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Topics:  Sir Mark Allen: the secret link between MI6, the CIA and Gaddafi, Lockerbie bomber Megrahi release was 'over BP oil deal', Sir Mark Allen: The spy who quit MI6 for BP's oil cash... and set in train Labour's love-in with tyrant Gaddafi, Former Defense Dept. Spokesman Signs On To Clean Up BP's Image, Blow for BP as Rosneft, Exxon Mobil sign Arctic oil deal, BP Chief To Accompany PM On Moscow Visit, Dudley: Never mind the bollocks, here’s BP, Archeological surprises uncovered after BP oil spill, BP spill study flows into city, Baldwin County schools ready to settle with BP

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Sir Mark Allen is a special advisor to BP and serves as sterling proof that amorality is a job requirement for those who work for BP. Allen was the goto guy in negotiations resulting in the Lockerbie bomber, al-Megrahi, being released in what appears to be an obvious exchange for a big, fat BP oil contract in Iraq. Allen has long been quite chummy with Gadaffi and his son Saif.

Now, documents found in Libya implicate Allen up to eyeballs in turning over a Libyan dissident to Gaddafi's goons to be tortured. Allen will also be questioned in an upcoming secret inquiry into torture allegedly used by MI5 and MI6.
Sir Mark Allen: the secret link between MI6, the CIA and Gaddafi

The key figure behind secret co-operation between western spy agencies and the Gaddafi regime – and the only British intelligence officer so far identified in the documents discovered in Tripoli – is Sir Mark Allen, formerly MI6's director of counter-terrorism.

A Middle East expert – he wrote a book entitled Falconry In Arabia – Allen left MI6 in 2004 in the wake of the row over the Iraq weapons dossier to join BP, for which he later helped arrange lucrative oil and gas contracts in Libya.
Allen also developed a close relationship with Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam, who was Gaddafi's initial personal envoy to MI6 and later studied at the London School of Economics.

Along with then justice secretary Jack Straw, Allen was instrumental in arranging a prison transfer agreement with Libya which facilitated the release of the convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi.
Allen was knighted in 2005 and became a senior advisor to the Monitor Group, a private consultancy used by Saif Gaddafi in researching his PhD thesis at LSE – help Saif openly acknowledged. The Monitor Group was paid large sums by Gaddafi to boost his image around the world.

He was close to both the CIA and the Gaddafi regime as they pursued a counter-terrorism policy which included "enhanced interrogation techniques", the exchange of information and the secret transfers of dissidents and terror suspects, including individuals who had sought refuge in Britain. Allen is expected to be questioned, in secret, by the forthcoming Gibson inquiry into allegations of collusion in torture and inhumane practices used by MI5 and MI6.

There is a short snippet about a minute into the BBC video of BP's former foreign secretary speaking about his view that BP's oil deal was linked to the release of the Lockerbie bomber.  h/t Yasuragi
Lockerbie bomber Megrahi release was 'over BP oil deal

There have been fresh allegations about the circumstances surrounding the release of the Lockerbie bomber.

A former Libyan foreign minister claims the release of Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi was discussed with the British government and linked to a contract for oil company BP.

More on BP's £200,000 a year advisor.  BP has made no moves of any sort to distance itself from either Allen or his reprehensible conduct.

Sir Mark Allen: The spy who quit MI6 for BP's oil cash... and set in train Labour's love-in with tyrant Gaddafi

He likes to proclaim in his Who’s Who entry that he enjoys the arts of Islamic calligraphy and falconry in his spare time.

But one boast the veteran Arabist Sir Mark Allen is unlikely be making to the pinstriped cronies he mixes with in London’s clubland is that he was the man who brought Colonel Gaddafi in from the cold.

Or that he forged close links with Gaddafi’s son, Saif, who has a PhD from the London School of Economics, which tarnished its name accepting vast sums from the Gaddafi clan.
As an MI6 spy, Sir Mark has for decades moved in a shadowy world that could have come from the pages of a John le Carré novel.

The 61-year-old father of two is thought to be the author of a fawning 2004 letter to Gaddafi’s ruthless former intelligence chief, Musa Kusa, discovered in an abandoned Libyan government building.

The letter appears to show that MI6 provided intelligence which led to the rendition of a Libyan dissident who was tortured.

Quite what all those other Libyans who were also tortured at Mr Kusa’s behest – he is known in Libya as the ‘fingernail-puller-in-chief’ – will make of the letter’s solicitous enquiries after the Kusa family is open to question.

