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MSNBC's Pat Buchanan
What will it take to remove Pat Buchanan's permanent cot from the MSNBC green room? Nothing! Buchanan could walk out on set wearing his white sheets, and MSNBC President Phil Griffin would still coddle him.

It's not as if Racist Uncle Pat is being any less brazen these days. There's his latest column:

Obama, wrote Isaac Arnsdorf, is targeting "a problem that has been on the administration's radar. Whites still hold more than 81 percent of senior pay-level positions."

Now, as white folks are two-thirds of the U.S. population, and perhaps three-fourths of those in the 45 to 65 age group who would normally be at senior federal positions, why is this "a problem"? [...]

First of all, whites aren't 2/3rds of the population (66.66 percent). They are 63.7 percent. So the fact that 81 percent of all senior positions in government are held by whites is notable, and quite obviously problematic (for the non-white supremacist set).

Yet while Buchanan shrugs off this disparity at the top ranks of the federal government, there is something that sticks in his craw -- did you know that too many white people are dying in America's wars. No joke.

Perhaps, while he is battling for a greater diversity of sacrifice and rewards up there on Martha's Vineyard, our president might reflect on another example of the overrepresentation of white males — in the caskets coming home to Dover.

In the first five years of the Iraq war, Asian-Americans were 1 percent of our fallen heroes, Latinos 11 percent, African-Americans 10 percent. White Americans were 75 percent of the dead, and from photos of the fallen in newspapers since, the ratios appear to hold.

Does this overrepresentation of white men in the body bags and caskets coming home bother our commander in chief, who wants fewer white men at the top level of his executive branch?

Nothing says "post-racial America" than Pat scouring the pages of newspapers to catalogue the skin color of our fallen troops. What a sick fuck. And just in case someone missed his column, he's taking these talking points on the road.

His new book will be a Stormfront best seller. He tries to justify white dominance at the top of the elites with bullshit like:

White men were 100% of people who died at Gettysburg and Vicksburg

He is literally and proudly a Hitler apologist, and did you know that the Holocaust was actually Churchill's fault?. He excuses terrorism as long as it justifies his xenophobic beliefs. He thinks brown people are an existentalist threat to the US:

Mexico is the greatest foreign policy crisis I think America faces in the next 20, 30 years. Who is going to care, Andrea, 30 years from now whether a Sunni or a Shia is in Baghdad or who’s ruling in Kabul?

We’re going to have 135 million Hispanics in the United States by 2050, heavily concentrated in the southwest. The question is whether we’re going to survive as a country.

Now remember, he is a permanent fixture on MSNBC. Griffin forced Keith Olbermann out, killed Cenk Uygur's show, and banned me from the network. Yet despite all this overt bigotry and racism, Pat remains a fixture on the set.

Funny priorities for the supposedly "liberal" MSNBC, isn't it?

Originally posted to kos on Wed Aug 31, 2011 at 03:53 PM PDT.

Also republished by Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, Media Watch, and Daily Kos.

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