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Don't feed trolls. Don't give them water. If you really want to make their life even more miserable, work to get Dems elected!

I understand and appreciate that when a troll baits you that you hear a shring in your head. In your mind, you are unsheathing Excalibur to duel the evil sorceress. But I'm telling you, nothing felt better than on Nov 2, 2008, when Kos wrote the best diary I've ever seen: hahahahahahahahaha

I would love to see that again, wouldn't you? In fact, I would get an account at Red State just to be able to post that on their site!

A small commitment of time from each of us will have an impact! Find something you care about. I want to get more Democratic voters registered! This week, I plan to find out what I can do to make it happen!


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  •  Hope? Nope. (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    If you mean re-electing Obama, I'm looking for a new Democratic leader who fights for progressive principles, a Real Democrat. "Move aside Barack. We're sending in a new pitcher." Not someone who compromises before he even gets to the table. This guy is not on our side. Look who he appointed to oversee the recovery? Geithner and Summers -- the same people who sent us into this economic chaos.  Obama's a Wall Street wannabee. He failed to push to reinstate Glass-Stiegel. He made a JP Morgan Chase profiteer his chief of staff. He allowed the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy to be renewed. He let himself be buffaloed into letting this debt ceiling deal go through without any revenues and agreed to set up a Catfood II Commission to replace Congress so that few fingerprints would be left on slashes to Socrial Security which everybody knows does not need slashing.

    On and on and on.

    After this parade of unmitigated weakness and failure, a lot of Dems are now in the mood for just such a Real Democratic candidate for president. Do it in a massive write-in campaign movement behind the right candidate. Get rid of these BlueDog Dems too. Look at Wisconsin -- they turned on a dime and recalled two state senators. They were largely union people who dug down to the roots of their Democratic principles in a magnificent show of strength, confidence and pride. We should emulate them.

    You'll  say this will allow a Republican to win the White House. Who? Romney who launched a healthcare plan in MA that Obama modeled his plan on? How bad would Romney really be? No worse than Bush and we survived Bush with only two wars and monumental tax cuts, all of which Obama has continued. But as long as we pivot and really get serious, we might do better than Romney. Surely we can do better than Obama.
    No one is either troll or non-troll but thinking makes

  •  Yeah, Paula 68154, your approach is best. (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    I don't know if the stories about people being paid to disrupt are true. It's really flattering, in a way, if the work done on this site is viewed as so vital that it's worth someone's cash to bump us off topic.

    Some, like small children want attention so badly that they don't care if it's good or bad attention. Merely being recognized and engaged is enough. Being noticed is their water or oxygen.

    More than once I've read diaries or comments so utterly out of place that it was hard to see them as anything but an attempt to distract. Sometimes we have to be like a basketball player shooting a free-throw with the other teams' fans yelling and waving--anything to shift our focus.

    Another thing I've noticed, and I have to mix metaphors to explain it. Just as a killdeer will put on an ever more elaborate display of being "wounded" as one gets nearer to their nest, trolls pull out all of the stops as people make the most vital points.

    Jumping back to my first example, it seems nothing works like sinking those free-throws (nothing but net!) to silence the most boisterous. We just need to stay focused on the important stuff.

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