Few Britons can claim to have met Gaddafi as many times as Sir Mark.

It was he who paved the way for Tony Blair to visit the dictator in Tripoli in 2004 and strike a pact with the dictator who promised to renounce weapons of mass destruction.

The deal helped secure extensive drilling rights in Libya for the oil giants BP and Shell, and it came as little surprise that Sir Mark should soon move seamlessly at around this time from the diplomatic service to become a £200,000-a-year adviser to BP.
Working under diplomatic cover in Abu Dhabi and Cairo, he quickly developed contacts in the Arab world that were ‘second to none’. In 2003, he met Gaddafi and set in train Labour’s love-in with the tyrant. He was even said to have held a secret London meeting with Kusa, the Libyan spy chief, in the Travellers Club in Pall Mall. That summer, sanctions against the country were lifted.

But in 2004 Sir Mark quit the service early when he learned he would not be succeeding his boss Sir Richard Dearlove as head of MI6, and joined BP, although he never quite left his old diplomatic role behind.

In 2007, Sir Mark had made two telephone calls to Jack Straw, the then Justice Secretary, to discuss a prisoner transfer agreement with Libya, although BP insists it had not lobbied specifically for Megrahi’s inclusion in any deal.

It just so happened that negotiations over prisoners were blocking a £15billion oil drilling deal that Sir Mark was helping to broker between BP and the Libyan regime. Weeks after those telephone calls, Mr Straw allowed Megrahi to be part of the prison transfer agreement with Libya. It was a decision that put the White House on a collision course with the UK. And last year the American Senate Committee announced that it wanted to cross-examine the former spy over his role in the shameful affair.

In one of Sir Mark’s books, Arabs, he admits he has ‘avoided’ naming sources, adding: ‘Those who read it and see their influence in it will know how much I owe them.’ How much he owed Musa Kusa is clear from the tone of that 2004 letter.

Given the horrendous quality of most press coverage it's hardly a shocker to find a former reporter so willing to sell his soul to the devil for a few bucks.

Former Defense Dept. Spokesman Signs On To Clean Up BP's Image

The ever-revolving door of fortune in Washington has landed former Defense Department spokesperson Geoff Morrell at what was recently one of the world's most reviled corporations.

Politico's Mike Allen reports that Morrell has joined BP America as Head of Communications, a hiring move that suggests in BP "an aggressive new effort to recover from past communications debacles and improve its image in an essential market."
Morrell, 42, has worked both sides of the podium: He covered the White House for ABC News, then was Pentagon press secretary throughout the tenure of Defense Secretary Robert Gates, spanning two presidencies and consumed by two wars.

This is such sad news for the fragile Russian Arctic but it is also bad news for BP and Dudley personally. I guess the most we can hope for is that ExxonMobil will also run headlong into the maw of the Russian oligarchs' greed and dishonesty.

Blow for BP as Rosneft, Exxon Mobil sign Arctic oil deal

BP's last remaining hopes of resurrecting a joint venture with Rosneft to expand in the Arctic have been dashed after the Russian oil explorer signed a $3.2bn (£1.97bn) deal with US major ExxonMobil.

The agreement, which sees BP frozen out of one of the world's last unconquered drilling regions, is likely to heap further pressure on chief executive Bob Dudley at a time when many investors and analysts are arguing the UK company should be broken up.

The tie-up between Exxon and Rosneft comes seven months after the embarrassing and acrimonious collapse of a £10bn agreement between BP and the Russian group.
The new deal, like BP's failed agreement, was signed in the presence of Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin and involves assets that the UK company had hoped to exploit.
The potential losses to BP were highlighted as Mr Putin said the value of investments under the joint-venture could rise to as much as $500bn.
The initial phase will see the two partner on projects in the Arctic and Black Sea but could see Rosneft take equity stakes in Exxon projects in the Gulf of Mexico and Texas, while the pair could also team-up in Western Siberia.

Exxon will explore blocks in the Kara Sea in the Arctic - also part of the failed BP deal - as well as the Tuapse licensing block in the Black Sea.
BP's deal with Rosneft collapsed after the UK group's partners in Russia - four oligarchs who co–own the TNK-BP joint-venture - argued successfully in court that they had an exclusivity agreement with the oil major.
BP is already under pressure to consider a break-up, with analysts at JP Morgan claiming Mr Dudley could unlock $100bn for investors by following rival ConocoPhillips and splitting its refinery arm from its exploration and production business.

