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Former New Jersey Assemblyman Pat Delany (R) abruptly resigned last month after his wife sent a "racially tinged email" to state senate challenger Carl Lewis, the former Olympic Gold medalist, PolitickerNJ reports.

It appears Mr. Delany was embarrassed by his wife's email. Which said:

Imagine, not having to pay NJ state income taxes...It must be nice. Imagine getting a court ruling overturned so your name could get put on the ballot. Imagine having dark skin and name recognition and the nerve to think that equalled (sic) knowing something about politics.  Sure, knowing someone with fat purse strings is nice, but you have no knowledge.

How ... racist. And I suspect Carl Lewis could beat Mrs. Delany at Trivial Pursuit. Maybe that's not the sort of knowledge she values. Which palms to grease and who to invite to your parties - now that's valuable learning.

Anyway, kudos to Mr. Delany for his resignation announcement.

Delany said he was "deeply disappointed in my wife's decision to send that email," adding: "In an attempt to repair the serious damage this has caused to our marriage, and to protect our kids from public humiliation, I decided to leave public life.  On behalf of my family, we sincerely apologize to Mr. Lewis for any pain this caused him."

Note to Republicans: that's what a real apology looks like. Not "I am sorry if anyone was offended" but "we apologize for any pain this caused".

I hope the Delany family heals. Dad and kids are not responsible for mom hitting the "send" button on something reprehensible.

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