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Is that it?  Over a year from the convention and it's already time to pick up the pom-poms, shut down the discussion- at a discussion site no less- and unconditionally support whatever failed Republican retread policies we are blessed to be handed down from on high?  Yeah, No. Fuck no.


If I see corporatist Right wing BS coming from the top of the party falling down on us lowly plebes, I'm calling it for exactly what it is.  That's my right- no that's my fucking duty- as a Democrat and as an American.  I won't be shutting up or falling into line or be bullied into submission by a bunch of intellectually crippled naive starry eyed sycophants handing out McCarthyist loyalty pledges to be signed as a condition of participating in a party I've been a member of for over 30 years.

You lockstep drones incapable of formulating any ideas or thoughts without being told what to think by a bunch of unprincipled corrupt party hacks who'd rather sell out 100 years of Democratic progress than find a real job doing anything useful are what's allowing the party to be drug step by inexorable step into the enemy camp.  And you're cheering it on. Un fucking believable.  You cheer them as they sell out every last liberal remaining shred of the once proud soul of the party.

I'm not disloyal to the party.  The opposite in fact.  People like me are the only thing standing between the noble party traditions of fairness and social justice and equality of opportunity and worker's rights, civil rights and principled opposition to war, between all that is best about the Democratic Party and it becoming the duplicitous toothless good cop to the insane, mean spirited, corporatist, war mongering, anti-intellectual fundamentalist Republican bad cop.

So keep calling us "disloyal" and Right wing shills as you clap ever louder for the evisceration of every principle that was the proud and morally grounded ideological patrimony of this once honorable party.

At least we'll still know who is a "loyal" Democrat and who is just another reliable cog in the corporate machine waging pointless unwinnable wars that kill and maim American soldiers and innocent civilians by the countless thousands, gutting the social safety net, selling out organized labor, throwing heroic whistleblowers into hellish cages, aiding and abetting the immoral and criminal transfer of wealth from common Americans to bloated gluttonous plutocrats while letting torturers, war criminals and the biggest thieves the world has ever known live lives of privilege and obscene wealth.

Some of us still remember what being a Democrat actually means.

Originally posted to Kurt Sperry on Sun Aug 21, 2011 at 01:49 AM PDT.

Also republished by ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement.

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