One wonders how kindly the Russians will take to having the British Prime Minister schlepping Bob Dudley along to shove in Russian faces given the testy relationship between BP and Russia.

BP Chief To Accompany PM On Moscow Visit

Bob Dudley, chief executive of BP, is to accompany David Cameron on a visit to Russia next week, just days after the oil giant’s Moscow office was raided by armed special forces.

I’ve learnt that Dudley will be part of a trade delegation travelling with the Prime Minister in an attempt to repair BP’s battered relations in the country.
"It will be useful for BP to have Bob on the visit with the PM given current events," a person close to BP told me today.

It follows a raid on BP’s Moscow office by bailiffs and armed special forces last week, which was prompted by a row with minority shareholders in the company’s existing joint venture in the country.

Dudley travels to Russia frequently given the scale of BP’s investments there, but his presence as part of Mr Cameron’s trade delegation is significant given that the Prime Minister is expected to lobby Vladimir Putin, the Russian prime minister, on UK-Russian trade relations.

If you're in the mood for upchucking please click through to the full text of the "don't worry, be happy" email Dudley sent out to BP employees after a week of press coverage that puts BP into a well-deserving poor light. One would think it is very safe to assume that BP's Gulf victims will probably have steam coming out of their ears when they read the part about BP stepping up to it's responsibilities.  

Dudley: Never mind the bollocks, here’s BP

BP has been making headlines in the last couple of weeks, and very little of it has been welcome by the oil giant.

From a social media firestorm claiming the Macondo well is leaking again to office raids in Russia and Halliburton’s claims that BP committed fraud, the news has not been flattering.

The sustained coverage can be a bit discouraging to employees and investors alike, so  BP CEO Bob Dudley delivered a little pep talk in an e-mail to employees over the weekend.

In the e-mail (see the full text below) Dudley first says thank you to the workers for their “hard work during these ‘rough seas’,” and encourages them to remember that, “away from the headlines, we are making real, solid and measurable progress to build the new foundation for a strong and successful future.”
You can read the full text of Dudley’s e-mail below:

Dear colleagues

Once again BP was very much in the headlines this past week, with various stories on:

Allegations of a sheen on the surface near the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico and speculation it was from one of the Macondo wells. While unfounded, this rumour continues to circulate on social media;

a US judge’s ruling that he should not at present rule out punitive damages for some categories of Macondo claimants;

Tropical Storm Lee which has shut-in production in the Gulf of Mexico;

a lawsuit by Halliburton in the US; and

a raid on our Moscow office.

These have led to a wide variety of media coverage and pressure on our share price in what are generally volatile financial markets across the globe.
We should be proud of the way BP has stepped up to its responsibilities rather than shying away from its obligations. ...
For our part, we need to carry on showing the character we have demonstrated over the past year, ...

Some archeological finds are bringing new insight into native American history. Archeologists are finding evidence of trade between Florida and Louisiana tribes proving that the Native populations were more worldly-wise than previously thought. Click through for an audio interview with Chip McGimsey.

Archeological surprises uncovered after BP oil spill

Archaeologists who have been required to go along with BP cleanup workers have come across important finds in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. "They've been finding native American artifacts, fragments of clay pots, animal bones, bone tools," Chip McGimsey, Louisiana State Archaeologist and Director of the state’s Division of Archaeology, told Here and Now. Archaeologists are now exploring historic American sites, ship wreck material, a plantation site that used to exist along the coast, and even a US military fort in the 1830s.

Some of the most exciting finds have concern the so-called Gulf Coast mound people. "Everybody tends to think of tribes as just being in their own little area," McGimsey says. What these recent finds suggest, however, is that "along the coast there must have been boats, basically dugout canoes, going east and west through the costal marshes for hundreds if not thousands of years."
As archaeologists, were just really beginning to understand what a wealth of knowledge Native people had about the landscape and how to make a living. And they were very successful in doing so.

The Corpus Christi Caller-Times headline seems to reflect much more interest in the research money that's coming to town rather than the research itself. Texas A&M has a history of being enormously chummy with big oil (Big Oil Goes to College) so any results should be considered in that context.

BP spill study flows into city

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi will be part of research into the fate of oil spilled in the BP Deepwater Horizon explosion.

