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Mondays suck donkey droppings - especially when you didn't have much of a weekend to begin with; that is all.


I could use some SPARK in my life. How 'bout y'all?! If you are gonna go on a drunken driving spree on a golf cart, ya' might as well have this as a passenger instead of someone you could actually hurt. Well golly! There might - just might - be a reason for me to stick around my fair city SuperBowl weekend after all - ah...the memories. :) These students in the Quad Cities just might get such a pinch - if they're lucky! - from the other students in their school. Finally, 1 of the 2 jobs I had while I was an undergrad in college was a desk worker in the dorm where I lived. I've seen a lot of ramen noodles in my lifetime; NONE of them looked like this!

On with The Rachel Maddow Show!

"Estate Sale" - Early primary & caucus states just can't stand what FL did last week, so if you are a political geek & are just dying to know what IA's like during the holidays, their caucuses are going to be January 2 or 3. NH's primary will be January 10. NV's caucus will be on January 17, so go gamble your Christmas money away AND caucus! Former Governor Spark just might skip a hike on the Appalachian Trail on January 21 because of GOBP election stuff. "Super" Tuesday is tentatively scheduled for March 6. The GOBP clown car headliner stop will be the convention in Tampa the week of August 27. The Dems are doing their conventioneering the week of Sept. 3 in Charlotte. NC doesn't like organized labor; whoever came up with the BRILLIANT decision to have the convention there should be squirted with my SuperSoaker I brought out in the Countdown diary. ;D Then - candidate Obama went to NC just after his grandmother died & made a hell of an impression. Look at that head without gray hair. Being POTUS does wonders for your looks! ;D The Obama team barely won NC - BARELY. Other Dems won elections that night, too. Well Rachel, we don't have to worry about Indiana "turning blue" again in 2012; THAT ain't gonna happen. Dems really ramped up the voter registration drives in NC; well, the GOBP will ensure that won't happen again. Early voting will go the way of Crystal Pepsi, too. In 2010, NC saw a whole lot of coin go into state races. Gee, I can't imagine why! {Insert retching noise here} 75% of that money can be tied to 1 person, and Jane Mayer interviewed the guy! Art Pope just lurves his GOBP. He's a businessman in Raleigh. His "view" of American history makes my stomach clench. Mr. Pope actually sought public office but lost, so, when he got rich, he could poor money into him still stinging from being a sore loser.

"Pick One" - Oh Rachel, I can't deal with a DICK segment. OK...nice & brief - thanks! And, here's Governor Secession's "N - word" stuff. He declared war on Mexico? Huh, he's really taking the proverbial beating he took with the TX "Dream Act" stuff not well! ;D 

"Rabbit Hole 2012" - It would take a LARGE rabbit hole for Governor State Helicopter to fit down! Just saying... The re - re - re - re - re - entry rumors are usually tied to fund - raising opportunities and deadline. Paint me shocked! The "frontrunners" ain't doing as well coin - wise as they used to. Mittens is trying to suck up to "social conservatives." Whatever...Mittens just  SUCKS! And, here's yet MORE Governor Secession hunting camp stuff. How long will it take for Governor Secession to claim sightings of headless torsos in his state? Mittens might even be willing to ban "the pill" to win POTUS? ALL RIGHT! ;) "Herb" Cain's having a no good very bad day for spanking - figuratively - Governor Secession over the "n - word" sign.

"Cash Warfare" - Rachel's giving us another Occupy Wall Street segment? Golly! Check out Iceland!! They like to throw eggs & yogurt there. Iceland's First Lady chatted it up with protestors? Neato! Other people in Europe aren't happy campers, either. And, here's the "zombies" on Wall Street - again not impressed with the zombie shtick. "Good" times will continue in Greece, too. Michael Lewis has had first - hand looks at the crazy economic times all over the world; he thinks what's going on now is merely an extension of 2008. Governments who propped up these "too big to fail" institutions are failing. Greece will eventually fall in some way. Huh, I wonder what that'll do to the branch of the campus of the university where I work & teach? There's been a branch campus in Athens for YEARS. There is no external authority that can tell these failing countries how to fix their finances. Greek citizens might not mind a default if that means no more draconian austerity measures! Mr. Lewis thinks European countries will just nationalize banks before things get any worse.

"Leak in Review" - Admiral Mike Mullen retired? Damn! Uh, what he said about Pakistan doesn't surprise me. Why should it surprise anyone else? $hit, they hid OBL, ya' know! Most IEDs are traced to Pakistan, too. *&^%$#@! Again, we've given them enough money, thank you. Rachel's wondering why our government is letting us know all this now. Well, I've been ready to open a can of whup - a$$ there ever since we found out that's where OBL was FOR YEARS! Get all our forces outta Iraq, get all our forces outta Afghanistan, let us "encourage" India to help out in Pakistan, then, we can call it a day.

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Mon Oct 03, 2011 at 07:44 PM PDT.

Also republished by Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, and Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group.

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