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I watched last nights debates, however difficult that was, looking for the sane man in the room.

Full disclosure.  I WAS a registered Republican up until last year when I realized that the current party no longer represented my best interests.

When your goal is to eliminate the EPA, DOE, repeal Dodd-Frank, cut or eliminate SS and Medicare and to grow the Military when we already spend more than every other country on earth combined, you have lost me.

You see, a majority of Americans, by virtue of every single poll I have seen, oppose every single one of those things.

But there's more:  No tax increases, even if it's 10 to 1 cuts to revenue.  Again, polls show this to be opposed by the majority.  A majority want the endless wars ended and that we spend too much on the military.

Any yet, every Repub, save the unelectable Ron Paul, supports all of those things.

I have never seen such a blatant disconnect from reality, that is obviously due to the influence of military and corporate special interests.

The rank hypocrisy is transparent:  Big Government is bad...unless you're talking about Big Government Military, which sucks up an increasingly bigger and bigger piece of the budget pie.

If these are the concepts that they are going to try to sell the public to get elected...I laugh.  You see, NO amount of money poured into a campaign that espouses these policies can overcome the complete disconnect from public opinion...and what's right for the country.

Now, that said, WTF are the Dems doing?  They are also talking Entitlement Reform, cutting taxes on businesses, extended the payroll tax cut and I have not heard a single one of them talking about reducing military spending to lower the deficit.  As a matter of fact, the WH's position was that is "unacceptable"...really?  WTF?

There is a massive vaccuum in politics right now.  Whoever, be it a third party, faction within a party or whatever, can explain why both parties are OK with doing what a majority of americans oppose and runs on what a majority of people support, will be wildly popular and could upset the apple cart of the DC establishment.

The american people are desperate for someone to lay out how easy it is to reduce the deficit by ending the wars and tax cuts for the rich, which would protect SS and Medicare as well.

It's not hard.  It's all there for anyone with a pulpit to take advantage of.  


2:28 PM PT: Wow.  Thank you very much for your response.  Had no idea this would popular.

To clarify based on some of the comments:  I meant to say unelectable for President.  I realize R's can and will pull the wool over the uninformed's eyes and can still win seats in Congress, etc.

Originally posted to splintersawry on Fri Aug 12, 2011 at 10:26 AM PDT.

Also republished by Strategy Kos.

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