A&M-Corpus Christi is one of 12 U.S. research institutions, led by the University of Miami, that will investigate the dispersion of petroleum in seawater, a news release said.

A&M-Corpus Christi has been awarded an $800,000 grant from the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative. The Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Board is an independent body established by BP to administer the company's 10-year, $500 million commitment to research the effects of the oil spill.

Darek Bogucki, recipient of the grant and an assistant professor in the department of physical and environmental sciences, says his research will address the surface and near-surface processes that affect oil movement, dispersion, mixing and sinking. Because of the significant turbulence levels, the upper part of the ocean is the most effective in dispersing suspended oil droplets or any dissolved or suspended substances.

Bogucki will use the university's remotely operated vehicle to study the role of surface waves, currents and wind stresses for insight on oil dispersion.

This story indicates that the Baldwin County school board needs to settle with BP so as not to endanger their state funding. However, the Baldwin County commission seems to be saying that they will give the school board the amount of money they are seeking from BP but the story doesn't mention specifically if this means the money the school would get from from the emergency fund would be forfeited.

Baldwin County schools ready to settle with BP |

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WALA) - The Baldwin County School System said it must settle with BP this month or possibly lose millions of dollars.
Superintendent Dr. Alan Lee is asking the Baldwin County Commission to let the school system collect its own claim.

BP has agreed to pay $2.4 million to settle. If the school system does settle, it would also get $2.5 million from the state's emergency fund.

The county has now stepped in, claiming schools lost much more because of the spill. The county has filed its own larger claim, which includes money for schools and has offered to give the school system money ahead of time.

"It's a win-win for the school board. They get the money they want immediately without settling with BP, and we continue to fight for additional money for the school board," said commissioner Tucker Dorsey.

The offer to the school system is an advance of $2.4 million from the county. In return, the commission would be able to continue on with its claim with BP as is, with the school system included. The commission voted to send the proposal to the school system for review.

The county commission's claim with BP is estimated at more than $11 million. One issue facing the school board is the state money matching the BP claim. If the system does not settle by the end of the month, that money would go back to the state.

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  •  Any volunteers for Friday's block party? (14+ / 0-)

    News was very sparse other than the Mark Allen story which is all over the English press. The very thought of sharing a species with that man is depressing.

  •  THAT'S gonna leave a mark! (7+ / 0-)

    I once had a rose named after me and I was very flattered. But I was not pleased to read the description in the catalog: "No good in a bed, but fine up against a wall." ~Eleanor Roosevelt

    by Ramdove on Wed Sep 07, 2011 at 01:09:57 PM PDT

  •  peraspera, whatever has become of your Tip Jar ? (6+ / 0-)

    thread-jackers: be a-warned... this bird has a beak powered by muskles... and knows how to use it.

    re mess spreading worldwide ? incomprehensibly bad.
    we're due for alien invasion, and they can take me, too.

    Addington's perpwalk is the trailhead of accountability for this wound to our national psyche. 48forEastAfrica - Donate to Oxfam

    by greenbird on Wed Sep 07, 2011 at 01:32:21 PM PDT

    •  Wonderful to see you popping in (6+ / 0-)

      to see us but I don't understand your comment about my tip jar. It shows up in Safari and Firefox on my Mac running OS Lion. However, CT did update the site last night so maybe it broke something.

    •  Hi, gb... got your messages the other day, (7+ / 0-)

      and have a letter in the works to send to Rep. Markey, for what good it will do...

      Have called his office before - they were really nice and helpful, even to someone not from his district.

      "In other words, if we bust our butts, there's an even chance things will get better; and if we sit on our butts, there's a major chance things will go completely to hell". --- G2geek

      by Lorinda Pike on Wed Sep 07, 2011 at 01:46:21 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

    •  Oh... first comment IS the tip jar... (5+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      DawnN, peraspera, Yasuragi, shanesnana, rubyr

      It's only automatic (and says "tip jar") if you don't change it...

      You know, you could just post Tip Jar on the subject line of your first comment, with no text, and it would be a tip jar you could reply to...

