compete with humans that’s hardly our problem; let it eat dirt. This is the law of the jungle we don’t cooperate we compete, we like to have kings and leaders who march us off to war to make someone money, we need that kind of structure in our lives otherwise we might become disenchanted with the way life has been turned from something to live into something else altogether different.

Anyway Mr. Hoffman I hope you get my drift, your hippie dippy view is fraudulent, a fallacy concocted by your liberal college professors all of whose girlfriends and wives were card carrying communists I’m almost certain. So think again Mr. Graduate, Mr. Thinks He’s Sosmart did ya take that guys advise and get into plastics, yeah sure, you slimy West Coast liberal whore.

Gee, I hope I didn’t say anything to offend you, hey did I tell you I’ve done a little acting?

(cross posted from MLW)

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