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Greed has united the people here and abroad.  This is opportunity for change we have been waiting for.

Here's Occupy Wall Streets Main page.

Find a group near you here.

Here's link to twitter where you can find an action in your area

Don't have twitter?  You can read through the list below.

If we don't stand up now, when will we?

Special shout out to:



And all the kids like this one, worldwide:


As a Mac user, I just use the Find feature to find a city or state in particular.  Hope you find a contact for your area.


OccupyBham OccupyBirmingham

OccupyAustin occupy austin
#WeThePeople stand in #solidarity with #occupywallstreet

OccupyPerth Occupy Perth
Bookmarked for later use. Idea still in early stages. Get in touch at if you'd like to administrate this.

OccupyAtl Occupy America

OccupyTheHood Occupy The Hood
If minorities do not get involved once again your voice will not be heard #occupythehood #occupytogether but dont let them Occupy your fear!!!!#lovefights

TTSCanada TakeTheSquare Canada
Creating a true democracy for Canada. #TTSCda
OccupyNOLA OccupyNOLA
#OccupyNOLA #NOLA #OccupyWallStreet #ows

OccupyMCR Occupy MCR
Group formed to protest at the Tory Party Conference in Manchester from 2nd of October. For how to get involved and for more info - website!

OccupyGlasgow Mr 99 Percent
The answer to global financial enslavement is global #Occupation - #OccupyGlasgow - #OccupyTheWorld - Scotland UNITE!

OccupyCincy Occupy Cincinnati
Seize this opportunity and Occupy Cincinnati or whatever city you are in, and build a better America for the 99%.

weRoneUNITED 99%

aNOLAmous Make Levees Not War
New Orleans based NGO promoting non-violent social change through activism and awareness - NOLA Rising!

OccupyNA Occupy North America
#OccupyWallStreet, #OccupyLA, #OccupyUSA, #OccupyNorthAmerica, #OccupyNA

TakeTheSquareWI Main Streets United
We are 99% of the population who are not filthy rich and we are taking our democracy back.

OccupyBrisbane Occupy Brisbane
[Bookmarked for future use] We are apolitical (non), peaceful citizens from all walks of life to occupy Brisbane. #occupybris #ows

OccupyEarth Occupy Earth
The movement to liberate the people of the world from corrupt banking has begun. We are the 99.9%. Expect us.

occupyWA WAcapitol Occupation
Reminding our government that this is OUR house! No more cuts until fair taxation!

OccupySanJose OccupySanJose
Location: South Market Street (Directly in front of Tech Museum) 9/24/11 at 12 PM Pacific time

OccupyYoungstow OccupyYoungstown

Occupy_N_GA_now Occupy North Georgia

OccupyFDSF_Ops Occupy FDSF

OccupySF #OccupySF
#OccupySF | San Francisco showing #Solidarity w/ #OccupyWallStreet and #Occupy[YOUR_CITY_HERE] : 2011 bears witness to a #GlobalAwakening

OccupyCali Occupy California
California's not a state, it's a Mothaf*ckin' army!

occupyca occupyca

occupyportland OCCUPYPORTLAND

OccupyKC OccupyKC
NEXT SCHEDULED CHAT: 9/26/11 at 8pm CST ( )

San Francisco Occupation. #OCCUPYSF Sister movement to @OccupyWallStreet #occupysf Union Square General Assembly group here---

occupyDCoct6 ocuc pydc
organising dc camp for october 6 through the shutdown of the machine

occupyDC occupy washington


Occupy Wall Street on September 17th. Donate to us @ our bitcoin address: 1Q7DQVTubbUqr5by2YoZJRKCEzj9D3LQ9w

OccupyHouston Occupy Houston
#OccupyHouston #Oct6th #InSolidarity with #OccupyWallStreet @OccupyDallas @OccupyChicago @OccupyCalifornia #USDOR organize and share ideas here! #RIPTroyDavis

OccupyTheNation Occupy The Nation
We are the 99%, occupying cities around the nation to put stop to corporate greed and bought out politicians that make up the top 1%.

OccupyMN OccupyMN
We stand by those Occupying Wall Street, and all others standing for the 99% also looking to organize an Occupy Minnesota campaign. Support & Ideas welcome.

Occupy_Boston Occupy Boston
We are the wicked pissah 99%

occupyphoenix #OccupyPhoenix
official twitter of #occupyphoenix rsvp here October 15th occupy the Phoenix Capitol Square. Bring Tent

OccupyCleveland #OccupyCleveland
The resistance continues in The Birthplace of Aviation. ||Willard Park 10/6/2011||

OccupyBeantown OccupyBeantown
We are the 99% Lets turn Boston back into the cradle of revolution it once was!! Our comrades occupying Wall St have shown us the way, now its up to us, the 99%

OWSAtlanta Occupy Atlanta
We are the 99%. We will no longer remain silent. Have your voice heard at the next @GenAssemblyATL. In solidarity with @OccupyWallSt @OccupyTogether

OccupyToronto #TakeToronto
If you tremble with indignation at every injustice, then you are a comrade of mine -Ernesto (Che) Guevara de la Serna

OccupyTogether Occupy Together
A site that helps spread the word as more protests organize across the country in solidarity with @OccupyWallSt.

OccupyNJ OccupyNJ
Hoboken houses computers that keep the stock market going. We must organzie and do our part.

OccupySTL OccupySTL
Just getting the ball rolling. We need ideas, organizers and support in any way possible.

OccupySacto Occupy Sacramento
The Citizens of Sacramento are standing in solidarity with @OccupyWallSt Official event page:

occupy_SEATTLE solidarity
..we the people will never be divided. we stand. we occupy. we are washington. [redemption] coming soon. keep aware.

OccupyDenver OccupyDenver
This profile is a sign of solidarity for #OccupyWallStreet, and for potential protests at the Civic Center or Capital. Corporate greed must be reigned in.

OccupyOregon Occupy Portland
One city in a worldwide nonviolent movement for change. By the masses, for the masses. Hashtag for info: #OccupyPortland Hashtag for planning: #OccupyPDX #Oct6

OccupyLA #OccupyLA
#OccupyLA - in solidarity with #occupywallstreet. Their goals are our goals, their message, our message. DEMOCRACY NOT CORPORATOCRACY.

OccupyTampa OccupyTampa

OccupyMemorial OccupyMemorialDr
We are going to #OccupyMemorialDr in Kansas City on October 9th More info:

OccupyRichmond Occupy Richmond
Stand in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street - take the money out of politics

OWSLosAngeles #OccupyLA
#OccupyLA-An outgrowth of #occupywallstreet. Their goals are our goals, their message, our message. DEMOCRACY NOT CORPORATOCRACY.

OccupyPhilly Occupy Philadelphia
To stand in solidarity with our friends from Wall Street, NYC

OccupyDallas Occupy Dallas
for those in Texas who can't make it to #OccupyWallStreet, on #Oct6 we want to #OccupyDallas, #OccupyAustin, & @OccupyHouston for solidarity! WE ARE THE 99%

Originally posted to War on Error on Mon Sep 26, 2011 at 02:21 PM PDT.

Also republished by Occupy Wall Street.


I'm there! Or will be shortly.

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