      "In other words, if we bust our butts, there's an even chance things will get better; and if we sit on our butts, there's a major chance things will go completely to hell". --- G2geek

      by Lorinda Pike on Wed Sep 07, 2011 at 01:50:32 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  no replies to tip jar makes for easier separation (5+ / 0-)

        of cheese and mustard. the new tj only allows rec or hide.
        u CANT reply. or it did when it was the new tj.


        if you/we get a good response from markey's office, that shows how pro we were. (proudly beaming)

        Addington's perpwalk is the trailhead of accountability for this wound to our national psyche. 48forEastAfrica - Donate to Oxfam

        by greenbird on Wed Sep 07, 2011 at 05:22:49 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

        •  I hate it when the mayo gets in (5+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          shanesnana, rubyr, peraspera, DawnN, JanL

          the mustard, even if there are two spoons...

          rubyr (and others, I think) have gotten real replies, but he's not the head of the enviro committee anymore, IIRC.

          Hell, the reason being I don't think the committee exists now...

          And I think it was Rep. Markey that got better/more ROV feeds for us when the BP gremlins cut our access. What we got wasn't great, but better than nothing...

          "In other words, if we bust our butts, there's an even chance things will get better; and if we sit on our butts, there's a major chance things will go completely to hell". --- G2geek

          by Lorinda Pike on Wed Sep 07, 2011 at 05:33:19 PM PDT

          [ Parent ]

          •  When the committee was still in force, we (5+ / 0-)

            were able to call and talk to real people about our troubles.

            It was the result of one of these calls and a great em written by Yas that got the feeds restored the one time (there are those that would argue with this description of events).

            Markey is grand. They just knew how powerful and dedicated he is and made sure to shut him down.

            "Southern nights have you ever felt a southern night?" Allen Toussaint ~~Remember the Gulf of Mexico~~

            by rubyr on Wed Sep 07, 2011 at 06:55:01 PM PDT

            [ Parent ]

  •  Good, informative... (6+ / 0-)

    albeit nauseating stuff, pera.

    I do have a message for Mister Dudley before he goes on his little trip to Russia...

    Им не нравится вам много в России, Бобби. Следите за Воры так как вы вор себя .....

    And I didn't know you were a Sex Pistols fan...   ;-)

    "In other words, if we bust our butts, there's an even chance things will get better; and if we sit on our butts, there's a major chance things will go completely to hell". --- G2geek

    by Lorinda Pike on Wed Sep 07, 2011 at 01:43:23 PM PDT

  •  Methinks Shakespeare knew of BP--and how they (7+ / 0-)

    were meddling everywhere.....

         Out, damned spot! out, I say!—One: two: why,
         then, 'tis time to do't.—Hell is murky!—Fie, my
         lord, fie! a soldier, and afeard? What need we
         fear who knows it, when none can call our power
         to account?—Yet who would have thought the old
         man to have had so much blood in him?

    Will we ever be rid of them???

  •  BTW, for the Cyrillically impaired... (5+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Phil S 33, peraspera, DawnN, shanesnana, rubyr

    the translation for the above comment is:

    They do not like you a lot in Russia, Bobby. Watch for thieves because you are a thief .....

    I just have this thing for the language.


    (And I send peace and comfort to families and friends of the ones who died in the plane crash. Blessed be.)

    "In other words, if we bust our butts, there's an even chance things will get better; and if we sit on our butts, there's a major chance things will go completely to hell". --- G2geek

    by Lorinda Pike on Wed Sep 07, 2011 at 02:22:00 PM PDT

  •  Thanks, pera. I keep starting to post a comment, (5+ / 0-)

    but end up canceling. I really can't think of anything to say about BP and all the so-called people involved in oil scammery except to quote AAL:

    Fuck you you fucking fucks.

    And that goes double for the creature that is Sir Mark Allen.

    (Pera, I do not believe that we are the same species as these revolting predators; depressing enough that we share a planet.)

    "Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold

    by DawnN on Wed Sep 07, 2011 at 02:24:38 PM PDT

    •  Allen's behavior has been (5+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Lorinda Pike, DawnN, shanesnana, rubyr, JanL

      so consistently stomach-turning that I had to take several lengthy breaks from writing. People like Allen seem to never go to jail despite the horrible harm they cause.

    •  I think they may no longer be human... (5+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      peraspera, DawnN, rubyr, shanesnana, JanL

      or at least what we would like to think of as human - "human" denoting a degree of compassion.

      Reminds me of what chief counsel for the Army, Joseph Welch, said to Senator McCarthy:

      You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

      They cannot be shamed. They have no sense of decency.

      Only their insatiable greed.

