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I know that if we transmit the fire and enthusiasm of Wisconsin's activists to the rest of the country, we will destroy the GOP's hold on power in this great nation. Without that excitement, I see the exact opposite: an onslaught on We the People by They the Corporations (GOP/TEA) due to an uninspired Liberal and Progressive voting populace.

But, wait, you say, didn't you hear about how Wisconsin's recalls were such a failure? It's so sad that the activists could only win two of the six contests. Damn that Corporate money anyway, right?

While it is inarguable that Corporate money is the worst danger our democracy faces in the USA, if the rest of the above is what you know about Wisconsin's recalls, then the media coverage you got of it was the GOP-biased stuff. Allow me to help.

Wisconsin Democratic candidates and incumbents won FIVE of NINE recall races. The GOP only won four, and one of those was pretty clearly compromised. Unfortunately, with our current Justice Dept in Washington, we couldn't expect any real election fraud investigations, so that one remains GOP.

BUT - here's the breakdown:
* of the three recalls against Democratic state senators, NONE of them worked. The pro-Corporate, anti-People GOP were counting on knocking them out, at least two of them, so they could point to it as "the people punishing the Dems who fled the state". Major blow to the GOP that none of them went down.
* of the six recalls against GOP state senators, we won two (33%!) outright.
* every one of the nine recall elections were in very "red" areas of Wisconsin, the parts that always vote GOP for President and Governor.

That, translated to the national scene, would be a massive sweep of the GOP out of Congress next year. There are 240 GOP Reps now. 33% of that is 80, so let's say 80 GOP incumbents are ousted. Likewise, we lost ZERO Democratic incumbents, so let's place that 80 as a solid gain for Dems. That gives us a 2013 House of 160 GOP, 272 Dems.

Now, the question is, "how do we take the Wisconsin fighting spirit to the national level?" Or, "how do we excite the Liberal and Progressive base the way they are here, in Wisconsin, when so many of them are upset with Obama and stayed home in 2010?"

We have to give President Obama a Democratic Primary Challenge from the Left. He'll have to tack to the Left to keep votes away from the challenger and win, and in the meantime both he and his challenger will be telling the American people the story of how much better this nation could be without the GOP in power.

That would do it. That is why my campaign page now exists, as I gear up to declare. I plan to do what no one else is daring to do: challenge the President to show us what he's made of. If I don't run, he won't have the opportunity. I feel I have to ACT.

Check out and see what you think. Will you support this vision and strategy for our future? Will you ACT?


Would You Be Willing to Support a Democratic Primary Candidate (not 3rd Party) to Challenge President Barack Obama?

17%30 votes
36%62 votes
4%7 votes
7%12 votes
24%42 votes
9%17 votes
0%1 votes

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  •  We're Doing Likewise in Ohio to the Extent Laws (3+ / 0-)

    allow us.

    Primary Obama? Nope.

    There's nobody with appeal, name rec, funding and allies available. I watched Dean fall apart much earlier than many others seemed to notice, because he wasn't drawing allies.

    The good news about Obama is he won't be making a huge public push for himself. He's going back to the Carter-Clinton low profile rope-a-dope style so he can attract his conservative moderate base without unnerving them or the big donors.

    That means progressives will have more oxygen in the room than usual to push better messaging and better Democrats nationally and locally downticket.

    We are called to speak for the weak, for the voiceless, for victims of our nation and for those it calls enemy.... --ML King "Beyond Vietnam"

    by Gooserock on Wed Sep 07, 2011 at 10:48:23 AM PDT

    •  Go Ohio! (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      ...well, maybe not in College Football, but in politics, you all completely rock - and this is from a Madison, Wisconsin activist!

      And as for Primarying Obama, the "no one available" argument is like saying just because you've never seen someone break their arm, you never will.  Support messaging that is truly Progressive and Liberal in the only fashion that will gain true attention - after all, the media's been very adept at not giving coverage to any other form of Progressive messaging.  This would seem to be the only one left to us.

  •  For "Yes, but hesitantly" folks... (0+ / 0-)

    What tipped you to a "Yes" from "Maybe, but I'm nervous about it"?

    •  Primary DINOs (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      tmiwithaldous, buckybadger1988

      I think someone would've had to start campaigning long ago to be able to challenge Obama. Getting the progressive message out there would invigorate people.

      It might seem like a waste of money, since Obama would be spending money without attacking a Republican. But I think it would help get the message out and ultimately invigorate people.

      I'd also like to see some of the more conservative Democrats in Congress get primaried with more progressive ones. I think that has more chance of success.

      •  Agreed! (0+ / 0-)

        Well, and again, look first at the goal of the Primary: to invigorate those of us who have been left behind in Obama's wake as he's sailed ever deeper into Corporatist waters, and make sure we're out there pushing for real change!

        As for the other primaries, those should CERTAINLY occur. They could only be helped by having the man at the top challenged.

  •  So, three hours out, the poll... (0+ / 0-)

    The poll above, as of three hours from its creation, shows:

    YES: 17% absolutely, 36% if more Prog/Lib, 5% hesitantly
    TOTAL YES: 58%

    MAYBE/Nervous: 5%

    NO: 28% not worth it, 7% Obama is ideal, 0% never Dem
    TOTAL NO: 35%

    This is very encouraging! :-) Please feel free to continue to weigh in.

    •  five hours out, and... (0+ / 0-)

      TOTAL YES: 58.3%

      MAYBE/Nervous: 5.2%

      TOTAL NO: 36.5%

      I have to say, I was expecting there to be perhaps 35 percent support for this plan, and that would have been sufficient for me to push forward. This continuous track towards almost-60 percent total the "Yes" options leads me to think that I may have notably underestimated how neglected many Liberals and Progressives feel when it comes to President Obama.

      If true, let's get moving. We've a lot of work to do.

      •  Almost 24 hours... (0+ / 0-)

        And the poll is phenomenally encouraging:

        Absolutely: 23 votes
        If More Lib/Prog: 45 votes
        Hesitantly: 7 votes
        TOTAL: 75 votes

        TOTAL: 9 votes

        Not Worth It: 36 votes
        Obama is Ideal: 14 votes
        Never Vote Dem: 0 votes
        TOTAL: 50 votes

        So that's YES 56.0%, MAYBE 6.7%, NO 37.3%

        Even assuming every single "maybe" breaks for "no", that's simply amazing.  Thank you all for the encouragement!

  •  Three small points (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    tmiwithaldous, buckybadger1988

    1) Not all the districts where recall elections occurred are all that conservative. In particular, Wirch's district and Shilling's new district tend to favor Democrats. However, Hansen's district is almost even, and the other six districts are indeed rather conservative (though Obama won all of them in his crushing 20-point victory here).
          One of the big victories that's not often talked about in the recalls is keeping Holperin in office. His district is almost as conservative as the ones the non-Kapanke Republicans held, but he won by 10 points against his Tea Party opponent.

    2) Speaking of Holperin, some districts won't elect liberals, but will elect moderate Democrats. In these cases, we should probably settle for a moderate candidate with a record of sticking to their principles.

    3) Primaries are all well and good, but it's vital that the Better Democrats that win them also win the general election. Not only do we need them in office, it will be easier for progressives to win primaries if they are seen as electable in the fall.

    21, Male, Born TN-05, College WI-02

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