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As I write this there are a total of 2,197 comments and 1,933 recs on Recommended diaries about President Obama, and a total of zero comments and zero recs on Recommended diaries about the Wisconsin elections occurring tomorrow.   Priorities, priorities.

The Wisconsin elections aren't just a local phenomenon, and everyone's looking to them as a barometer both for 2012 and for future austerity measures at the state level.

How important is tomorrow?  Keep in mind how the media has portrayed the successful recall of 2 Wisconsin Republicans: Democrats "failed" and "fell short".    Even one loss tomorrow will be taken as a sign that there is no popular movement against the kind of measures that Walker has pushed onto Wisconsin.  Why would other states worry about significant backlash if Wisconsin neutralizes its recalls by electing Republicans?

It doesn't have to be that way.  Recent action diaries about Wisconsin include this and this (and a Front Page article on the polls, but without action items.)   From the latter action diary:

If you're within Wisconsin, you have a lot of resources.  If you're outside of the state, you can give money -- the WI Dem party needs it -- or you can phone bank from home.

We, the users on this site, can do better.  This is an important last push, and it behooves us to support our fellow users who are trying (and failing) to promote the resources that we can use to help.  

Pie isn't going away, but Wisconsin is in the spotlight now.  I urge you to divest from the Obama diaries for the next 24 hours, and support the users who are trying to provide us with opportunities for last-minute volunteering, donations, and information.  This is what we can do.

6:47 PM PT: Okay, so I wasn't expecting this to make it to the Rec list... Thanks, everyone, and please take a look at the action items in the two diaries I linked.  If you're too far away from WI or you feel like you can't phone bank from home, please consider throwing a few bucks toward the state Democratic party: these recall elections don't come cheap.

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