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sistahspeakhdr  The blackwoman woke up this morning with a song playing in her head. Two days in a row. How Insensitive. Yesterday I actually walked downstairs and sat at my baby grand piano and tried to play for the first time in over two years.  First there was this pesky ruptured disc with as it turned out, a rather large tumor growing on my sciatic nerve.  Then there was this stage 3 cancer thing-y that took up the last trimester of year last and the first seven month of the current year.  All in all, it was rough going,but I am nothing if not tough.  So forgive me if I don't give a flying farknarkle about rantings privilege and stuff like that.  When I look at the list I am among friends.  Black people and white people who care about racial and social justice.  Hypocrisy thy name is Daily Kos.

This was the response to being informed that contrary to her assertions otherwise I had not previously left DK. Except for fighting cancer. What I find interesting is that she received 28 hide rates and four uprates.  Now here is where it gets seriously funny.  See about 48 hrs. later one of those upraters had  rec-list diary up calling for the hide rating of someone who had been insensitive to a woman with cancer. He was it seems racially motivated.  The hostility on this site towards people of color is nothing short of breathtaking.  That it has been mythologized as an Obama Rocks versus Obama Sucks episodic is nothing short of bullshit.

There was a t-shirt back in the day...It's a Black Thang. You wouldn't understand.

 It was and is a race thang.

I am tired onto sleep of those claims that any criticism of the President is racist.  I don't know of a single person who made that claim.  The claim I and others make is that some of the things said are not about policy.  It is racist to call the President "Uncle Tom" and 'ball-less" and insensitive to refer to black people who support this President as "kool aid" drinkers.  Pointing out that black people died in that flavor aid incident is pooh-poohed.How insensitive.

I was once told that I was being sensitive about a posters repeated use of the word nigger.   How insensitive.

If anyone had bothered to do just the modicum of checking they would know that the same folks who initially came into Black Kos to be disruptive,also appeared with regularity in SistahSpeak.  Sometimes they would troll for as long as seven days.  For this the worse got suspended from time to time but it wasn't until last week after a very long time he got himself banned.  He will no doubt be back. How insensitive.

Tim had his hands full dealing with the crowd who at another site were plotting against Daily Kos.(It's only a CT if there exist no evidence.)  It is there.  These same people  go into posts of people they dislike and behave as though they are grade school bullies.  If they find themselves alone for a minute or two they FB or tweet for help with hide rates or uprates.  Whatever is needed at the minute.  Most of them remain.  As do all of the Presidents critics of color.  I do not refer to either Denise or Dopper.  Though both have voiced concerns about this President, they refuse to become a part of the drag someone black out to bad-mouth Obama.  And bad-mouthed he is. Not his policies. Him.

I read a comment that called the President a Constitutional Rapist and called for his impeachment.  This post dripped an irrational hatred for the man.  It received many uprates.  When called 'haters' one person played passive-aggressive games. It would seem that being called a 'hater' is worse than the actual hating.  One of my favorite people on this site has repeated often that on the Daily Kos being called a racist is worse than racism.  Some things can be held self-evident.

This same passive aggressive person engaged in a discussion about race with one black poster trying to communicate how calling the President of the United States weak is perceived by most in the black community. Most of his remarks were hide rated and no one gave a reason that I could ascertain.  I uprated him.  And said why.  Something that those who have been serial upraters of racist rarely do. He/she was banned.  Not because anything he said was egregious but rather he seemed to know how to post and respond which is something apparently so difficult a black person could not figure it out.  I say most because we do have one black poster with the same name as the most notorious black pimp in black fiction leads the charge.  

Lately I've been wondering if anyone has actually seen this person.  Having grown up on the same side of town she claims there have been times when things she said just hit me strangely.

It's also nice to be called an idiot if you support the President. Of course Kos loss me when he referred to the First Lady as class-less.

I am grateful to this site for putting me in touch with those who will be lifelong friends.  Last week TIMT and I sat on my front porch and broke bread together.  My sistah friend in Minnesota.  Radio Girl and Seeta .  Blueness. Sooth. Princss6. Mally. Yaz,Cedwn.Joe Democrat. Conlakappa.  Fou. JennyBravo. Porighteousteacher.Rustbelt Dem and anyone wo supported racual justice. I have left off many names. Forgive me.

Fedupcitize,Amazinggrace and I are the three sistahs.  I've gotten to know Denise and Dopper and speak in person to Sephius.  The supporters of both Black Kos and SistahSpeak.  I was looking forward to what T800 would have to say.

I like Dmitcha and Hamden Rice.  They are excellent writers.  Both.  I wish them well.

I also wish that Kos had stepped in earlier before they hounded two black men of this site.  It is true that both men were supporters of the President.  It is also true that from time to time they used the language of the angry black man.  You know, the anger so many on this site wish to see in the President.  I've heard the argument time and again Obama should get angry.  From folks who cannot hear the anger of a black man without doing whatever they can to silence his voice.  Some things are harder to hear than to bear.

I even rec'd some comments I wouldn't have otherwise rec'd to offset the blatant attempt to rail road this man outta here. Even upon reflection I would do it again.  He (Adept) deserved a lot better than he got.

The other man posted pictures of the President and praise for his policies.  Yes, some of his titles may have stepped on his toes,but you would think he was advocating for Rick Perry or Romney or some such.  The posse only formed to thwart black people. Or so it seems. Comments calling him delusional and worse received a lot of support from this community.  That he was berated by some of the same disputers of anything racial is a fact seemingly unknown or inconsequential.  

Racism an offense that gets you banned?  News to me.  I know that technically MB would suspend racist.  Even banned one who stalked me.  I also know that what is or isn't racist seems on this site to rest in the opinion of whites and not those who live with it,under it and over their heads.  How insensitive.

Don't get me started about a certain FP who regularly comes into diaries written by black people lecturing them on how they should phrase their posts and dismissing the notion that Dr. King's primary thrust was about racism.  He raises the instance where a black woman rec'd a comment that was later apologized for but was completely mum when presented an almost identical(this one dripped with vitriol and contempt) situation as it pertained to a black woman.  How insensitive.

As for me, well I'm calling for a boycott of Daily Kos.  A boycott by all black people,brown people and people who think that racial justice is something worth fighting for.  If I could march with Dr. King in Cicero Illinois, I can surely withstand the slings and arrows of a blog with a laughable insistence that it is either about Democrats or Progressives.  There are other places to go.

This site as far as I can tell is an example that segregation still exists.  It exists in the real world. It exists on the internet.  It exists on Daily Kos.

Beginning at midnight tonight.  For a week.  Just don't click.

Now run and tell that.

Originally posted to Robinswing on Sun Sep 11, 2011 at 10:08 AM PDT.

Also republished by The Yes We Can Pragmatists, Black Kos community, Haiti Book Diary, Moose On The Loose, and White Privilege Working Group.

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