      "In other words, if we bust our butts, there's an even chance things will get better; and if we sit on our butts, there's a major chance things will go completely to hell". --- G2geek

      by Lorinda Pike on Wed Sep 07, 2011 at 02:54:17 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  Wonderful as always, pera. (6+ / 0-)

    Wears me out, this stuff.

    In this country, white people feeling solid in playing around with the lives of black people is a FEATURE, not a bug. -- mallyroyal

    by Yasuragi on Wed Sep 07, 2011 at 04:24:28 PM PDT

  •  Pera...excellent as usual. (5+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    rubyr, Lorinda Pike, peraspera, DawnN, JanL

    Does anyone else see the physical resemblence of Allen to Donald Rumsfeld?

    BP depression should be listed in the psychiatric DSM codes.

    Surprised today when my local TV station talked about Tar Balls, caused by the BP spill, washed up after Hurricaine Lee. Let Us Not Forget!!!

    Many people inhabit a closed belief system on whose door they have hung the "Do Not Disturb" sign. --Bill Moyers

    by shanesnana on Wed Sep 07, 2011 at 06:12:18 PM PDT

  •  Hey Gulf Watchers... (5+ / 0-)

    I'm not going to mention how late I am, so Phil won't know (hee hee).

    This is a great and terrifying dia...oops! "post."

    Thanks so much, peraspera!! I'm with Cuz, this stuff just freaks me out but we have to know about it. We have to pay attention because no one else is.  

    "Southern nights have you ever felt a southern night?" Allen Toussaint ~~Remember the Gulf of Mexico~~

    by rubyr on Wed Sep 07, 2011 at 06:51:40 PM PDT

  •  P.S. Will all of you please send some good (5+ / 0-)

    white light and good wishes to the people of Bastrop, TX and the surrounding area. That wildfire is so bad. It is also not far enough away from my sister's home.

    My sister said "Rick Perry prayed for rain at his little prayer meeting thing and we got fire."

    Blessed be all of them and the Russian athletes (thanks for thinking of them, LP).

    "Southern nights have you ever felt a southern night?" Allen Toussaint ~~Remember the Gulf of Mexico~~

    by rubyr on Wed Sep 07, 2011 at 07:06:18 PM PDT

    •  ... (5+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      rubyr, peraspera, DawnN, shanesnana, JanL

      {{{{{{{{{rubyr's sister and her home}}}}}}}}}

      love and white light...

      "In other words, if we bust our butts, there's an even chance things will get better; and if we sit on our butts, there's a major chance things will go completely to hell". --- G2geek

      by Lorinda Pike on Wed Sep 07, 2011 at 08:14:45 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

    •  I've been keeping the people in Texas (4+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      DawnN, shanesnana, Lorinda Pike, JanL

      in my thoughts and prayers ever since I saw the wildfires on the Weather Channel. I'll send some good GW mojo your sister's way as well. It doesn't appear to me that hairball Perry is even coming close to doing all that can be done. When we had prairie fires the neighbors and county highway department used to come out to plow and doze fire breaks. I don't see getting those Texas fires stopped from dropping water on them from the air.

  •  Eek, late again! (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    shanesnana, peraspera

    I tried to look in yesterday but the site was down by the time I got myself together enough to comment. I am kinda glad Kos himself is "community moderator" ... there were some folks here I'm pretty sure were sent to cause trouble amongst us. We can cause our own very well, thank you!  ;)
    Pera, excellent Post, as always. Heartbreaking about the Arctic Sea ... and gulp, the Black Sea. :( I don't believe for even a millisecond that Exxon is one bit better than BP - but here's hoping the Russians are hip to this fact.
    Hope all the GW's are doing ok - still wondering about the video of the ROV activity around the Macondo wellsite. Marine Traffic sez, hey, nobody's here - at least when I've looked in, perhaps others have had better viewing of any goings-on. I suppose things are not exactly normal post-Lee and with the other storm in the far southwest area of the gulf?
    Take care, xoxo to all of you, miss talking with you!

    Think what you are doing today. -Fred Rogers

    by JanL on Thu Sep 08, 2011 at 03:42:10 PM PDT

    •  Hi! JanL (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      peraspera, JanL

      Hope the new school year is going well for you. Need to check in with my sister in Cincinnati but we are very wet here on the East Coast! Keep inspiring those youg ones.

      Many people inhabit a closed belief system on whose door they have hung the "Do Not Disturb" sign. --Bill Moyers

      by shanesnana on Thu Sep 08, 2011 at 06:31:38 PM PDT

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