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Well I'm very tired and I'm not a very good writer when I'm like this but I have something I'd like to share. On several occasions this past year I have told people that I give money to that I do not appreciate FOX being on their TV's. I started this about 6 years ago when I went into a Firestone shop to set up an account for servicing a fleet of trucks. I told them if I ever saw FOX on their TV in the lobby I would pull my account. And it worked. Dozens of times I went into this shop and not once did I have to see FOX.

Here are more:

Tonight I went into a pizza joint that I have been going to for over 25 years. It's managed by Mexicans who I have been friendly with for many years. And for the first time there was FOX in the TV. I told her my order and I half joking told her to turn the FOX off. And just I said this FOX did a story about Mexican immigration, with lots of images of scary Mexicans jumping over walls. I said "SEE? FOX does not want you here running this pizza joint!" And I said it loud enough that the obvious FOX fans could hear me.

This young woman had probably never thought about the politics of her TV programming before, but she does now. At least I hope so. I will be back, and I will bring it up again. And shortly after that FOX did a story titled "Obama want to spend stimulus money even though it will crash the stock market"

A few weeks ago I stayed in a Sleep Inn which had FOX and Wall Street journals. For breakfast my kids had to hear a graphic story about that Jewish boy being hacked to bits. Shortly after, I had to watch a talking head berate Lahood while he kissed FOX's ass. For breakfast! I complained to the checkout dude. So the following evening (on a road trip) I told my wife we were checking the lobby TV's before we rented a room. And we chose Hilton Garden Inn. No FOX. No Wall Street Journals. It was pricey though, but I slept well.

Two months ago I had a cracked window replaced on my American-made SUV and they sent me a "how did we do" survey the next day via email. I told them the truth. I loved the service, but will not refer them because of the FOX on the lobby TV. While they were repairing my window I asked the 5 people in the lobby if they would terribly mind if I tore them away from the propaganda. They laughed. Either at me or because of me. It does not matter. I put the TV on "This Old House" and smiled.

I want to tell you, these are very uncomfortable things to do. But it is very rewarding. I'm slowly coming out at work to my [conservative] coworkers. I tell them quite candidly I don't watch any FOX program, not even local or FX. None of it. I'm drawing the line as often as possible everywhere I go. And I want to know if you do to and to please share. I don't expect any of these places to change for little old me, but I have brought it out into the open. And hopefully I will have prompted these people to talk about how I embarrassed myself to put my foot down on their divisive programming choices.


Sat Aug 20, 2011 at 6:45 AM PT: Thanks for the rec's, folks. I know often people around here don't care for my comments. The responses to this diary are VERY encouraging.


Do you say no to FOX at places you spend money?

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