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Ironically but not surprisingly, Sarah Palin and a good number of those on the right like to address their crowds, who have increasingly been playing dress-up as “patriots” (and not in the Tom Brady kind of way), as “Real Americans™”.  They talk about “the tree of liberty”, “patriotism” and any number of cherry picked or out-of-context quotes from the Founding Fathers or the Bible.  Yet when it comes to actions, what we see from her, Scott Garrett, Chris Christie, Eric Cantor, many on the right (and a growing number on the “left” as well) is just the opposite of what a “real American” is.

Real Americans don’t vote for $50 billion in Iraq “reconstruction” like Eric Cantor, Scott Garrett and so many Republicans did with no strings attached, yet demand more cuts here in America to help those in need after devastating earthquakes and hurricanes.

Fake Patriots like Chris Christie and so many Republicans talk about cutting Medicare and social security benefits for those who desperately need them, cloaking it as “reform”, while turning their nose up at raising the social security wage limit to address the most regressive tax in this country.

Fake Patriots like Rick Perry or Sarah Palin don't think that secession from the United States is a good idea or have their spouses belong to a separatist political party.  

Real Americans don’t decimate environmental protections like Rick Perry and Chris Christie want to do – which will benefit polluters while causing more disease, death and further escalate health costs for millions of Americans.

Fake Patriots coddle and give handouts to global corporations and their CEOs who cut jobs in the US, ship them overseas and pay no corporate income tax, yet take home tens of millions for themselves.

Real Americans don’t put children’s education on the back burner in order to corporatize the school system and line the pockets of their cronies and donors.

Fake Patriots ignore America’s crumbling infrastructure, which is not just crumbling everywhere and in all areas, but would revitalize this country, add millions of jobs and keep us safe.  

Real Americans aren’t afraid of fair elections to the point where rigged voting machines and voter suppression laws are passing in an increasing number of states.

Real Americans invest in America.  Through creating jobs, not sending them overseas.  Through supporting preventative and catastrophic medical care in order to avoid bankrupting families with skyrocketing bills - not lining the pockets of insurance companies.  Through rebuilding our roads, high speed rail, bridges, power grid, a green energy system.  Through keeping our food and water safe from dangerous chemicals and contaminants.  Through educating our children and paying our teachers fairly – not demonizing them and manipulating textbooks to satisfy a radical and false agenda.  Through paying taxes in order to “give back” what you take and benefit from every single day.

Fake Patriots pretend to care about these things while being moochers and stealing, extracting or lying in order to line their own pockets.  Fake Americans talk about the Bible and what Jesus would do while attacking the sick, the poor, the elderly, those who serve the public and all those who are in need.

Fake Patriots pick your pocket and tell you why you should be thankful.

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