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Please let me vent a bit here.  If you must criticize my verbage below, feel free.  I probably deserve it.

I always remember the words of yoda at times like this (thanks Star Wars writers!) but I struggle to adhere to these words of wisdom....

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

How can anyone turn the other cheek to what amounts to religious fascism under the guise of religious orthodoxy.  How do you stop a fascist?  With love?  Maybe.  But my patience is running out, what with tens of thousands of children dying in famines due to the mismanagement of the earth by the greedy corporate bosses of these purveyors of hate, with society approaching breakdown due to their pyramid system of economics, and with failed philosophies and their purveyance of adulterated versions of their religion.

The feeling of shaking outrage I have for these purveyors of this disgusting philosophy, at these "evangelical" so-called "christians" for their advocacy of assault on children, approaches hate on my part.  I am just being honest.  My outrage gets me in trouble at work, with friends and family.  When I was younger, I feel like I almost tried to kill myself on drugs because I can't stand the vile world these people have created.  I don't know how to stop them.  I don't want violence.  At all.  No buts.  Well one:  if they take the fight to the streets, I will be there to fight them.

I despise the Republican party because they embrace these barbarians as their core activists.  I don't have any more tolerance for the rantings of conservative colleagues.  I just tell that I will not listen to their dogma anymore, not after Glenn Beck basically condoned the murder of children in Norway.  These people "spank" children to death because some loon preacher tells them to do it.  Such shame I have for our depraved country that condones this.

CNN’s Gary Tuchman reported Monday on a fundamentalist Christian couple who killed their 7-year-old adopted daughter while practicing a violent form of discipline.

They reportedly beat their nine children regularly because they thought God wanted them to. Both parents were jailed after pleading guilty to the crime and the surviving children are now in foster homes.

We are facing a literal onslaught by these people.  They are out for blood.  They assault people's children in school still in some places.  I just can't get past that outrage, that depraved philosophy still being allowed to exist, that they can assault children in schools.  I know it pales compared to what their policies do on a massive scale:  The tens of thousands of dead Iraqis because Dick Cheney wanted to do a favor for his oil buddies.  But the call for assaulting children... you just can't spin that away like you can "we thought there were WMDs"... it's a symbol of our depraved society that it is still tolerated in any way.  It is the symbol of a completely adulterated religion:  most people don't know that Christianity was adulterated in 325AD when this murderous, martyr-driven philosophy was born, when the orthodox christians of that time killed off the original christian sects, at the Council of Nicea.

These depraved people want to destroy America and the people in it on the promise that their fascist religious cult will rise out of the ashes to rule over us.  

The time has come to fight them and their corporate puppet-masters' pyramid economic system.  

Originally posted to gnostradamus on Tue Aug 16, 2011 at 08:33 PM PDT.

Also republished by Street Prophets .

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