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I just watched the ABC Evening News. They led with the story and it was favorable. I mean it! I'm shocked. I'll recap until I can get the video.

Basically they showed the protest march on the way to the bridge. Huge crowds of course. Didn't show the bridge arrests. The reporter mentioned that the protesters were there camped out and that they've become a community with a food kicthen and a media center. She interviewed someone at Zucotti asking "what's this about" and the rather normal looking gentleman said, "There's a huge inequality problem right now. And we think something has to be done about it". They interviewed another Zuccotti occupier. A rather normal looking girl who said "We're working together. We're supporting each other." And another rather ordinary man who drove in from CT who said "We have to do something". The reporter then said, "The people express frustration over politics and social inequality and unemployment" and that they are "tapping into widespread frustration many Americans have about those issues".

Then the reporter said: But this movement has been catching fire and it's being duplicated in cities all across America and far away as Maine. Then she cut to yet another rather normal looking woman who said she couldn't make it to NYC but she was doing her part where she was.

The wrap up tried to speculate about whether this would become a 2012 issue. And it "remains to be seen".
Amazing. I'll post the video as soon as it becomes available.


A protester stopped to speak to the camera to let us know that he estimated about 6000. That crowd was a good mile down.

There are literally people of every strip there. PLEASE STOP IT with the dismissive bullshit about rag tag hippies with "nose rings" (eyeroll).

They are rocking it. Serious. OPEN THE LINK AND WATCH THE MARCH. Its live now.

As of 5:15 pm ET Bank of America's website is DOWN! Anonyomous STRIKES? (I added a question mark because of this comment)

DONATEto support this movement now.

And one more thing of interest:

UPDATE: 4:19 pm
Police corralling people. Please watch and witness.

Police have started to arrest people. Including a child who looks to be about 10 or 11 years old.

The protesters have sat down in the bridge because the police will not allow them to cross (after getting half way across) and now it appears the police are planning to arrest 3000 seated protesters. Or something. Idiots. All they do is elevate the movement when they do this. Almost 9000 people worldwide watching the live stream.

They should have 1) not allowed entry onto the bridge or 2) required them to turn around before reaching brooklyn heights. I guess they are choosing option 3) arrest 6000 people. Idiots.

The crowd says: "We are not the criminals! You belong with us. We're fighting for your pension!"

2:14 PM PT: This is why we MUST FIGHT. THIS is why we MUST NOT give in. Whoever you are and whatever you;re doing, YOU ARE PART of this movement. YOU can help grow it. YOU can support it. YOU can bear witness. This is ALL OF US.

Originally posted to mdmslle on Sat Oct 01, 2011 at 12:40 PM PDT.

Also republished by Dailykos Kossacks For Action and Occupy Wall Street.

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